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Founded 24 years (1994) ago by James Jebbia, SUPREME is arguably one of the biggest brands in the world and in my opinion, a brand that will never and can never die. My previous statement is a pretty rich one considering how street-wear is a very competitive industry and many brands have fallen prey to dying. By dying i don't mean becoming bankrupt or anything, i mean becoming non mainstream, less popular and rarely spotted amongst high profile celebrities.  Some of these  labels that fell off are HBA and PYREX VISION, the brand that was founded by one of the biggest and most popular designers, Virgil Abloh, who re-branded it to the now powerful '' OFF-WHITE ''.

SUPREME is definitely not the regular clothing brand. It is more of a culture and a fashion cult. You probably think i am saying this because of the ridiculous numbers of people and hypebeasts who camp for even days at times to get their hands on the most sought out SUPREME clothing. THE-SUPREME-X-JORDAN-CAMPOUTS-IN-JAPAN-AND-LONDON-ARE-INSANE-1

Which is true, BUT considering that camping has become so common as popular brands are aiming for exclusivity creating a ever hungry resale market. There are more reason to why SUPREME is  not the average popular clothing brand.


James Jebbia once said in a rare complex mag interview ' We’ve never really been supply-demand anyway. It’s not like when we’re making something, we make only six of them. But if we can sell 600, I make 400.'

SUPREME is not a supply-demand brand and the fact that theres more people who want it than those that can actually get their hands on it has made it so succesful, a symbol of ' cool ' and a fashion cult. Yes, they are fully aware of the massive resale market that has resellers camping for days to get their hands on a tshirt retailing for USD40. Which will be resold for as much as USD600 or even more. They know they could easily kill the resale market by supplying demand and earn more income for themselves. But they do not. They stick to their motion. You probably think they are dumb for missing out an opportunity to make some major cash, but they are not. Its because of how hard it is to get its original products at retail price that makes it as big as it is today.

Also one of the reasons high profile celebrities like Travis Scott, The Beckhams, Kanye West and almost every celebrity own a piece of SUPREME clothing. WHY? Because they do not want to be seen wearing clothing that any average person may be wearing from day to day or rather clothing that anyone can easily get access to. Would you rather wear a popular brand that every 1 in 2 people you pass by will be wearing or a popular brand that has a few pieces released ( PS : IM REFERRING TO THE AUTHENTIC PIECES ), worldwide, making you feel like a chosen one. Getting high profile celebrities to fall in love with the brand and constantly be seen wearing it in public means their fans will want to know more about it and also get their hands on it to look like their favorite celebrity. This makes the demand even more, but the supply remains the same. Meaning its even more rare and the more rare and sought after something is in the fashion world, the higher the resale price.

SUPREME matches celebrity, fashion enthusiasts and hypebeast needs perfectly due to the exclusivity that comes with not following the usual supply-demand. This alone make them die hard fans and customers for the brand, it becomes a culture amongst this group of people. Most celebrities actually purchase their SUPREME clothing from a regular '' plug '' whose a reseller they really trust to hook them up with latest drops and vintage pieces. Also from sites such as Grailed.com and Instagram resellers such as @CopVsDrop .As much as this branding strategy has contributed greatly to its success today, it has created a ever growing market for bootleg SUPREME. Fakes that look like the exact product SUPREME  and some fake designs that don't even exist. I guarantee you most people that confidently say that they bought their new SUPREME at some shop in town, do not know how hard it is to get SUPREME in the first place or really are just content with wearing fakes. You cannot just buy SUPREME at retail price from a random shop or Instagram boutique. Even though there has been rare cases of finding plain SUPREME x Hanes t-shirts in stores such as TARGET in the US.


Getting your hands on SUPREME is far from a walk in the park, especially since most of the people going after it ,willing to do anything at all to get it at retail, are usually resellers. And If you're thinking that number one in line can buy out everything or a lot of pieces giving others a lower chance, you're wrong. SUPREME does not allow multiple purchases at one go. SUPREME does not condone resellers AT ALL, and frowns upon them. To buy the same item you already bought you have to rejoin the line, and by the time you get to the counter again you'll probably meet a SOLD OUT message.

In April 2014 a riot almost broke out at the Nike x Supreme Foamposite One launch. NYPD had to cancel the in-store launch. The shoe retailing at USD250 was expected to resale at USD1000, so you can imagine how chaotic it was, a USD750 profit was to be made ! Here are some photos (sourced from Complex Mag ) of the incident. People wait in freezing temperatures in lines that go on for blocks and blocks in hopes of getting a chance to get their hands on some SUPREME.

