Brian Benza

Brian Benza

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 16:51

[ DRIPSET ] Reworked Logo Capsule Collection

After being gone for quite a minute, I felt it was the right time to present everyone with something to hold onto, the calm before the storm to come, SOON.  Balancing between personal life and the brand has not always been easy, especially because the foundation has always been producing clothing superior in quality and finishes. Compromise is never a solution.


For this particular drop I decided to go with a capsule collection comprising of a trucker and t-shirt. Inspiration was drawn from where it all started….the OG [ DRIPSET ] Logo and the colors from one of the very first collections, The Chaos Theory (Butterfly Effect).  The goal was to give the logo a makeover by keeping it minimalist yet exciting, which was possible by remodeling it and adding colors from one of the first collections to represent [ DRIPSET ] and everything it stands for.

The t-shirt is available in 3 main colorways which are charcoal grey, black and white. The logo is embroidered onto the chest in a smaller scale as compared to the OG Logo, however manages to catch the eye due to its colorful nature. The fit is the same as every other [ DRIPSET ] t-shirt, relaxed cuts of heavy combed cotton. The trucker is the vintage cut and is available in two-tone grey and black with the logo embroidered onto it.

This capsule is meant to cater for both new [ DRIPSET ] family members, and current family members who have  already been keeping up with every collection: Hence the presentation of the past with a hint of the future. Be on the lookout as the bigger collection is on the way, share, subscribe to our mailing list (for updates and discounts) and follow [ DRIPSET ] on Instagram if you haven’t already.



Thursday, 20 August 2020 17:56


Is it not fascinating how an individual may enter a room and not say a word but automatically communicate with those around them. ? Is it not fascinating how clothing bears weight beyond that of the fabric itself ? In this short article i will give you a tour Beyond The Fabric.


Aura. Independent of the spiritual/paranormal aspect, Aura is defined as a distinctive and good/bad quality or character, a subtle quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing. And no, In this context there’s nothing to do with psychic reading, chakras or anything of that sort lol. 


Now Aura can either be good or bad, welcomed or unwelcome. [ DRIPSET ] ‘s main vision is providing an unseen positive and easily welcomed energy field unique to each and every consumer, and that leads to our core value of exclusivity. Like a fingerprint, it wouldn’t make sense if everyone had the same. Each and every piece of clothing has a different meaning from consumer to consumer, but the positive and vivid  aura is what brings them together making them apart of [ DRIPSET ]. 


From subtle garments of earth tones , to highly eye catching garments of bright colors and unorthodox color combinations, the main aim is to create clothing that establishes a relationship between [ DRIPSET ] and the consumer, how ? By creating clothing that is able to speak for itself through several ways such as high quality finishes that are a result of striving for perfection and quality; a core value, instead of going for quantity. Going for double seams instead of single seams is a good example of the finer details on some of our collections, which may seem simple on the eye but beyond the fabric serve as reassurance, a promise from the brand to the customer that they made the right choice when they purchased clothing from us. Wearing a [ DRIPSET ] item should be able to change an individuals life through the simplest of things by becoming the bridge between an individual and their long lost confidence, belief in themselves, hope and so forth. That can only be done by establishing an intimate relationship with each customer. Intimate meaning catering for the client to the smallest details in order to make them happy and where there is happiness is, a positive aura is radiated.  Such that it is difficult to ignore an individual wearing our clothing.


Our clothing is designed to bring back the  enthusiasm of dressing up for individuals who may have become bored of seeing themselves wearing something similar to someone else when they rock up to a function. The individuals who  lost enthusiasm when it came to dressing up because they can only acquire whatever the local clothing store offers them at that time.


Self-confidence is like a mental muscle: Everyone is born with it, but not everyone flexes it, and we are here to get you flexing right away. How those around you see you is greatly influenced by your self perception and the higher your confidence the more likely you’re going to be welcomed and radiate positive energy from the onset. It doesn’t even have to be for other people but most importantly it’s for yourself, making you feel like you can conquer the world is what will drive everything else you got going and that’s the feeling [ DRIPSET ] aims to provide beyond the fabric, a unique identity coupled by a positive and unbreakable aura. When you are dressed well you’re inevitably going to feel better especially if you understand that that’s why the clothes you’re wearing were created for in the first place, besides to look good of-course.


We value customer feedback over everything else. Feedback on our collections, blogs and content as a whole. No man is an island and customer feedback serves as a good way of involving the consumer in [ DRIPSET ]’s creative process. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletters, for exclusive content, purchasing collections before they sell out and incentives on future drops, please do so using the link below. Thank You.



Monday, 10 February 2020 21:06


Damn! It’s actually been a very long time since I’ve made a blog post, 24/02/19. Literally, no drafts, nothing at all and that is because of various reasons. Life, academics had me in a chokehold and it was the final round so I decided to focus mostly on that and get it done with. Why? If you have read my previous blog posts you know that creatively I genuinely give my all and for me to give half-hearted work for the sake of ‘’ content ‘’ was not the move at all. When I write these blogs, I want them to be as raw and unfiltered as possible. Once I start typing, I don’t stop till the post is done. The second I find myself lost for something to actually say whilst typing, that’s the second I know the blog post was not meant to be. These blogs should feel like a conversation between me and you, the reader. Like me pouring out my raw thoughts, opinions and knowledge while you listen. I greatly appreciate readers who DM me to discuss the post, educate me too, correct me and all you know.

Anti-fashion is basically when the main goal is to represent an attitude, personal taste, political views or way of dressing influenced by you and you only therefore actually making that the primary objective and looking fashionable the secondary. It goes back at least as far as the Victorian era and is mainly about putting on anything but the common fashion of the day.  Anti-fashion always ends up becoming fashionable and in most cases when rebellious individuals and brave individuals take on the path of anti-fashion, if they aren’t famous, there’s a big chance big fashion houses hijack the idea and feed it to the masses and that’s how it becomes a trend. This means that before you even consider a trend, you satisfy your personal attitude, style and goal first. Your main goal is to portray a specific something and radiate a certain aura. You don’t even need to consider a trend because by satisfying your personal taste and dressing ideas that are against the norm, you become explicitly contrary to the existing trends, meaning you have created your own trend. Once you are anti-fashion, you will be very versatile because now you have the option to merge that with the existing fashion of the day, your favorite style icon and so forth. According to a piece I read, ‘’ Anti-fashion is considered radical creativity in apparel. It recombines a hodgepodge of details that dramatically alters current fashions. The newly transformed styles are later incorporated into the mainstream through media hype and commercial sales which reduce its stature. ‘’ I 100% agree with this. Best believe me people will at some point definitely look at you weird because you will be dressed in a way they have NEVER seen before or rather in a way very few individuals are actually dressed, so prepare for those stares. Many people have great dressing ideas but are scared about what the general public will say, hence end up just following trends.

You cannot create your own trend when you are already in love with a conventional way of dressing. And this is simply how the most popular fashion houses create timeless collections. I believe a great creative director is anti-fashion and because of this; fashion houses love such creative directors because they manage to deliver a different collection each time and THEY KNOW people will eat it up no matter how ‘’ ridiculous ‘’ it looks. Why? Cause peoples fashion sense has already been established on whatever new clothing drops and because its designer. In this very digital era we live in whereby people are obsessed with certain celebrities/influencers, brands use that as an advantage. They know if you see you favorite artist wear their brands and mention it on every song, you WILL consume it and that’s why fashion as a whole has been in a weird space because people consume clothing not because they really want to but because they’ve been influenced to do so and because of the status that comes with wearing certain brands. You look at some collections these days and wonder whether designers are using consumers as a social experiment to prove that as long as its designer, it will sell. That is why you will get someone wearing a certain clothing item that stands for the complete opposite of what they believe in, but they will not even know it. Did you ever think that it would be normal and fashionable to wear chunky, huge and oversize shaped shoes? The same bulky shoes you did not want to wear in high school because you wanted the slick pair of Air Force 1s are the same shoes you now want to buy, just in different shapes and branding. Now it is normal isn’t it, a classic example of how anti-fashion is the foundation of almost every trend in existence. When it comes to fashion, RAF-SIMONS is my idol, alongside Margiela. RAF SIMONS debuted his first menswear collection in 1997 to showcase a type of style that was completely opposite to the traditional way men dressed, today he is the same designer who your favorite brands copy from and get inspiration from by visiting his archives, RAF is a great example of an anti-fashion pioneer alongside the likes of Ann Demeulemeester and Helmut Lang. When Kanye first previewed his collections he was ridiculed just because it was anti-fashion, look at where the YEEZY brand is now.

Just take a look at the most influential fashion icons and stylists right now. They are anti-fashion and because of their boldness they eventually earned the status of being ‘’ fashion gods ‘’. Anything they put on is worshiped. A good example is Bloody Osiris. The photographers at the biggest fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week do not care about you who came dressed in 10 different designer items. Sure, they’ll take a pic of your outfit you will look good and all no doubt. But the real gold and headline they want is the person wearing something they’ve never ever seen before, the bold ones. It’s actually funny to think about it. A classic example is Sasha Trautvein (@sashadidntwakeup on Instagram). A fashion model and influencer. In 2016 he says to have arrived for his first fashion show in Paris, before the fame. He says to have arrived at the venue dirty, with a big tourist backpack with his clothes as he still had not found accommodation. Immediately after the show paparazzi and photographers attacked him and bear in mind no one knew who this guy was at that time. Why were they so interested in him then? He portrayed all traits of anti-fashion. They thought it was a new trend or style. The screenshot from his IG summarizes this story.

