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Monday, 09 April 2018 13:14



Let me start by saying this, if you’re a Travis Scott fan you obviously know how his popularly known by the name LA FLAME & Cactus Jack. This shoe screams LA FLAME and is unforgiving as a Cactus touched with bare hands, it’s a masterpiece just like Travis Scott’s music.

Retailing at only R2299 approx USD170 with only 48 pairs being available in the whole of South Africa ( 24 pairs in Johannesburg and 24 in Cape Town ) getting a pair of these wasn’t a walk in the park. After waking up early on Friday 8 December morning to go participate in the Shelflife Raffle, see pictures below of the raffle for the shoe, where I spotted several hypebeasts, some in the rare Yeezy Calabasas tracksuit , A COLD WALL apparel , Converse x Comme des garçons Chuck Taylor's, SUPREME and many more house hold streetwear brands. as you know all exclusive sneakers are bought via live or online raffle to enable and grant everyone a fair chance to get a pair. I didn’t manage to win and I caught an L. This meant I couldn’t buy the shoe at R2299 anymore but instead I’d have to get it at resale price which is USD995+ on some sites such as, and after I hit up my connects I managed to get it on Saturday 9 December at almost four times the original price! Which I didn’t mind at all , Why ? Because I realized I can’t shop at the mall anymore, it’s either I already have the best shoe their stocking or there’s only mediocre shoes and the best stock will always be released in large quantities in the mall stores in order to have large sales, meaning the chance of you wearing the same shoe as someone anywhere you go is approximately 3 out of every 5 people. This is because of how people are still stuck up in following trends hence end up looking the same. I personally prefer exclusive clothing and collaborations I know won’t be easy to get at all no matter how people may desire to get their hands on them.

Travis Scott when asked on how he came about with the design he said "I looked at the making of this shoe the same way I will make an album. I wanted it to tell a story about me. I set the tone to go crazy at my shows. Im the acid of rap" .

I kid you not, he was not lying. As all sneaker-heads and fashion enthusiasts know, as Nike celebrate the 35th anniversay of Air Force 1, the Oregon-based retailer has joined forces with creatives globally to showcase the unforgettable AF100 project with sneakerheads around the world. After collaborations with household names such as Supreme & Comme des garçons and magnificent general releases , Nike went on to unveil the new pack titled the “ AF100 “ including collaborative versions with Don C, Roc-a-Fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke, ACRONYM’s Errolson Hugh, and Travis Scott. The Travis Scott x Nike Cactus Jack AF1 low is part of this collection.

Overally i give this shoe 8.8/10.


It’s key features are a reflective canvas upper that is seen to be purplish in the front section and changes to yellow as it approaches the classic swoosh. This creates a silhouette with incredible dimension and depth. Going on to further outline the tongue with the reflective material amplified the Travis Effect. The shoes come with three velcro articulations of the classic Swoosh which allow you to mix and create combinations with them, wear the shoe “ swooshless “ or wear your favorite to create the classic AF1 look all depending on the mood you want to set for your fit.The La Flame swoosh which represents a burning swoosh to signify Travis Scott’s signature name is my favorite. It also looks like it’s literally burning when exposed to light in darkness due to the type of material used.As if it wasn’t enough .... the traditional Nike Air sign and swoosh on the heel were turned upside down ! Plot twist....the sign on top of being upside down SIGNIFICANTLY glows in the dark similarly to the sole of the Nike Air Yeezy II. This segment of the design makes it a very rare airforce shoe as Nike and Travis Scott broke the rules, swaying away from the normal Nike Air heel sign, something Nike will highly unlikely ever do again. Travis Scott is known to break the rules and do it HIS way, something that he also declared with this design, he was once arrested for a few hours after inciting a riot at his Northwest Arkansas concert, encouraging his fans to break the barricades as they were too far from him and he wanted to rage with them, fans followed the artists commands bypassing security and turning up the whole show to a whole other level. Showing his personality and character is something Travis and Nike managed to do with all aspects of the design. Two removable patches were added on top of the laces , the patches are in the form of the Travis Scott Cactus Jack sign/emblemsomething never seen or imagined on the a simple and classic Nike silhouette. Coming with a gum sole blends well with the color of the shoe, which is an ivorish and off whitish color. It also comes with a lace deubré shaped like Travis’s signature grills.

It' most definetly is a MUST COP. The best Air Force 1 ever made in my opinion, check out photos below of what seems to be a soon to come olive colorway which Travis Scott is holding as he wears the currently released pair, a short video of the shoes , pictures of Drake, Travis , Bella Hadid and more wearing them .