Almost all the high end/luxury fashion brands like Gucci have stores all over the world especially in the major fashion cities like Milan, Paris and so forth. If not their own store it is usually found at an official stockist store and website. A few examples are Neiman Marcus , Saks Fifth Avenue and so forth. With SUPREME its a different story. Due to the huge gap between supply and demand, there is almost no merchandise left for stores to stock except the SUPREME website itself which sells out in seconds.

SUPREME has people all over the world, old and young, stuck on their laptop and phones with their friends in hope to get something off the SUPREME website before it sells out, you  always have to be up to date hence how this creates a large following of people who follow the brand religiously, waiting for each drop anxiously. Which is very tough considering the use of bots (automated systems programmed to add multiple items on the cart for purchase increasing the chances of buying more items at once), especially by resellers. The sad part is that due to the high demand for SUPREME, those who truly love it and want to purchase it in order to actually wear, struggle to get the SUPREME items at retail price due to the greedy resellers who want it for obscene profits. But thats life.

Despite its headquarters being in New York, Japan is home to more than two thirds of its official outpost. In his interview with Complex Mag ,when asked about why SUPREME is so popular in Japan and if THEY found him (SUPREME) or if that had been his target market, this was James Jebbias answer, "Yeah. We never pandered to the Japanese customer. We still don’t. It’s more like we’re just trying to make stuff for that real pain-in-the-ass, picky New York kid. And I think that the kids in Japan could see that and say, 'Okay, yeah, that’s legit. There’s nothing else quite like that going on.' Its evident the Japanese discovered SUPREME themselves. Asian fashion enthusiasts especially in the late 90s were greatly influenced by New York fashion and it became a sub-culture. SUPREME might just have been the brand they were waiting for. With its high exclusivity it suits the Japanese fashion consumer needs. They want exclusive clothing, stuff that is rare. To top that they are willing to spend LOADS of money on clothing, when its worth it. Its only right they have more stores considering how the brand is of great influence and significance amongst the Asians.

In the USA, SUPREME has two stores only, one in New York that opened in 1994, Los Angeles 2004. In Europe it has 2 stores, in London, opened in 2011 and the newest one in Paris ( March 10 ,2016). In Japan it has 6 stores, yes 6. Supreme Daikanyama (1998), Supreme Osaka (1998), Supreme Fukuoka (1998), Supreme Harajuku (2006), Supreme Nagoya (2008), Supreme Shibuya (2012). I find this very interesting. For some of the official openings, special edition box logo tshirts accompanied the launch, with those attending being the only ones in the world being granted an opportunity to purchase it.


A Union Jack box logo tee. Which also included a long sleeve one, rare.


Upto this day, this is the most rare and hardest box logo t-shirt to find, even in used condition. Imagine how much trouble it would be to get an AUTHENTIC new one, even if you do, be prepared to part with a crazy amount of money. A red logo on a white tee with “SUPREME”  translated in Hebrew writing




A very rare box logo, made of faux snake-skin,


SUPREME only drops on Thursday, 11 AM local time of that particular store. In very limited quantities. This way of dropping has created a ritual type of effect and imposed loyalty whereby those who want to purchase any SUPREME item know that their Thursday has to be set aside for specifically that, kids go as far as missing school and some missing work for that day. As massive as the lines and crowds at any SUPREME store are, there is a better chance of managing to buy what you want at their physical store than trying online whereby the increase of bots results in selling out as fast as 10 seconds after release. However some items may still be available for purchase days after their release, BUT, it will be the most basic and unpopular items. It will be one of those things you just buy for the sake of saying i also own something from SUPREME. All major and hyped up pieces, especially collabs which SUPREME is famous for dropping, sell out in seconds and the next day, that same t-shirt that was USD35-40 will be valued as much as USD600.

Last year in May. a DEADStock (brand new) Vintage SUPREME  1999 Sopranos box logo t-shirt was being sold for a whopping USD5400.

SUPREME is so powerful and highly influential that it releases the most random items, basic day to day items such as a red shovel SUPREME labelled, fire extinguishers, chop sticks and even bricks and it STILL sells out. SUPREME is very famous for these sometimes useless accessories which pop out every season. Trust me, because its SUPREME, that regular shovel will be resold at a significantly higher amount. One of the most ridiculous drops was a SUPREME brick. Retailing at USD30 and selling out in just a day, it went straight to eBay and reseller sites priced it up-to as much as USD1000.

To keep up with drops and to not waste time online looking for what to buy before its sold out, people usually look at the product list that is released before every drop. That way when you go out to try your luck, you know exactly what you want.