Before I started writing this blog post I already had the idea and topic I wanted to write about, I did not know whether the term ‘’ ANTI-FASHION ‘’ really exists or not so I took time to actually find out and read more on that as I find out that it’s actually a thing. You know why we always say money will never be enough? It’s because we lack financial literacy. Look if you can’t manage $1000 I can guarantee you, you can get $100 000 and you will still not be able to manage it. Same with fashion because how do you expect to look good just because you can afford designer and trendy clothing when you could not even look good with the clothing already in your closet ? And that’s where we get lost, forever. The thing is if you believe that you cannot dress well because you just don’t have enough money, then in simple terms just know that you saying you have no fashion sense and style that’s influenced by you and you only. So what happens is when people do actually get the money, they slap on DIOR, Gucci, Amiri and etc. and convince themselves that they can dress well. Designer clothing does not come with the fashion sense, unfortunately you can’t buy a fashion sense, and you have to develop it. However the person who has been dressing well with the little they have will be able to put out a fire outfit together in designer because they will use it as a building block to satisfy their personal fashion sense and they aren’t using designer as the fashion sense itself.  Dressing like Playboi Carti, Ian Connor, Kim Kardshian and the likes does not make you fashionable, it makes you a replica. Your idol is fashionable not you. These public figures should be giving you ideas to develop your own fashion sense, but most people just go on to copy the entire outfit. This is where ANTI-FASHION comes in. At the end of the day, different strokes for different people. However the most important thing is developing your personal and raw dressing style and fashion sense with the little that you have.

I hope you learnt a thing or two, feel free to DM me on Instagram, @dripset_inc, to discuss more on this or about a topic you would like to share. Bless. 

Saturday, 23 February 2019 22:10


WOAH !!! That's the word to perfectly describe how I felt right now. Its been LONG since I have written any articles, I apologize to all dedicated readers. I have been busy with engineering, designing and collaborations. 2019 [ DRIPSET ] is breaking boundaries, stay tuned. One of my favourite collabs, was with Fenni ( IG: @nandjaya_ ) , we talked on several topics when it comes to fashion. We both decided to share part of the questions from our conversation, we both answered them. It was great to get a females perspective and a perspective from someone who dresses up very well.


The following is part of our [ FASHION CONVERSATIONS ].




Q1: Do you aim to stand out from others and how

A: Depends where I’m going. If I’m doing every day, mundane activities like running errands or going to class, I literally wear anything, just as long as I’m comfortable and cute. If I’m going out or to an event then I like to stand out, not really in an obvious “look at me, my outfit is the loudest” way but in a kind of way that you can understand my ye is different from your ye. I love simplicity in clothing but I also like extravagance so I tend to fit somewhere in the middle and throw in my own sauce. I love the details like zippers, buttons, rings, bracelets, watches, chains etc. and my absolute favourite is gold jewellery and accents. Those are the things that stand out to me. I love dressing up and being a bit extra, the whole lot. Fashion is a form of self-expression for me so even if I do look simple or basic I’ll also do so as Fenni and that’s how I stand out.


Q2 : Looking at Namibia,  in my opinion the average person is content with looking “okay” , shopping is based more on price than on choice as people are very reluctant to spending money on authentic designer or on pricy items in general , it’s a thing of price than quality. Consumption of authentic  luxury fashion is significantly minimum , what do you think is holding back the progression of fashion culture in the country ?

A: Honestly I think it’s a mixture of availability and affordability. People live within their means. We’ve seen a lot of luxury brands/stores open up in Namibia over the years however they seldom last long. This is probably due to a few reasons but ultimately one can assume there wasn’t enough sales to sustain the stores. Perhaps Namibians are prone to liking certain brands over others. Nonetheless, It’s nice how there are many Namibian designers coming up and showcasing their work and making it accessible for people to purchase. A lot of people have taken the ball back into their court in that regard and have started producing the clothes they/we want to see. I think one of the things holding back the progression of fashion culture in the country is the culture of fast fashion which an be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into garments in high street stores at breakneck speed. Fast fashion makes people believe they need to shop more and more to stay on top of trends which ultimately creates a constant sense of  need and ultimate dissatisfaction. As quoted by Vivienne Westwood, when it comes tofashion I think its important to “buy less, choose well, make it last.”

 Q3 : Where do you source your inspiration from?


A: A lot of the time my fashion inspiration derives from how I feel or how I want to feel. I feel like when my outfit matches how I feel/want to feel I’m in harmony. Sometimes I might wake up feeling not so great so I will dress in a way to counteract that, I might throw on some makeup, spend extra time on my hair, wear statement/ power pieces like a blazer or a pair of heels etc. fashion is powerful like that. I also get a lot of inspiration from other people, be it in everyday life, Instagram, movies, music videos and tv shows. Certain people just have that certain "je ne sais quoi" that you can’t help but be inspired by. The economy is also something to take into consideration. I used to be the  the kind of person that buys a new outfit for an event, I don’t know whether to call it excitement or stress lol but I love the process. With that being said, my budget doesn’t always match my taste. This taught me how to be savey, creative and frugal. Another big inspiration of mine is my beautiful African mother. You already know how African woman dress, always presentable and always vibrant. Big big mood.

Q4 : How has your style changed over the years?


A: This girl has always loved clothes and serving a look. I remember being really young and telling my mom I wanted to wear jeans and tracksuits instead of skirts and dresses cause they we’re way cooler. The day I watched Teyana Taylor’s “My Super Sweet 16” my fashion world was rocked forever. From that point on all I wanted was to be swagged dafuq out. Bright colours, sneakers (Nike Dunks where huge at the time), caps, hoodies, hoops, you name it, I had it. Honestly I think part of my style has always been influenced by hip hop culture in a sense. My style has definitely matured, as I’ve gotten older and learnt more about what fashion actually is. I’ve become less of a hoarder of clothing, which really only leads you to end up distraught when putting an outfit together and have focused more on quality and investing in forever pieces that I really really like and bring a lot of cohesion to my overall style. I’ve also diversified where I shopped and taken more time while shopping, picking up different pieces here and there as oppose to doing a big shop during intervals of the year. Understanding that fashion is timeless and essentially there’s “nothing new under the sun” just different variations of it has also helped me become more experimental and comfortable in how I create a look. There are a lot more ponds in fashion that I’m eager to splash around in.









Q1 : Do you aim to stand out from others and how? 


A: I can’t really put it as “standing out from the crowd really. Like I’m totally fine with pulling up and not getting a lot of attention or recognition within the setting, if you see me looking fly you see me if you don’t you don’t it’s whatever. BUT i aim to look different, it annoys me so much to look/dress the same as someone else. I mean it’s understandable you might wear the same outfit or similar to someone else around that setting but if it’s 3 or 4 of us wearing the same shoe or T-shirt (at an event). It’s a problem. That’s the very reason I customized my black and white vans and stopped wearing them as much cause , not to brag, the vans wave came in strong but i had been on it for a while cause they are quite comfortable for every occasion. So I can say I just aim to look different/unique. There’s too much clothes, styles, trends for people to be looking the same. But I make sure I’m fly 24/7 whether I’m running errands or going to an event.


Q2 : Looking at Namibia,  in my opinion the average person is content with looking “okay” , shopping is based more on price than on choice as people are very reluctant to spending money on authentic designer or on pricy items in general , it’s a thing of price than quality. Consumption of authentic luxury fashion is significantly minimum , what do you think is holding back the progressives on of fashion culture in the country ?


A: As for availability, there’s almost no luxury fashion brands or exclusive sneakers etc. available in Namibia. Even Sport-scene in Namibia doesn’t  stock the same shoes as it stocks in SA. Maybe it’s cause of the reluctance of the consumers to spend too much on clothing that’s creating a void in availability. We live in a digital world. There’s apps like StockX, Grailed, there’s a Sneakerheads in Namibia group on Facebook (where I met my plug) and online shopping so availability really shouldn’t be an issue. Also yes, people live within their means. But personally the people I know , love spending on clothing. Wearing a Gucci T-shirt doesn’t mean the  bank account is fit like that. SA fashion culture has grown significantly, when I wanted to buy the Yeezy Calabasas pants for retail price, I had to go camp at Shelflife cause that’s usually the ONLY store which sells such exclusives at retail price ....we were over 500 people waiting to get a chance to buy less than 50 pairs and people were DRIPPING. Authentic Supreme, Offwhite, Gucci, Vetements, A COLD WALL, Palm Angels, you name it. People legit save up and work to get money to buy the clothes. I interviewed a guy who said to have just finished grade 12, and he was a reseller. He told me he buys the sneakers and resells and keeps a pair for himself, his last sale was the Air Jordan 1 x Offwhite sneaker for R12500 (originally less than aprox R3500)to LaFamilia (a South African online reseller and boutique for luxury brands). On YouTube the resellers making crazy money are 6 years younger than me. Where there’s a will there’s a way, as long as the will is strong. My parents last bought me a shoe in 9th grade, but if I know a shoe I want is dropping in 3 months, I’ll make sure the money is ready by then. What I personally think is holding back the progression of fashion culture in Namibia is MOST  people aren’t into fashion, they just want to look good for that particular moment so obviously if it’s for the moment , they would rather get something similar to a Hermès birkin for an event than actually buy a Hermès  birkin. But it’s bigger than the price cause a Hermès Birkin is pure crocodile cured skin, hand-made and etc. That has resulted in lots of people I’ve seen and people I know become people who are heavily inspired fashion wise by mainly the trend at that particular time and whatever their favs are wearing, which is poisonous. Why I say where there’s a will there’s a way, is because here in Namibia , on my quest to actually find sneakers I like and exclusive drops that people camp for in other countries , I’ve met like real sneaker heads, people with collections of dead-stock exclusive  shoes I’d never actually seen in person. I was shocked cause I had been ignorant. That kind of made me come to the conclusion that it’s a matter of how serious people in the country take fashion culture. A larger percentage just take fashion as clothing, and not as a culture. But hopefully people wake up. 


Q3 : Where do you source inspiration and ideas from when it comes to your style? 