[wpvideo PlxcZ23y ]

Picture credit : [ DRIPSET ] shot by Keith Benza, Travis Scott Instagram, Travis Scott TMZ mugshot

Opening video : RSVP Gallery Instagram

Closing Video : [ DRIPSET ]

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Monday, 09 April 2018 12:50


One of my favorite quotes, especially at this point in life. You’re not the center of the universe, it hurts but it’s true.

In this post I’ll tell you why that particular quote hit home and totally changed my [ DRIP ] completely. At the very very beginning of [ DRIPSET ] I’d sometimes zone out on a regular day, asking myself why some of the work I produced wasn’t as appreciated (compared to now). But at the same time I reflected on the disappointing incidents I had encountered with some of the people I’d asked the simplest of favors from, for example a certain Namibian female blogger. The very first thing that happened during this reflection , is me hearing a voice in my head telling me NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING. I was puzzled, not because of the voices restriction and blunt statement but I was puzzled because of the statement being very correct. Ever since that day, trust me I’ve rarely encountered disappointments and I’ve cut out expectations. Someone willing to help you will do it out of good will, if you feel like you’re sucking up to someone and letting go of your principles and going against your DRIP, leave it’s not worth it at all. If you’re not comfortable thinking about doing something, imagine how you’ll feel when you actually do it.

Yes, NO ONE CARES and understanding this is very important because if you don’t acknowledge this you will end up playing pity party and it will affect your art, be it Music, Design or whatever. And these are two major cons

Playing pity party represents and is a sign of lacking confidence in your own self. How do you expect the people to take you seriously if you’re continuously moaning and complaining and begging to be heard. The fact that you actually playing pity party about it means that the degree of value for your work is determined by the public, which is not supposed to be the case. You’re the owner of what you create, you know your potential and all people can do is help you through positive criticism but can never tell you the value of your work. Ladies and Gentlemen patience is a major key. When you create your body of work/art it should speak for itself ,not you. If you see yourself trying to play advocate for some work to actually get it noticed rather than normal promo ,then revisit it, let all your frustration and energy (cause it’s only human to feel that way sometimes) be channeled to your creativity and improving your work , let your work be your voice....hard work will NEVER go unnoticed. Keep a steady pace life is not a race. What hurts us the most is comparison and focusing on not only your work but on others. To some extent it’s only natural to judge where you stand in comparison to those around you but natural isn’t necessarily normal. You can only be big COMPARED to something smaller than you, but it’s not the same with greatness. In simple terms this just implies greatness is recognized everywhere, BUT being big isn’t recognized when you cross paths with someone bigger. You will always suck to someone but it’s okay it’s their problem.

No one cares if you spent 72 hours putting In work and making your art. No one cares if you cried mid process or how much you invested in it. No one cares if you did it on top of the roof whilst there was a storm. People just care about what your [ DRIP ] ( Dreams Realizations Innovations Productions ) has birthed. Never mistake hard work to being entitled because you’re not entitled to anything from anyone. Waiting on being recognized and popular ruins careers and cripples them, because you’re not perfecting your work and becoming better in the process. Rather work in hope and prayer that your talent will be spotted by someone. Dedicate 100% of yourself into whatever you’re working on no matter the circumstances , if it’s gonna reach out to even 1 person. It’s awesome. Because 1 can turn to 1000 but what can 0 turn to ? The amount of work you put into something and whatever you invest in it and it’s value to you does not mean you’re entitled to anyone caring about what you’re doing, nonetheless don’t ever let being ignored discourage you. When you put out something you have told yourself Is the best work you’ve ever done , and it doesn’t move anyone AT ALL. Smile and work harder, trust me , it’s easier said than done but that’s the sad truth. Never trade your satisfaction and love for your own work for people to relate. It’s more about how honest you are with yourself than how many people like your work. It's about whether YOU love it or not.

Here are some of “ My DRIPciples “ Principles that I’ve crafted with my [ DRIP ]

• STAY AWAY from every type of negativity, even if it’s your best friend , girlfriend or whoever. The energy you surround yourself with is greatly influential on the energy you put out.

• Whenever you see yourself seeking recognition, acknowledgement and “ clout “. Stop , work harder , it will find you.

• Never compare your progress to someone else’s., we don’t all have the same fate.

• All your failures define your success, they are a learning curb.

• Stop trying to explain yourself to people, on why you failed. No one cares neither should you.

• Slow progress is better than no progress, when you feel like everything is going left, think of the very first time you started

• After you produce some work, if you feel it’s not good enough, don’t get rid of it. Instead work harder on it till you’re satisfied it’s up to par.