Personally, i think this is one of SUPREMEs best strategies. Collaborations have exposed SUPREME to different types of markets, characters and cultures. Another thing is that instead of stealing ideas, they just collaborate. Louis Vuitton once sent SUPREME a cease-and-desist letter in 2000 after their trademark was seen on some skateboards. SUPREME is known to collaborate with  a lot of brands, both very popular and not so popular brands. No matter who they collaborate with, these collaborations tend to sell out even faster and resale for even more. This seems very tactical. Collaborating in Fashion is one of the most essential tools for success and growth, even the legendary Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, once said in an interview, '' in fashion you cannot do things alone, it's all about collaboration." In SUPREMEs case, collaborating with both very popular and not so popular brands increases the SUPREME catchment area. This therefore keeps increasing their loyal and large group of customers, but still , production quantities remain the same and the cycle continues.

Collaborating with brands that are totally different from SUPREME itself, for example, The North Face. The North Face focuses mainly on outdoor activity clothing and SUPREME is a street-wear and skater type of brand. Such contrast  yields rare collections which become super popular. In doing this, its almost impossible for SUPREME to die, because you do not know what to expect next and they surely always surprise the masses. If the worst comes to the worst (which i doubt), SUPREME could survive more years in the industry doing restocks because of the very high demand which has not been catered for yet due to selling out in seconds.

My personal favorite and arguably one of SUPREMEs biggest collaborations is the one with Louis Vuitton. Fashion enthusiasts know about the on going debate on '' streetwear is dead '' , meaning that it has greatly evolved and because of people like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West there is now a very thin line in distinguishing street-wear and luxury fashion, but that is a topic for another day. This on going debate can easily use this collab as the base for debate. This collaboration may have resulted in luxury fashion lovers developing an interest in SUPREME and street-wear in general, it also gave SUPREME a strong representation in the world of luxury and high fashion.  Dropping a collection of several items, hoodies, trunks, fanny packs, wallets and denim, this collection already had hefty prices at retail. Imagine what the resale prices look like right now if at retail the standard box logo t-shirt for the collab was 10 times more than the regular one. In Europe the t-shirt retailed at 390 EUR and the trunk at a crazy 50 000 EUR. If you have a faint heart, do not research the resale price lol ! That is why it is very easy to spot fake SUPREME items especially from this collab, the price tag and limited quantities.

Here is a list of all the brands SUPREME has ever collaborated with.


Every SUPREME follower and fan knows how important this logo is, its like a staple, a must have before you start collecting any other SUPREME items. The SUPREME logo is popularly referred to as the BOGO (Box + Logo). It actually has a story behind it and how it came about. The funny thing is James Jebbia did not create SUPREME with intentions of turning it into a brand. Here is what he had to say in his Complex magazine interview :

"Supreme wasn’t meant to be a brand. I just was like, “Hey, that’s a cool name for a store.” But it’s become a problem since it’s become a brand because we don’t own the name. It’s a good name, but it’s a difficult one to trademark."

Due to the brand name ambiguous nature they faced difficulty trademarking it. This is evident as they paid USD20 000 to buy out SHORTYPOP, a parody brand featuring photos of a Niketalk member and also named after her. The story on buying out SHORTYPOP is a very interesting one. Chander Easley (the guy who had started the SUPREME parody) had a dad who was an attorney, his dad is the one who also put him in contact with attorneys that specialize in cooperate buy outs and negotiations. These guys convinced SUPREME it would be better to buy out Easley's SHORTYPOP than sue him to stop production. Easley says (in a highsnobiety interview) that he thinks SUPREME was shocked when they were emailed back by an attorney who handles Fortune 500 companies whilst they had initially emailed Easley, a nobody lol. In two weeks the attorney and SUPREME came to agreement which was a financial settlement of USD20 000 and SHORTYPOP was no more.

The font used for the SUPREME Bogo is called Futura Heavy Oblique. The Bogo is based on propaganda art by Barbara Kruger. The font style and color was initially used by the 72 year old conceptual artist for collages of anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian maxims over 20th century black and white advertising pictures, therefore that is where the SUPREME Bogo draws its inspiration from. SUPREME also sued Leah McSweeney for USD10 million for making t-shirts written Supreme B*tch in SUPREME Bogo style. The lawsuit however had the charges dropped and an out of court settlement. During the lawsuit, James Jebbia admitted that the SUPREME bogo was directly inspired by Barbaras work. How ironic considering the logo was not even originally theirs. Here is what Barbra Kruger had to say about this lawsuit, considering she was the inspiration behind the logo causing this legal fight :

After reading this article, I'm sure if you did not know why SUPREME is so glorified and if you wondered why some people quickly call out some SUPREME pieces to be fake, I'm sure you have got the clarity you needed. SUPREME is not the average street-wear brand. If you really want AUTHENTIC SUPREME clothing , think twice before you buy any SUPREME from an Instagram boutique or a " Plug " who apparently has connections. You cannnot just buy SUPREME anywhere.It is BIGGER THAN A BOX LOGO.

Feel free to comment/email if you have more information on SUPREME that I did not mention and you think is relevant to this article. I'm willing to help those who want to purchase AUTHENTIC SUPREME clothing, just hit me up !