A: Different  sources to be honest but the main source is me myself and I , my mood to be specific . I dress according to the specific aura I want to radiate.  Music is also a major influence on my ideas and style......I described this in my last post music is fashion and fashion is music. And I don’t mean I dress how my favorite musician dresses , no. The music sets my mood and my aura. I also love looking at back at the root of trends , that way I manage to create looks not solely based on trend but on trend and other aspects I identify that the trend left along the way. When it comes to events I never actually buy a totally new outfit for it. I make use of whatever I have to suit the style I’m aiming for, i already know my closet so I rarely develop an idea that requires an item I don’t have , because I might not have the money at that time to buy that item so it saves me the stress lol. I also usually try to combine like for example  3 of my fav style icons fits and fuse them into one. Celebrities have stylists , if I love a celebrities style, I  identify their stylists on IG, and I learn from them. Also in everyday life , you’d be shocked that a random thing, environment or person can be highly influential. Instagram can also be great as a mood board to source inspiration, but also if you’re not careful you’ll end up just duplicating someone else’s style and I try avoid that at all means. Side note : I hate formal clothing lol.


Q4 : How has your style changed over  the years?


A: Tremendously. Growing up I couldn’t really afford branded items so when I eventually could afford, as long as it’s a Nike shoe or etc , I’d be excited. So I used to collect sneakers but just the basic pairs. I still loved to dress up well don’t get it twisted, but there wasn’t anything significant about my style. Until I realized if I want certain clothes and brands, I have to work for it and save up. The sneaker head in me manifested and up-to today that’s my strongest point. 90% of my sneakers are exclusives and they stand out because it’s usually sneakers people’s fav celebs are seen wearing , or a shoe that’s you’ll see a lot on the net but never in person. Also I began to understand fashion is more than just material, it’s not just portrayal of character, fashion is a culture. So mainly I developed my personal sense of taste, fashion. Ive become more diverse too , I ventured into avenues I felt intimidated to, like different colors and clothing items and it has helped build my confidence. I went from worrying bout what people will think of my outfit to as long as I’m happy with it I don’t care what you think however I do accept new ideas and positive criticism. What you have to know is not everyone can like your style and they don’t need to. The brand doesn’t really matter but it’s also coincidental  that the best quality comes from the expensive brands.


I hope this conversation has sparked further debate and intrigued our readers, feel free to DM on IG ( @dripset_inc ) to spark a debate. Who knows, you might be on our next article.





Saturday, 01 September 2018 20:50


 Greetings [DRIPSET] Family! 

I haven’t posted anything on the blog for the longest time, mainly because I was working on the new capsule collection, ‘’CHAOS THEORY ACT II’’, please do check it out after reading this post (if you haven’t already) Today’s blog is about something I have been thinking about recently, A LOT. I have mentioned it briefly in previous posts but I’ve decided to go into depth in this post. The correlation between fashion and music.


The relationship between music and fashion is one that is obvious and cannot be ignored. The reason is because music and fashion are relatively the same thing. HOW? You probably asking yourself how they are the same if fashion is tangible but music isn’t. Also how music makes a sound but fashion doesn’t. But it’s quite ironic because we wear music all the time therefore we can hear fashion, making it the same thing. Lol I hope I did not confuse some of you guys, but it is what it is. Well basically what I am trying to say is that music has been, for many individuals, a way to de-stress, brighten up a dull day, express their feelings and forth. Whether its gospel, trap, hip-hip or RnB. Fashion too like I once described in my older posts, is used and can be as a way of expressing ones feelings. Dressing up in your favourite outfit or buying a new clothing item when everything is going down south can do wonders. As mediums of expression, fashion and music merge into one; hence have an influence on each other. You can easily get a basic idea of someone’s personality, preferences and character through going through their closet or favourite playlist. Believe me you, in most cases your closet and playlist have A LOT in common.

However from my perspective, music has the upper hand in terms of influence. The sound itself and the creator combined have been arguably a very powerful factor in influencing fashion movements, design, and trends. This comes from observation and from me examining my music taste and fashion sense. Have you ever noticed how each genre of music has a specific decade whereby it’s very dominant therefore imposing a specific type of culture and trend amongst its listeners? Naturally people being people, end up following what everyone else is doing to fit in, hence the genre dominant at that particular time may greatly influence someone who has no idea about that genre.

Think of it this way; a great song alone can solely change your mood and play with your emotions, in a negative or good way. A classic example of how music influences fashion is how people who listen to country dress totally different from hip-hop fans. Most of the time this happens involuntarily, slowly but surely there will be a shift in your fashion sense.  Towards the type of music you fancy most. Now imagine the influence of music on fashion because of the mood and persona it gives you, coupled with the artist being your favourite. With the amount of influence artists have on their fans as celebs, it makes it is for them to dictate what’s hot and what not.


The foundation of the influence of music was solidified decades before most of us were born. After reading this article you will understand how some things in fashioned were set and cast in stone long ago and just keep recurring in rotation. Ideas are almost never necessarily new but are derived from the foundation. The picture below shows a difference in over a decade, see what I mean?

Approximately, 1960-1990 can easily be labelled the foundation of music influence in fashion. It was so distinct and noticeable as millions of fans wore like their idols and fell in love with what I consider the strongest and timeless aesthetic when it comes to fashion. Around the 70s, it was the era of the likes of David Bowie, punk clothing going mainstream because of the Sex Pistols (a rock band). This era was that of edgy fashion personas, the hippie chic look and punk. For argument sake, if your parents were born around that time, or anyone you know, ask them for pictures and you will see how they were dressed compared to now. I always wondered why my dad looked like a rock star in most of his pictures lol.  In the 80s, glam was made popular by the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. MJ loved wearing heavily accessorized outfits. Like his very shiny gloves etc., which were auctioned after he passed on, RIP.

However the strongest influence came from ‘’ grunge ‘’. Grunge emerged around the 70s but picked up great momentum in the 80s into the 1990s. This term genre was used and developed to describe bands such as the legendary Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. It is composed of murky guitars, a mixture of punk, old school rock n roll and heavy metal. Unlike punk and hippies,  these guys did not call themselves ‘’grungers’’. The grunge look was an edgy look of minimal to none coordination, the popular clothing items were T-shirts with old fashioned logos and fabric that looked like it has been washed so many times and the colour has begun to fade. Ripped and faded jeans, flannel shirt, woollen garment to layer the t-shirts, garments that looked unfinished and so forth. That is the grunge aesthetic, which also favoured bulky shoes that would resemble those used in combat. Grunge took comfort and being casual to a level that has never been seen before. Over-sized sweaters, cardigans that had holes in them, ratty tour shirts and the likes were favourites. This aesthetic made thrifting very popular. Many people started wearing this way because it allowed even for the low income class and it fit the grunge style of music extremely well.

Marc Jacobs was the very first to bring this style to runway in 1993, Spring collection for Perry Ellis. A collection that was evidently way before its time, heavily criticized then but considered one of the greatest collections right now.

Layered vintage of luxury fabrics followed from the likes of Dolce & Gabanna, Anna Sui and other designers. It did not do well on runway because the person/consumer who related most to it, could not afford the repackaged aesthetic at very high prices. For those who really love fashion and are always informed about trends, you probably already see the heavy similarities between the grunge era and the current one. They are almost exactly the same. Kurt Cobain nailed this aesthetic effortlessly and was one of the leaders and influencers behind this style.


Many of the styles currently, are as a result of music of past eras, like I mentioned, the grunge era. Kurt Cobain set trends and wore a lot of things before anyone could even think of it as ‘’possible’’ Ironically that music also has an influence on music currently.

Artists like Future, calls himself ‘’ Future Hendrix ‘’, Travis Scott has called himself a rock star often. With a lot of artists drawing inspiration from artists from the twentieth century, fashion has also borrowed several designs from that era. The likes of oversized clothing, thrifting and T-shirts with a lot of graphics or vintage looking in nature are favourites. Kanye West clothing, YEEZY Seasons, is a perfect example.

Currently musicians have been taking tour merch very serious, releasing several designs alongside their tour tickets for sale. For example the YEEZUS tour merch.

During the grunge era this was also common, see how that era serves as a foundation?  Because of social media, it’s easier for us as fans to keep up with our favourite artist. This makes it easier for people to imitate their favourite artist’s exact sense of fashion. Instagram alone has pages dedicated to celebrity fits alone to let fans know what exactly their favourite was wearing. I personally view the current status of music influence on fashion as a continuation of the grunge fashion culture with a mixture of the other earlier eras of music and fashion. Don’t get me wrong though, there are also tons of people who may not be fond of this type of fashion because their favourite artist promotes and presents a totally different fashion sense. Would you expect a Young Thug fan to dress like a Taylor Swift fan? I doubt. I feel like currently, music and musicians have influenced fashion by making layering (popular a few years back), juxtaposing patterns and textures a norm. There has been a significant growth too of DIY clothing, and not limiting oneself to specific designs. Music is influencing people to create self-expression through style. Another example is how currently most people are gaining confidence to scribble and write stuff on the sole of  a fresh pair of kicks or even buying a plain white shoe or denim jacket and painting on designs onto them. Jaden Smith has a similar aesthetic and most teens love him and try by all means to imitate his dressing, that’s the influence.

Virgil Abloh is living proof of how fashion and music are related. The OFF-WHITE founder has several musicians as his close friends. Therefore a lot of artists began wearing OFF-WHITE and in no time it was a streetwear brand competing with the biggest luxury companies. Virgil Abloh even went on to being hired by Louis Vuitton to be their menswear designer.


Yes, to a greater extent. Some musicians are so influential their fans will literally do anything or wear anything they do. Rihanna (and also Kylie Jenner) criticized one of snapchats updates via Twitter and it lost over 1 billion dollars in share value. Now imagine if Rihanna praises a certain brand or design constantly? Tha’s the influence.