• Don’t pressurize yourself, if you don’t have a solid idea, work on it and develop it instead of putting out rushed work in order to increase your followers and etc. Rather have quality work reaching a small audience than poor work reaching the whole world. First impression is IMPORTANT

“ It takes seconds for fertilization but it takes 9 months to birth a baby, success is your baby, don’t abort it when you’re almost there “ - Brian ET Benza


Monday, 09 April 2018 12:30


'' CHAOS THEORY 001 ''

The title i gave to the very first [ DRIPSET ] capsule collection. You have probably heard the word '' capsule '' a lot if you are a fashion fanatic. NO, it is not a cool word designers use for their clothing collections. A capsule collection, is a term that originates from Susie Faux in the 1970s, owner of London boutique called 'Wardrobe'. It simply refers to a collection of essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion. This very first            [ DRIPSET ] collection is a capsule collection because all its pieces are timeless. Not because of their design and construction but mainly because of their meaning. When i came up with the collection i was aiming for something that can withstand the test of time meaningfully, like i mentioned on one of my very first blogs. I want whoever wears any one of the pieces to fully understand why they spent on it in the first place, not because its a household name or because its high-end street-wear but because each thread, print and stitch stands for something bigger. This also explains why all pieces are produced in limited quantities, as i previously emphasized, [ DRIPSET ] is not a brand but a movement, and anyone owning a '' CHAOS THEORY 001 '' piece is special. Currently none of the pieces are on sale, but are available for  pre-release orders. '' CHAOS THEORY 001 '' will consist of a t-shirt, strap-back, pants and a few surprise pieces. Samples for the t-shirt are already out and currently only 5 exist.


Lets start with the basics first. Also known as the 'Butterfly Effect'', Chaos Theory is a branch of mathematics focused on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Take note of the words ' initial conditions ' in bold. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a hurricane in Texas. It may take a very long time but the connection is real, and that is what matters. Firstly, If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space/time, the hurricane would not have happened. A more rigorous way to express this is that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the results.


This capsule collection is a representation of '' small causes, large effects ''', as seen embroided on the right side of the strap-back (cap). It can either make you or break you.

It symbolizes and represents the average human being in society in this current era. As much as this is very sad to say, many people are facing depression but aren't actually depressed, confusing being sad with being depression or being a temporal emotion. I will say this again, MANY people out there are sitting with amazing ideas in their heads but are scared to implement them, its getting harder and harder each day to know which 'friends' are real or fake. Patience, working hard and persevering is something that most people are not willing to do. Over night success and riches has become the goal instead of actually working hard. Mainly because people are chasing trends they cannot afford, trying to get the new iPhone X not cause you need it but because if you don't you'll feel like people think less of you.

Why not let the things you can not afford go, work hard and be patient. even if it takes 10 years, the little work and steps you started 10 years earlier will equip you to follow any trend you want 10 years after you took the first step, the initial conditions. The [ DRIPSET ]  '' CHAOS THEORY 001 '' takes into regard that the smallest things you do in your life greatly influence your life either negatively or positively. Something as simple as going into the GUCCI store and asking them how much a shoe costs can change your whole life. How ? The fact that  you know how expensive it is will change your spending habits, your work ethic etc. but ONLY if you're determined. You might open a whole business that will turn out major successful. Just because all you wanted, was a pair of GUCCI shoes. Little thoughts such as those of telling yourself that you are not worthy to associate with certain individuals will result in inferiority complex. And for the rest of your life you will always tell yourself you are not good enough and you will miss out on the breakthrough meant for you.

The butterfly that is seen on some pieces of this capsule collection such as the t-shirt and cap; represents the person who has taken the smallest initial steps with great patience and has emerged and prospered explosively into something they had never imagined. The person who challenged their fears, got rid of bad energy and followed their dreams. It signifies growth. Just like how the caterpillar on one day, stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon. Eventually it radically transforms into a butterfly.

The reflector is not merely just for the design, A reflectors purpose is to stand out in the dark and in some cases notify oncoming cars that someone or another car is in the way. In this case it symbolizes a person who feels inferior to no one and will stay shining in the darkest situations and lowest points in their lives. Someone who is confident enough to challenge the best, the most popular or be it the most famous, because they know that eventually......their small cause has a large effect. Without a reflector on your car at night, big haulage trucks may smash into you and because their bigger, they will survive and continue their journey whilst your car becomes a write off. Exactly how it is in life, the idea and work you've been planning on doing can actually be done and put into practice by someone else who was confident enough. And because they took the small initial step, you will be like the car hit by a haulage truck. Your ideas will not be seen by anyone in your head, but can easily be shattered in reality because they have been implemented by someone else, sad. Because nobody cares, work harder.

So finally, that is what the [ DRIPSET ] ''CHAOS THEORY 001 '' Reps.


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