DRIPSET is a Namibian-based fashion company that was founded in 2018. The name “DRIPSET” stands for “D-ream R-ealize I-nnovate P-roduce,” which reflects our commitment to dreaming big, realizing our goals, innovating in our designs, and producing high-quality, stylish clothing that our customers love.s.

DRIPSET was founded by BRIAN BENZA, a passionate fashion designer who believes in pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion. Brian has a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to using sustainable and ethical practices in all of our designs.

DRIPSET offer a wide range of collections to suit every taste and style. Our street wear collection features comfortable and stylish clothing that’s perfect for everyday wear. Our tailor-made collection offers custom-made clothing that’s designed to fit you perfectly, while our high-end fashion collection features designer pieces that are sure to turn heads.

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