High fashion brands know that very popular musicians could work wonders for the brand hence create contracts of endorsement and agreements whereby the artist is seen wearing that particular brand in public often and also promoting it. For example Jaden Smith with LV, Reebok with Future and Lil Baby, the list goes on. Rappers have a tendency of boasting about the luxury clothing they buy on tracks, that alone is enough to create a trend.  Everyone will want to have an item from that brand because almost every rapper brags about having it in their songs.

The designer who I feel embraced the influence of music in fashion and used it to his advantage is Virgil Abloh. From the article I wrote about Virgil on KickBackz NewYork I mentioned how he has been around musicians since as early as 2002. He designed the album art and tour merch for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s legendary ‘’ Watch The Throne ‘’ album. OFF-WHITE’s marketing strategy is based on the relationship of the brand with musicians. Virgil Abloh sends out free unreleased pieces, new collections and etc. to a lot of musicians hence the brand has developed a bond with the music world, making them extra special by hand signing them himself.

One of the most popular shoe collaborations up to date, ‘’The Ten’’ OFF-WHITE x Nike could be seen on a large number of celebrities social media pages, whilst they perform and even on regular paparazzi shots. Not just rap music only, Virgil Abloh also stretched out his catchment area by reaching out to ‘’ super artists ‘’ such as Beyonce. Now imagine how many people look out to these musicians as idols. This is arguably one of the reasons OFF-WHITE has been at an all-time high in terms of popularity amongst the masses and also why streetwear has broken into the mainstream and better yet, the runway. 

It just doesn’t end at fans buying the clothing because it’s their favourite artist. OFF-WHITE is streetwear, and the love of streetwear through music influence has become very significant. This is evident as high fashion brands such as Gucci has in co-operated it into their design. That’s influence. Louis Vuitton appointing Virgil, a streetwear designer, as the Menswear creative director shows how the influence of music in fashion is more of a butterfly effect, small causes and large effects. It can be argued that Virgil was appointed at LV because of how popular streetwear has become and with Virgil being at the forefront of this era, perfect timing for LV to use him to create exactly what the masses want.

The Balenciaga Triple-S goes down as one of the most sought after shoes of this era. Why? A shoe that has a grunge aesthetic, looking old and worn out. Made to deliberately look chunky as if it’s an oversized shoe but why was it on everyone’s wish list?  Because almost every musician flaunted their pair, that alone was a major influence on fashion consumers. Balenciaga being a popular luxury brand alongside with the influence from musicians sealed the deal.

I could go on and on but I am sure by now you have understood how music and fashion are highly correlated, with music having an upper hand. On part 2 of this topic I will go into depth of some of the pioneers of trends, who were musicians.

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Damn. Fashion is a really crazy world  right now from my perspective, well in general luxury fashion has always been controversial especially due to their pricing. When i am talking about luxury fashion i am referring to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Dior, YSL, Balenciaga and so forth. Also the unsung heroes which happen to be the least popular but most luxurious brands one can get their hands on, i will elaborate on that further in this blog.

This post will focus mainly on luxury fashion right now, recent drops and collections, the aesthetics and the highly controversial Balenciaga. WELL personally i am not a major fan of the main stream luxury fashion brands because 1. They are accompanied by the most counterfeits its crazy! , i will elaborate a bit on that too 2. They become an eye-sore because everybody who can afford it or get their hands on a counterfeit already see themselves as a stylist or A$AP Rocky or something, no offence, and personally that is what i think of Gucci right now. I do not even feel the same when i wear any of my Gucci clothing anymore. That also reminds me of a question i was asked on curious cat the other day. Someone asked if i honestly think i am 'stylish', my response was NO. Why ? Cause i do not think i am stylish, i just wear dope and rare sh*t and dress well lol. ANYWAYS. When it comes to luxury fashion my favorites are the unsung heroes, the ultimate level of luxury when it comes to fashion. My favorite is GOYARD. If you listen to a lot of rap or trap i am sure you have heard it being referenced often. But because of its nature, you will hear more about it than you can see it.

GOYARD is the upper echelon of luxury. Its luxury within luxury. Goyard silently emerged a year after one of luxury fashions go to brand, Louis Vuitton. It all started in 1792 when Pierre-Francois Martin founded the House of Martin. from there on a rich history exists behind the arguably most prestigious brand (GOYARD), until it was bought by Jean-Michel Signoles in 1998 making it private owned and internationally renowned. Goyard focuses on trunk making and bags mostly but they also have a range of products now, but its RARE. Their clientele includes most of our favorite designers, celebrities and also royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The reason i am so in love with Goyard is because of how the brand is mysterious and prestigious. It thrives on maintaining highest levels of quality, limited quantities and highly influential and prestigious clientele, known and unknown. Sometimes some collections and products from Goyard are super limited and only purchased via appointment. It wont be all up in your face and on your every day TV Ad. Goyard does not come to you, you go to Goyard. Now from the little i have mentioned about it do you see the difference between Goyard and the most popular luxury brands these days? Honestly speaking, how often have you seen Goyard in person whether authentic or as a counterfeit.  Goyard also has very few stockists, in 2014 its official stockists were Barneys and Bergorf Goodman in New York and two stores in California.

I love how it manages to build mad hype behind the brand whilst preventing its legacy getting ruined by the clout chasing generation. Everything it does is in silence, shutting everyone out, whilst most luxury brands are seemingly merging with street-wear and capitalizing on digital marketing, Goyard does not get too involved. When reached out for an interview, according to them, Goyard made it clear that their official policy is not to speak directly to the press, instead referred them to another well know designer for comment, Karl Lagerfield. We all know how privacy and mystery is attractive. Another key element to their level of success and luxury is being independently owned. Most of our favorite luxury brands are under LVMH (A french multinational luxury goods conglomerate that also owns LV, Dior, Celine, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Bulgari) and Kering (An international luxury group based in Paris, it also owns Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Saint Laurent).

 Meaning the brand has stakeholders to answer to. Leading to compromising luxury by increasing product and putting out mediocre work to supply demand and stay in competition in order to dominate the market. That also brings up a new question, what exactly is LUXURY FASHION. Is it the product or the brand name. Because a in some cases a Goyard tote is cheaper than a Louis Vuitton tote, but in terms of luxury, Goyard is way ahead. Do not be fooled though, Goyard is not cheap. Goyard cares nothing for market domination. In summary it is like that kid who never attends class, when they do they sit at the back, talks little, does more and comes for exams and does better than everyone.


Before i go any further i would like to make it clear that i have nothing against MOST collections that have been surfacing recently from luxury brands. I actually love a number of them even though my style lays more to high-end streetwear. I just feel the definition of luxury fashion is becoming abused in some ways. I would mention all the collections i like and those im not fond of but this post is not a review or reaction post. How is luxury fashion changing ? I feel like the change has been brought upon by an increase in demand and the undeniable relationship between streetwear and luxury fashion that i once wrote about and also hypebeasts. Hence luxury brands are maximizing on the opportunity and are moving towards a more hype centered approach, the same approach that has caused a whole paradigm shift in the world of counterfeits which continue increasing and becoming insanely similar to the real deal. ''Who is popping more'' type of approach. Also because most of these brands dominate the market and are pioneers, having been found decades and decades ago.

They basically created a monopoly and hence can justify whatever product and price they put out just using the brand name before anything else. I personally feel like brands, most brands, could not care less about consumer needs right now, instead consumer needs are sort of dictated. Ofcourse they still give us what we feel is trendy, but again who is setting the trends in the first place? Food for thought. My main thought on luxury fashion right now is that some brands are really throwing away their founders blueprint and are beginning to sort of a make a mockery out of their consumers by releasing products that one would clearly NEVER wear if a friend gifted them and never told them its from a certain brand. Would you still wear or love whatever luxury fashion piece you love so much if it was not from that specific brand, if it was from an unknown local designer or local clothing store ? I feel like most brands are actually leading consumers into liking something and buying it whilst they do not really like it, why ?

Because they dictate trends and fashion and abandoning their most popular items might make some feel ''left out'' and not as stylish. Something ugly does not mean its unique neither does it make it fashionable cause its ugly. Most people are usually like ''Real fashion fans will understand'' or this clothing item is ''ahead of its time'' YES in some instances that is for sure the case, people see the price tag and already talk down on the product and what not. But that is not the case always, sometimes these clothing items are flat out UGLY. Another thing about luxury fashion these days is that some designs really lack innovation and base their designs on aesthetics of the poor, and sell them to those who can afford. A good example is the designs that lean towards the ''homeless look''. I liked the whole aesthetic to be honest but that wont change the fact that it was kind of disrespectful if you look at it from another perspective. 

What particularly triggered this line of thought in me was BALENCIAGA. If you follow the runway and are a fashion lover, i am sure you know where i am headed with this. Man, i love Balenciaga i will not deny and Demna Gvasalia has made it really popular and a common site amongst celebrities, fashion lovers and hypebeasts. Its definitely one of the go to brands in luxury fashion right now. But i strongly feel they are going overboard. Like a student whom is a teachers favorite so they hand in mediocre work and will still get an A. Some of the items they have recently been putting out are very questionable but hey that is my opinion. Amazingly, these items still sell out. Here is an example, The Balenciaga Tshirt Shirt, it caused a lot of confusion especially on Twitter, a lot were not amused. SIDENOTE: Balenciaga is the fastest growing brand under Kering and has had growth of over 100% in many sectors of the brand.



I wont dwell much on this, i will just leave you to ask yourself questions and think about what i have said. Ralph Rucci (American fashion designer, owner of the luxury brand CHADO RALPH RUCCI) also had a lot say about Balenciaga in the past months, these were his comments





 What if i told you that counterfeits are allegedly made in the same factories using the same raw materials as the luxury brands ? Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, made some very controversial remarks in 2016 June at the Chinese e-commerce behemoth's investor day. His comments on Chinese counterfeits were that most of the times ''they are better quality and better than the real names'' Of-course he meant high quality knock-offs such as those plaguing the market currently, not the ridiculously low priced ones. However this statement is very controversial as Alibaba has been constantly under legal fire because its one of the largest platforms that easily connects counterfeits to the consumers, naming products differently on their catalogs LOL. However there is more, Yanxuan, a chinese e-commerce giant under NetEase claimed to work directly with brands like Gucci, Burberry, Rimowa, Calvin Klein, Armani and more. Here is an extract from an article from Jing Daily that i found in an article by TFL.


At the end of the day, what you choose to believe is up-to you, personally the way knock offs are getting too similar to the real thing makes me think that it actually might be true. Also the fact that Balenciaga changed the manufacturing of the Triple-S from Italy to China, with no price change on the shoe though. However the Balenciaga customer service stated that the manufacturing moved to China where it was more favorable to make a lighter shoe. IF this is all true, whats your answer to the question, IS IT REALLY LUXURY CAUSE OF THE QUALITY AND MANUFACTURING OR THE NAME? Personally whether it is true or false, i really love fashion and i respect any designers work.

If i want something i will save up for it and buy it no matter how good the counterfeit looks, call me dumb or say that it is wasting money. But that is one of my principles, respecting peoples work. If i do not think it is worth it i will not not buy it neither will i get the counterfeit. That is why i carry out legit checks as much as i can with the information i have on the product. Feel free to do more research on the link between counterfeits and the real deal.

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The blog title itself already hints what the post is about about lol, yes shoes. Although i feel this post is a bit late, i also feel like its the right time to put it out due to having observing the sneaker designs over the past months, 2017 into 2018. I personally feel like the sneaker world is a very complex place at this moment especially 2017 going into 2018. Sitting down and thinking about this led me to asking my self several questions. Some I answered and some I failed to understand and get an answer to. There are several changes happening at the moment and a huge shift in the design approach. I’ll be mentioning most of the questions I asked myself in this blog.

 In general, sneaker heads and those who love fashion know that Nike constantly re-releases its most demanded designs, remaking and retouching them and marketing them all over again. These designs that constantly resurface also happen to be the “grails” and most wanted Nike shoes, making them very popular each and every time they drop. For example the AirMax 97 and 98, all Jordan popular Jordan 1 drops such as the BANNED BRED and many others. Most of the “new” designs from Nike especially recently have been collaborative efforts with athletes, musicians such as Travis Scott and Skepta, helping them gain and reach out to more people. Or if not, they were a basic Nike sneaker priced for the availability to the average person wanting a pair of Nikes. As for Adidas, YEEZY has brought them into the spotlight and faces of hypebeasts and the sneakerhead community. Not that adidas wasn’t “popping” , but it just wasn’t as demanded as Nike. Except for some of their massive and limited drops such as the Ultraboost Triple Blacks and etc. This might be a biased opinion lol but I love both brands regardless.

 In regard to design, we have seen a clear trend and pattern around which almost every sneaker these days is designed according to. High fashion and Luxury fashion brands shoe design never really used to be similar to those shoes popular in the Streetwear world or those by Adidas and Nike. Most of the Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton designed their sneakers from scratch presenting never seen before silhouttes, clearly inspired within LV and no where else. It was a rare case that a luxury brand such as Gucci would design something similar to a brand like Nike, for example Gucci releasing an AirMax 90 look alike lol. But these days it seems streetwear, sportswear and luxury fashion shoes are designed around one notion.

 Sneakers have moved to the “Dad shoe” type of design. Chunkier shoes, bulky and purposely looking old and “vintage”. The classic example which you probably have in mind is the Balenciaga Triple S.

The Balenciaga Triple S upto now, is one of my  favorite shoes that have been dropped in the past few years, well the first version. The RAF Simons Ozweegos are my all time favorite. And I’m sure it caught many peoples attention too. It’s one of the reasons I started following the sneaker designs being dropped recently. The very first thing that made me gain interest in the “Dad shoe” wave was the fashion icon, Ian Connor. He posed some pics wearing a pair of Sketchers. Yes Sketchers. Not any random pair, but the pair which goes along with that goes along with the “dad shoe” aesthetic. 

 Well, several people labeled the Balenciaga Triple S “ ugly “. If I’m being totally honest, yes the shoe is ugly, but the aesthetic is AMAZING. Lol yes I’m making sense ! It has a worn out, frequently worn type of aesthetic even in its brand new condition. The contrast in colors for each colorway make the shoe even more prominent and noticeable. Like the blue,red and yellow with the off white “dirty” looking sole. The size and bulkiness also make it hard to miss. And it seems most shoes are taking that direction in terms of design. The wave became most prominent when almost every celebrity was spotted in their pair of Balenciaga Triple S’s. However this stance in the sneaker world was a bit confusing, leading to me asking myself HOW? What do I mean how ? Light sneaker technology, portable and comfy designs were the main aspects of design just before the “Dad shoe” trend. Sneakers had stealthy silhouettes. For example Balenciaga itself with its “Speed Trainer”, Adidas’ “Ultra Boost” and “AirMax “ technology. So what caused the sudden shift in design preference and merging of the Streetwear, Sportswear and Luxury brand sneaker/shoe designs. Personally I think it’s basically a shift in aesthetic and a shift in design preference. In terms of clothing we have seen homeless looks, oversized clothing and a worn out clothing aesthetic.....this is just the same thing but applied to sneakers. This way brands could make a sneaker that goes well with their clothing. Fashion Icons and Instagram models have also proved how cozy they look with Streetwear looks. And I also think another important factor in the blooming of this wave are “influencers”. Ian Connor, Luka Sabbat, Bloody Osiris and the likes. Creating a demand and void in the sneaker market which brands have decided to fill. One of the reasons I stan RAF Simons and call him the god of fashion is because he is ahead of his time. Although the “Dad shoe” trend became very popular last year, RAF Simons released the Ozweego In 2013, before wearing such a bulky sneaker had become “acceptable” especially in luxury fashion. This is ofcourse excluding the Nike Monarch line by Jason Mayden. The shoes that was originally 'made for' dads before the whole trend.  Are you a fan of the direction sneaker design is taking ? Even Zara, which is infamous for imitation high fashion brand designs from clothes to socks to sneakers you name it, has jumped onto the same design too. This alone shows how big the design itself has become, because shops like Zara will imitate what’s hottest at the moment for quick cash. Hence meaning several people has already caught up on it too. The image below is an early sketch of the Nike Air Monarch II

 Asking myself that question lead to me asking myself whether moving in that direction is good for fashion and what it means for fashion as a whole. I think it has lead to design stagnation a lot of copying, “stealing” and biting of designs. Where do we draw the line between inspiration and copying? Surely all brands can’t be releasing stuff inspired by ONE type of aesthetic and silhouettes lol. I think almost every shoe design amongst the shoes of the moment literally looks very similar or flat out out the same with a few additions and modifications and the brand name stamped onto the sneaker. These sneakers especially form the luxury brands do not come cheap too. The most popular dad shoes are those from luxury brands meaning they come at hefty price tags leading to some sourcing for cheaper versions of the similar silhouettes.  A great example is the Nike Monarch, which comes at a very affordable price and large quantities, with the design originating back as 2002, it can arguably be called one of the bulky sneaker era pioneers. Being reworked from time to time by Nike ofcourse. I think it’s now a matter of choosing the shoe because it’s your favorite brand or colorway rather than choosing it because it’s better than the other sneakers. This can’t happen because like I said, most of them look the same. Which is a not so good thing. Design becomes stagnant meaning very few shoes based on a completely different silhouette will see the sneaker market. And also it leaves a very very thin line between inspiration and copying. When is it relevant to call out a brand for copying ? YEEZY was seen jumping onto the design with the YEEZY 700 and Desert Rat 500. Kanye West took a jab at Nike because of their ''Monarch'' line which seems to be specifically designed for dads. After Nike announced the dropping the reworked Monarch sneaker, the Nike M2K Tekno (Air Monarch) which is a much updated verison, Kanye was not having it, accusing them of copying the YEEZY 700 design, through a now deleted tweet.

In my opinion that was stupid considering the Nike Monarch comes way back than the YEEZY Adidas sneakers. But in terms of the few additions after being reworked and also the timing of reworking it, can Nike be called copycats of the YEEZY Waverunner 700 ? Ill leave that upto you to decide. 

One of my personal favorites and one of the releases i feel like the brand tried to actually add some of their own designs together with the whole chunky sneakers approach, is the Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker.

What intrigues me most is the futuristic vibe the shoe portrays. A shoe that i could safely say i would be proud if my kids in future would refer to as the shoe of my generation. The price tag is pretty hefty, making it an exclusive which is a plus if you have a couple of dollars to spend, it retailed at USD1090. Unlike the Nike Monarch rework which was to retail around USD135. The difference in price definetly means the Archlight might be a more suitable option for fashion snobs and hypebeasts whilst the Nike M2K Tekno is the option for those who would want to join in on the design but cannot afford luxury fashion. Gucci also dropped their Cruise 2018 Apollo leather sneakers.After looking at them and the YEEZY Desert Rat 500, i found them somehow similar, withe YEEZY looking like the better version. What do think?


Another shoe is the most recent Balenciaga FW18 Chunky-tech sneakers which heavily resemble Asics. Therefore choosing either of two now solely depends on brand preference than design preference.

Which leads me to my last question. Is this where the sneaker world is headed? Is that how sneaker and shoe culture is going to be? A continuous recycling of ideas and an industry whereby the variety provided is only be cause of the brand name and colorway and not a totally different design meaning the consumer is paying for the brand name than the actual shoe. I hope not. Or a futuristic tech like looking shoe design approach.  Do not feel pressurized to hop onto whatever wave is popping at that time. You might just drown. For example bulky shoes and dad shoes are not for everyone because they are not easy to style as a pair of vans lol. You might find yourself looking hideous whilst actually wearing the best shoe at the moment lol. This whole trend and approach has made people and fashion magazines such as HIGHSNOBIETY say statements such as ''Úgly is the new trend'' Which in the right context might be accurate. The controversial luxury brand Balenciaga also recently released platform crocs, a collab with Crocs.

Literally they are platform crocs with a few accessories added to them. Retailing a whooping USD800. Sites such as highsnobiety have even clowned some consumers and future consumers suggesting how hideous the shoe is. Despite the fact that it sold out in no time. 

I personally do not like them that much but i love the fact that they did something different and opposite of whats currently going on. However i strongly feel the fashion house is deviating from its original line of design as has been capitalizing on rather designs that may be ridiculed by the average fashion consumer. Besides the whole bulky,chunk, dad shoe designs, there has been other collections of sneakers that have dropped and are highly eye catching and worth every cent. Collections such as THE TEN by Nike and Virgil Abloh. Reconstruction of popular Nike designs. The Sean Wotherspoon Airmax 97, The Adidas x Pharrell Hu, The upcoming Travis Scott Jordan 4 and more. Here is a link to more alternatives of the ''dad shoe''.

The most recent or rather one of this years drops thats on my ''to buy'' list is the 2 Chainz x Versace.

These sneakers were unveiled at the Italians label's Fall/Winter 2018 runway show. The sneaker design took the typical bulky and chunky sneaker design just as i mentioned above. But i guess that is the wave that fashion houses are willing to ride and maximize on.

What do you think about where shoe design is headed, particularly sneakers? And when you are buying a pair of shoes, are you doing it for the design or brand name? If your answer is for the design, would you buy Asics instead of Balenciagas even if you had the cash? And what do you think about lighter sneaker technology and the regular sized and fitting designs such as the Balenciaga Speed racer and  FutureCraft 4D technology? Food for thought



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 Most of the times, whether I’m busy or not , mid creating or not, I find myself self-reflecting on my actions and on my way of life as a whole which includes several other aspects. Trying to be a better version of myself each and every day. Yes I’m a fashion blogger but the reason I share and write such posts is in the hope to impact and change a strangers life for the positive through sharing my line of thoughts alongside the clothing/fashion [DRIPSET] provides. Also to engage in an interaction of different mindsets which may be along the same line of thought as me at that particular time.

As I reflected over the past days, weeks and months when the year just begun, I began to understood more about happiness. It’s importance lies in its definition which may differ from one person to the other. In my opinion happiness is the most important aspect in our lives and affects everything else long and short term, directly and indirectly. It is the nucleus and the powerhouse that determines a large portion of the way you deal with consequences from past actions, actions in current situations and future actions/plans. For me a lot of things are centered around that one thing, happiness. 




Happiness is the overall state of well-being of an individual which influences the degree of their peace of mind. It has no value, it is priceless and I would personally not trade any amount of money or currency for it. For me happiness and energy are slightly different things which SHOULD be protected at all costs. How do they differ ? You determine your own happiness no one will, your mentality, actions and choices determine your happiness, unlike energy which is greatly influenced by who you’re constantly around and associated with. Energy therefore determines your actions and choices and furthermore some of the events that may take place in your life in the future. Your happiness will influence the type of energy you portray and put out as an individual: hate, jealousy, love, fake, genuine, half-hearted or whatever.

 One of the biggest problems in my eyes is how we let social media and someone else define happiness for us. As cliche as it sounds, take time to define what happiness is to you by engaging with reality more than social media for a certain period of time. It’s not abnormal to just stare in space and think. It’s not wrong to imagine, the less you’re connected/addicted to social media, the more explosive your imagination is. Because it’s being purely driven from mostly you, and whatever’s on your mind. It’s not driven by imagining the Lamborghini you saw on the timeline and were told to RT for “good luck” or the bag of cash you saw on the timeline and were told to RT for “financial freedom” lol. Have you ever thought about it like this, what if we actually like things we don’t truly like ? What if we like certain things just because it’s what we’re being exposed to or because that’s what everyone else has decided to like ? Do you genuinely like the things you long for so much. Think about it 

 I often see people on social media talk about how it’s better to be sad and rich than be poor and happy. Most people’s argument in regard to this is that with money, you can buy the things that make you happy because the reason in the first place you are sad is because you don’t have the money to buy that particular thing. But in actual fact your desire for that item might actually have arose from your urge and craving to be happy hence blinding you from your true source of sadness. Like a drug, when you get the money and get what you want, it’s only a matter of time before the love for it fades away and you desire something else. Now does that mean you’ll be sad each time you cannot get what you want ? Be it related to money or not. 

 I agreed with that statement (regardless of what situation I am in) until recently when I failed to place a value on happiness, even after thinking about it for several hours, I kid you not. The problem is for you to truly value your happiness, you’ll have to lose it first, only then will you truly appreciate it and guard it at ALL COSTS. But before that, even what I am saying right now in this post might have you rolling your eyes, which I totally understand......because sometimes experience is really the best teacher. Happiness is like a portal to the perfect peace of mind. Like I once  tweeted ( @dripsetofficial ) “ Peace of mind is the foundation of true happiness.

Take care and protect yourself, mentally, before anything else.''And you’ll see the rest fall into shape like a puzzle. Do not over work yourself and do not let anyone dictate or force you to rush your creative process. Your progress is not directly proportional to the amount of work you put out there. A 100 meaningless and rushed pieces of work can not compared to 10 pieces that are a result of an individuals natural creative process, because those 10 pieces carry so much depth, weight and meaning. Yes friends and mentors opinions can come a long way, but trust your 6th sense too, don’t dwell too much on others opinions. Use those opinions to better your work BUT better it without changing it to suit someone else’s preferences. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Do not stress yourself over stuff you cannot change but instead figure out how to avoid such in the future. I think most people tend to dwell too much on what could go wrong and on what went wrong instead of focusing on what can be done to prevent what went wrong in the future and focusing on what could go well, the positive.

 A typical situation whereby pessimism > optimism is a toxic situation. Yes it’s always good to perform “ Risk Analysis “ in order to prepare for the bad but it should only be to a certain extent, in everything you do and in everything you create make sure your mindset is in a positive place, it’s very crucial to your end product and whatever you yield. You cannot change anything that has already happened so why stress over it, focusing on the negatives will just make you drown in your sadness therefore compromising your peace of mind. When you have peace of mind, everything else seems to take shape by itself because you’ll be taking each day as it comes, doing everything passionately, pure-heartedly with absolutely no self doubt. You’re basically living the right way, naturally. Don’t ever let anyone black mail you emotionally or tell you that you’re stuck up when you put your happiness first  to protect yourself, mentally and emotionally. If something does not sit well with you say it and if the other party/parties are not willing to accommodate how you feel, simply dissociate yourself from such. As a creative I’ve noticed how whenever I have the absolute best peace of mind, all my work is driven purely from what I like with zero external pressure or influence unless if there’s something that inspired that work specifically. When you don’t have peace of mind, there is a danger of creating work based on emotions or poor mental and personal well being, as much as it is expressing emotions through your work, which is what we all strive for, negative emotions tend to overshadow your creativity unlike how positive emotion tends to make your creativity stand out. Like I said, its clearer experienced than being told or read. Another danger of compromising your happiness, the portal to your peace of mind, is ending up acting in hope/seeking approval which is the highest level of compromise when it comes to an individuals art. When you acquire the approval from society or whoever, can you be considered happy? Which brings me to this question, how many people are TRULY happy ? Food for thought.

 On the same line of thought, I mentioned energy earlier on. Energy is real guys. When you support someone, support them genuinely, pure heartedly with no expectations of getting something in return. If whether someone can benefit you in any way before you support them Is a “ requirement “ for you to support them, don’t bother.

 Like Kanye West said In a tweet:



Why it’s important to make sure you’re genuine is that just like karma what goes around comes around. Life is very funny you know. You’d be surprised the people you’ll attract are highly likely to have the same energy as you. Would you want a bunch of fake love and some “ just Incase he/she pops off “ typa energy around you ? People who feel their entitled to a medal for your achievements because they were “around” and your “number 1” fan. You know why having the right energy within yourself and around you can make or break you? It’s because energy clearly leads to synergy. Synergy is defined as   the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. What type of synergy does toxic,negative or directionless energy yield ?

Learn to have constructive competition with your competitors, you don’t have to hate someone because they are a challenge, learn from each other, inspire each other and most importantly work with each other. There will always be someone to challenge you and there may be better than you in their own way but that’s not what you should be focusing on in the first place. You should be focusing on being the best at what YOU do. What so and so is doing should not bother you, creativity is not a competition and neither is life itself.

As a creative, artist or etc, working with someone or a “rival” is not taboo, a collective of creative ideas from two totally different sides is EXTREMELY POWERFUL..... Synergy.  Collectively you’ll create an impact that’ll be too hard to ignore. Also BE CAREFUL, of people who will act like they are willing to work together whilst deep down they want to use you, like I said energy is real, if you’re intentions are PURE, you’ll attract PURE hearted people too, don’t take energy and karma for granted. You’re not forced to like anyone’s work or grind, but that doesn’t mean you should hate on it for no reason either.

 The cake is tooo big for us all......greed to have it all to one self is not necessary and in most cases doesn’t pay off , share that cake, and make bigger cakes to share with more people. Empowering each other as creatives is a bigger accomplishment in the long run. 


Guard your happiness and energy, sit back and watch everything else fall into place 

 Thank You for taking your time to read this post. Feel free to comment your opinions on Happiness and Energy.

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Fashion enthusiasts know that this is not anything new in the fashion. Bootleg fashion surfaced as early as 1982, becoming a popular street trend around 2016. It may not exactly have died as it continuously recurs, it also enjoyed some glory days being a hypebeast favorite. During the course of the years till present it has been there but mainly in underground fashion. Now its resurfaced slowly since December 2017, and in my opinion its back with a new twist and has caught attention  of high end fashion houses which are in-cooperating it in their new collection and recent campaigns.

By bootleg fashion i mean clothing that is creatively appropriated, with the logos slightly changed or popular phrases found on garments such as t-shirts, replaced with a new but similar phrase or a local phrase. Basically mimicking the original. Making it somewhat not illegal to distribute as it has a significant difference from the original but however still exhibits an illusion to make it seem as the original product. However some of the bootleg creators end up being slapped with MASSIVE lawsuits and seize and desist orders wiping them out of the picture. I am not talking about the bootleg that looks exactly as the original product, but manufactured by the black market and sold way cheaper to people who can not afford the original. The bootleg i am talking about is the bootleg that is made to purposely be characterized and seen as bootleg therefore leaving the buyer with the choice of whether to purchase it or not since they clearly know it's a bootleg.


No one really cared in the past. Only a few hypebeasts, fashion heads and the likes but never the mainstream or average person. Despite this, the person who i consider to have started with the bootlegging culture or rather one of the people to start it, was Dapper Dan


Dapper Dan's clients include Mike Tyson, Flloyd Money Mayweather Jr (who remains part of his private clientele up-to now), Eric B and Rakim, LL Cool J and more.

His popular boutique opened in Harlem in 1982, popular for making Louis Vuitton customs and bootleg Gucci logos and remixing luxury fashion in-cooperating his fly guy logomania. It was forced to close down in 1992 when most fashion houses whose logo he was ripping off began taking legal action resulting in raids to confiscate his bootleg creations. Shedding light on his opinion about this, Dapper Dan said, '' i didn't do knock offs, i did knock-ups ! ''

Some of the most popular bootleg fashion pieces to emerge from the street-wear world are the '' COMME des FUCKDOWN '' which was a creative appropriation derived from the high fashion house, Commes des Garcon.

Made extremely popular by ASAP Mob after wearing it in their 2012 VICE Shoot. ASAP Mob being highly influential rappers and fashion icons, them wearing it meant thousands of their followers seeking the same merch, hence building clientele for the bootleg street-wear. The same items, if hadn't been worn by Rocky and friends would likely been labelled corny and neglected. Christopher Shannon, menswear designer, also altered the Sports Direct logo to '' Lovers Direct '' and Timberland to '' Tumbleweed ''  Bootlegging in fashion has also been used to catch the attention of music merch lovers, through the creation of t-shirts such as the t-shirts printed THUGGER in the popular Thrasher font, produced by Honeymoon.  

Frank Ocean 'Nike' tees and also Death Row record tees by OKOKOK a Hong Kong street-wear brand. 

Africa also has popular bootleg clothing, created by Don Design, from South Africa by his brand Monday To Monday. He has received criticism by a lot of people in the earlier stages of his labels showcase, just like all the earlier bootleg fashion creators, but lately people are beginning to understand his creative direction which has caught the attention of many fashion lovers and was also featured in The Mail & Guardian. Here are some images of some of Don Designs creations, seen being worn by popular rapper AkA a lot. 


The current state of the whole bootlegging situation is a classic example of  'if you cant beat them join them '' Bootleg in fashion has surfaced into the mainstream and is not only known unto streetwear and the underground. Also termed 'Faux Fake' bootlegging since 2017 till now unlike in previous years, has caught  the attention of the most popular luxury brands. The whole bootlegging movement was made commercial and brought into the limelight and runway by Vetements founder and Balenciaga creative director: Demna Gvasalia, when he created the DHL bootleg t-shirts. 

Priced at a hefty GBP185, the Vetements x DHL, bootleg DHL t-shirt was first seen on 1 October 2015 on the Vetements Paris catwalk for SS16. DHL gave Demna the permission. In a few weeks these t-shirts were sold out and just like any other hyped item it was already being sold for higher profits by those who managed to get one for themselves, becoming a staple and must have for hypebeasts as street-wear pages on Instagram constantly flaunted them including street style model and blogger Margaret Zhang.

This marked the beginning of the current situation in the high fashion world in relation to this bootlegging trend.

Back in the day luxury fashion brands were quick to send 'cease and desist' letters to any bootleg suppliers and makers. Nowadays its different, they might work with you if they really love your 'bootlegging' designs, or rather use your ideas and wipe off your bootlegs off the market. For example Austin Butts, popularly known as @AssPizza on Instagram. Butts, a high-school dropout whom was 17 at that time and his friend Jonah Levine decided to sell fake Kanye West 'I Feel Like Pablo' merchandise outside the real pop up shop

which had a lot of kids present due to the hype that surrounds everything Kanye. Butts said the fake merch was USD20 a t-shirt but a bunch were given away in the line for free. T-shirts they had printed themselves by hand for fun. Kanye West's team found out and saw what was happening and loved the bootleg merch so much they offered Butts some authentic PABLO merch in-exchange for some bootleg gear, this bootleg gear was in turn sold alongside the real deal in the pop up. 


According to reports from Austin Butts, Kanye West loved it so much including the popular Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston.

Luxury brands lose billions of dollars to counterfeits and knock-offs. Luxury fashion brands have resorted to bootlegging themselves and creating bad versions of their own collections and logos which resemble fakes, only for SOME collections and campaigns. This means there is no more bootleg in theoretical sense because the original is now the bootleg lol. Its like hacking the fashion system. Don't get it twisted, the hefty price tags of the luxury brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuttion are not any lower because of them resembling bootlegs lol.  A classic example is how Alessandro Michele of Gucci evidently followed Demnas direction, creating a collection which is more of Gucci bootlegging itself, what Gucci describes as 'faux-real'. The Gucci logos on the t-shirts and hoodies from his Cruise 2017 loudly resembled bootleg Gucci logo prints that were popular  during the 1980s.

Even Dapper Dan said '' I was laughing and admiring what Gucci is doing now. Its so interesting. Its like, who's copying who ''? The Gucci Resort 2018 collection witnessed prints with Gucci spelt as 'GUCCY'.

A distinct bootleg trait which one would expect to see from a bootleg Gucci t-shirt which would have removed the 'i' inserting a 'y' to misspell the brand name in order to avoid lawsuits. Gucci also copied Dapper Dan's balloned sleeve jacket and put it on the runway for its cruise 2018 collection

Hence receiving heavy criticism and backlash as fashion enthusiasts who knew the design was originally a remix/bootleg created by Dapper Dan long ago using Louis Vuitton material instead as seen in the image below 

The only difference was this was not bootleg clothing, it was a real Gucci faux fake collection witnessed on the runway, if you cant beat them, join them. Gucci however replied to the backlash, saying it was not a rip-off, but instead 'homage' to Dapper Dan.

This in my opinion is a brilliant strategy, rather make money off the knock offs by creating the knock offs knock off yourself and selling it for a higher price. In this case one could say Gucci was knocking off Dapper Dan lol. What also shows the shift of tolerance and ways of dealing with bootlegs by luxury fashion brands, is that Gucci as reported in 2017, officially partnered up with Dapper Dan himself after the accusations of Gucci stealing his design. Dapper Dan was to reopen his boutique

This time with the permission and help of Gucci which would provide him with materials and the stuff he needs. Basically creating legal and authentic high end and limited Dapper Dan Gucci customs fit to customer specifications and needs. This to me seemed more like damage control than a legit partnership. I feel like due to the backlash Gucci had to take this gesture.

Another notable 2018 moment that highlighted the attention bootleg fashion has been getting from the biggest brands and the most bootlegged brands, is DIESEL's stunt. Like I said earlier, if you can't beat them, join them. Bootlegs and counterfeit markets affect any brand negatively, and like I mentioned earlier in this post, luxury brands obviously know that it's nearly impossible to stop the counterfeit market, so along side trying, applying the bootleg concept to the authentic products has surfaced from major fashion houses in the past months.

DIESEL recently opened a deceptive bootleg pop-up store in New York's SoHo

Selling bootlegs created by the brand itself. Yes, you read right. The clothing being sold in the store resembled the typical bootleg corner store selling all your favorite designer clothing at 5% of the original price lol. Hardly organized as the typical DIESEL store, boxes were placed in the store pilled with authentic bootleg clothing, SALE posters all over the store, signs written in handwriting stating " we sell jeans too " 

Something luxury brands would never dare do, t-shirts and jeans hanging from outside the store and considering it was New York Fashion week, one would swear that the store was straight up a bootleg DIESEL store. The only difference between the authentic DIESEL products was the tag, it was slightly misspelled, like the typical bootleg product, instead of DIESEL, the tag was written DEISEL.

The store raised a lot of red flags the moment it was launched, with hypebeasts and fashion enthusiasts obviously ignoring it. It was only until DIESEL itself confirmed the authenticity of the store which resulted in thousands of people lining outside the store trying to get a pieces of the authentic bootleg clothing which was going to go down as " rare/special " DIESEL clothing pieces as the store was only open for about two days only. Celebrities such as Gucci Mane made an appearance too.

Resellers have a good eye for spotting products that have potential to be most sought after a few days of retail release. According to Highsnobiety, DIESEL CEO Renzo Rosso expressed how surprised he was that some of the products were already being flipped by resellers on eBay for around USD500 whilst tshirts retailed at USD60 and hoodies USD20 at retail.

In my opinion this campaign by DIESEL was great, especially to have some attention shifted to the brand as a whole. Luxury brands tend to become household names, some even become boring, but they'll never go out of business because their brand has been set and built on a very strong foundation with ride or die consumers.


Bootleg clothing in the fashion world is something has this far proven itself to be a "trend" that will not completely die and has proven problematic. It HAS been around since Dapper Dan days, till now. Coming into the lime light from time to time. Like a dormant volcano which erupts from time to time. I personally feel like luxury brand creative directors, have began following in the path that Demna Gvasalia arguably paved in the fashion world (commercially and on the runway). Instead of focusing on only fighting counterfeits day and night, being innovative enough to derive ideas from counterfeits, the concept that impressed me most is luxury brands bootlegging their own clothing. It would be very interesting if people were to bootleg a bootleg lol. However it's obvious that even after all this, luxury brands won't necessarily stop the counterfeit and bootleg market anytime soon, because authentic bootlegs most of the time such as that in the case of Gucci, cost just as hefty as the typical Gucci clothing. As much as fashion brands lose billions of dollars in illegal bootlegs, at least now they are gaining something from it. Especially considering that we're within a time that has seen logos making their way to the runway stronger and more visible than ever.

Lastly authentic bootleg fashion might just become more and more acceptable the more it is put on the runway, and the more celebrities openly embrace it therefore showing some sort of " approval " to the masses,but only time will tell ! Because chances are just as high it may go back to being dormant.





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My favorite Air Jordan Sneaker. Designed by Peter C Moore first in approximately 1984/5 for Michael Jordan, Nike released the first design of its classical and powerful line of Air Jordan sneakers. Why this shoe made it as the legends on foot? Leaving out the Jordan 4 x KAWS that made waves in 2017 and sold out in no time and the several restocks throughout the year. It’s mainly because of the history/speculation/conceptions behind the Air Jordan 1 shoe and to add on to that , it’s silhouette is ultimately flawless. With the “ OG BANNED “ being reissued 6 Times (1994, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2016) only by Nike since over 3 decades ago, 1985. Even though since then ,dozens of color-ways have since been released and seen on the market, but the BANNED breds for any Jordan lover is a touchstone....its more than a shoe but more of a culture and persona . To begin with the story, It is said that on October 18, 1984 (see pic of the letter written by then-NBA Executive Vice President, Russ Granik, addressed to Nike Vice President, Rob Strasse), the legendary Michael Jordan made an appearance wearing Nike basketball shoes, which were a vibrant red-and-black colorway.

This was very controversial, as every NBA fan knows that sneaker laws have evolved but were quite rigid since per the "uniformity of uniform rule" set by the NBA

"A player must wear shoes that not only matched their uniforms, but matched the shoes worn by their teammates."

To make matters worse the former NBA commissioner David Stern, known to be one the most powerful commissioners to ever be part of American sports is said to have not been pleased. Mainly because the shoe did not match what the rest of the Chicago Bulls team was wearing, Stern apparently responded by fining MJ USD5000 per game , for each game he wore this colorway ! USD 5000 sounds like a drop in the ocean considering the current NBA salaries, but considering a season has 82 games, that’s a staggering USD410000 in fines and at that time MJs salary was USD630000 meaning after fines he’d be left with just USD220000. Jordan wasn’t phased or worried at all about this , guess why , because Nike took care of the bill, how sweet! Besides the fact we’re not entirely sure if indeed it was indeed the Air Jordan 1 that was “ BANNED “ or in fact the Nike Air Ship.

The Nike Air ship , which seems to be more accurate as seen on footage from the game days around 1984/5, even though he had a PE edition written “ Air Jordan “ on the heels, as shown in the pics below. This whole story boosted the Nike Sales incredibly high with this being used even as the basis of an ad.....the commercial was a very simple one actually : just a single shot, panning from top to bottom, ending with a new logo. A voiceover delivered the very simple message to the public which stated : “On September 15th, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe. On October 18th, the NBA threw them out of the game. Fortunately, the NBA can’t stop you from wearing them. Air Jordans from Nike.” 

A lot of myths and stories surround this controversial incident considering it happened over 3 decades ago. What’s more confusing is that Nike and the Jordan Brand actually pumped and supported the story of the Air Jordan 1 being the one that was the banned shoe, which sounds like the best way they could market it for the re-release of the ever so popular and remastered magnificent Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Banned over the years, a throwback to the classic referred to by most sneaker heads as the "Bred." Game worn Air Jordan 1s have been auctioned at very high prices for example the pair that was given to Khalid Ali, a former Laker ball boy. He was given a pair of Nike Air Ships by Jordan and were auctioned for a whooping USD71000. This is what we call a GRAIL, Plus it was MJ signed. The Nike Air ship ( as seen on image shown earlier ) can be conceived as a pre Jordan, the chosen one before the chosen one.

Honestly my personal opinion is that whether it was the Air Ship or the Air Jordan that was banned, this myth will forever be extremely important in sneaker history and a progenitor to the culture behind the sneaker today. As you will see in these pictures , these sneakers are worn around the world by the most influential celebrities and getting your hands on a pair of Breds that were made before 2016, well an authentic pair, be ready to fork out large sums of money, getting the 2016 release is even a struggle currently especially due to the ever growing greedy and obnoxious counterfeit industry that largely disrespects sneaker culture and fashion by producing fakes.

In the image above most of the people would laugh at Asap Rocky about his " old " looking Chicago Air Jordan 1s but their actually more expensive than the latest Chicago's , because their highly likely to be from the first or second drop, meaning could be from before 2000. Making them very rare.

I totally go with Nike and the Jordan Brand and I’d like to believe the story about the BANNED AIR JORDAN 1. Mainly because throughout my research most statements with evidence lead me that way. All I see the Nike Air Ship as, is a pre Jordan 1, the Air Jordan 1 “ samples “ that were made as MJ needed shoes on court and infact those were his very first shoes ever to be worn on court. Being the ultimate Grail, the Air Ship still remains a mystery to any sneaker head, any pair currently available would be one of those 25 or so black-and-red pairs made for Jordan himself, the real shoes that the NBA threw out of the game according to most sources. The ultimate fate of the Air Ship might be the biggest mystery in sneaker history, my question is will it be retroed ? Considering Nike has been showing a trend/culture of bringing back their most iconic sneakers such as the Air Max 97s. Images and videos from dates around this time show different angles to the story and the documentary ( JUST FOR KICKS ) which goes with the story of the Air Jordan being the shoe that was banned is accused by some to have photoshopped pics in order to support the myth to help in pushing the ad campaign for Nike. Take it how you want, conclude it how you want to and analyze the situation and if you have or want to do more research on this topic feel free. And get back to me via comment, on IG or via email so we can have a debate on what you think , and who knows ....your opinion might just feature as it’s own post on this blog if it’s supported by some evidence/articles you found convincing rather.

Im sure by now you have a million questions running through your mind right now, so do I. If you have a pair of Jordan 1s ( especially the BANNED OGs ) on your feet as you read this or if you have a pair in your closet ; your question should be ARE THEY AUTHENTIC? Lol.

The Jordan 1 history is literally mind blowing. There’s MORE besides the BANNED history. The Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard. This name was inspired in 1985 after Nike put on an exhibition game that legendary MJ participated in, not an NBA game. August 25, 1985 in Trieste, Italy. For the first half he wore a jersey witch was black and orange with white numbers. Michael Jordan went for dunk , Shattering the backboard into pieces !. During a Nike press release , Howard White the Vice President of the Jordan Brand said “Glass was everywhere. The backboard exploded. I’m looking at his eyes, his ears…looking for little bits of glass”. Going on to say “In the moment, it was wild. It was a little scary, because we didn’t know where the glass was going. They were playing and then there was that moment. I don’t know of any moment where one can detect something otherworldly has happened, but that one has become something grand. For MJ, though, it was just a moment in the game.” See video attached of this incident.


It doesn’t end at the history though, as the jordan 1 is equipped with various aspects of a magnificent design. Available in the “ mid “ cut and the “ OG High “ , it makes it easier to select for several dress codes and styles, including formal wear. Personally I don’t wear shorts as much but if you really want your shorts to tag along with your new pair of Jays, the “ mid “ would be best as it would be proportionally good looking in respect to your shorts. For the traditional and best fit , a hot pair of jeans and the “ OG High “ would do the trick, coupled with layering or whatsoever.

The Air Jordan 1 silhouette compared to that of the 4s and 12s, Is not too bulky as it has a slimmer mid section and traditionally mostly made of leather. Even when white, maintaining them is way better and less frustrating as canvas which easily gets stained and is harder to actually clean up. Overall their quite comfortable in most scenarios, be it walking a distance, sitting or getting physical. Your foot will not become all sweaty and neither will you experience bad odors as long as you play your part by taking care of the hygiene section by yourself. The Colorways that debuted in 1985 come with the OG red and black box and the “ Nike Air “ on the tongue instead of the jumpman, signifying the difference between recent colorway drops which come with the black and gold box and have a jumpman on the tongue, an upgrade done on Jordans being released recently, but for a while now.

When you feel too lazy to dress up so you want a comfortable and killer pair of kicks to supplement your outfit, Jordan 1s are the answer.


• The Air Jordan 1 quickly became a staple skateboarding shoe upon release

• Michael Jordan did not like the shoe at first referring to the colors as “ devil colors “ not meaning Satan but his rivals at that time , North Carolina State University.

• The Air Jordan in 1985 had a price tag of USD20 , the equivalent of USD44 these days. But currently in 2017 it retails usually well above USD100 ,mad resale prices may rise above USD1000 for rare drops.

• The iconic Ball-and-Wings logo was designed on a napkin by Peter Moore. Inspired by a kid who was wearing an imitation/replica of pilot wings, that he was gifted by the airline. Peter Moore was flying from Portland to Chicago at that time.

• The same man who created the Adidas 3 bar logo designed the Air Jordan 1

• The Air Jordan 1 “ Chicago “ has only been released four times after debuting in 1985 and making it in 1994 as retros for the first time.

• Coming with red black and white laces , the Air Jordan 1 “ Chicago “ 2015 does not come factory laced, a unique gesture sneaker heads appreciate.

• As the basis of this post explained, the Air Jordan 1 is said to have once been banned from the NBA


 Photo Credits : Most pictures and videos used in this article do not belong to me and have been sourced via Google Images, HYPEBEAST and Complex.

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