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"Previous habits of disposable pieces and conspicuous consumption fell by the wayside – people wanted durable, quality items that were anonymous enough to be worn again and again, and versatile enough to work anywhere and everywhere" - Harriet Walker

Minimalism in fashion, not an easy concept to totally embrace at one go and neither is it a concept everyone is willing to follow. The typical fashion minimalist can dress in 30 items or less for 3 months ! YES, 3 months.Often associated with the term “ boring “. I personally find Minimalism in Fashion intriguing and very interesting. Even though I’m not minimalist when it comes to fashion. Some would love to refer to it as some type of trend , some as a movement, I’m one of the people who would describe it as a movement, a design movement.


Known for quality over quantity, A movement with great perks and one that can save you from becoming a clothes hoarding victim. Minimalism in fashion can help a great deal if you’re someone who finds themselves spending large sums of money on clothing unnecessarily, sometimes money you can’t afford to be splurging on clothes.

A movement that was partially birthed as a response of pressing economical issues globally earlier this century and as early as 1960. How ? Because of how it is a responsible way of consuming fashion hence saving money when you can’t afford to keep on spending and spending and spending. Like the title of Harriet Walkers book “ Less is More “. That’s literally how Minimalism is, the simplest pieces of fashion speaking volumes and behind them lies a complex creative process, but when viewed by someone from a distance it’s merely a “ white dress “ or a “ black t-shirt. The difference between minimalist clothing and most clothing pieces especially those made by high-end fashion designers is that minimalist clothing is timeless. Minimalism has no season.  As trends revolve over and over again, you can afford to stick to your wardrobe and look amazing without falling into another trend pattern. A wardrobe that won’t have to be changed every season because of a new fashion trend hence money is spent only on things you’ll always wear than things you buy because “ you’re in the moment “.

What do I mean by “ in the moment “ ? By that I mean for example that jacket or dress you’ll pick up in the store cause it’s trendy or merely attractive to the eye but when you actually try it on you find out that you don’t really like it. But because at first sight it was appealing and that is what’s currently trendy, you will convince yourself that somewhere somehow you will be able to rock that clothing item on a specific day and you’ll buy it, even though deep down you know you really don’t need it. What are the odds of you of wearing that item more than 3 times?

Did you know that the average human being only wears 20% of their wardrobe regularly or daily ? Where does that leave the other 80 %. That 80% is made up of all the clothes you bought when you were caught up in that scenario I described above. Also the clothes you bought simply because you thought you really have to get but without even realizing or asking yourself what’s the main motive/reason behind you buying those clothes. That 80% is gonna be neglected whilst you wear your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite dress (which are part of the 20%) over and over again. This happens because you bought those clothes ( the 20% ) because you truly wanted them and needed them. Without noticing , the special day you thought would come for the clothing items you bought after contemplating for a long time whilst in the store , will never come and those clothes will be of no use to you.


Choosing to become minimalist with your wardrobe and dressing means you will only purchase the items you intended to, set some strict rules for yourself and only buy items that specifically go with a color palette you would have to choose for yourself. It’s a wardrobe comprised of clothing that you love whole heartedly only and clothing that portrays your lifestyle and who you truly are, you true sense of style and fashion. The major transition from your regular closet is that a minimalist closet is traditionally one of very few clothing timeless pieces. Minimalist clothing is known to be versatile, can be worn over and over again at different occasions, high quality and durability.  You really don’t have to keep spending, you can use large sums of money developing your new minimalist wardrobe, which is cheaper over the long run because it’s forever. When you are a minimalist you will not have to worry about getting a new dress for that dinner party you have been invited to because minimalist designs serve almost all dress codes. The same dress you wore to the club will be suitable for that dinner party. Clothes in a minimalist closet are not rigid and accustomed to specific events/dress codes Minimalism in fashion is like a journey, of unlocking your personal style and taste, influenced and inspired by what you love and not what’s popping. Requiring much discipline and dedication, mastering minimalism will save you from becoming a clothes hoarding victim like I said earlier.

I’m sure most of us occasionally open up our closets trying to get an outfit for an event or to wear on a day out with friends, and even though the closet is evidently full, we tell ourselves that we don’t have anything to wear. That’s because normally we’re stuck in the “ spend spend spend trend trend trend cycle “ Therefore we are highly prone to decision fatigue and paradox of choice . This is mainly because naturally it is hard to make a decision when you are surrounded by several options . You become less confident in your choices because you will keep telling yourself ' what if i actually look way better in the pants i am neglecting'' , whilst in-fact the first choice you have actually made is evidently better than those pants making you indecisive. A minimalist approach would mean you could open your wardrobe each and every day seeing only items you love 100%, no matter what you decide to pick you will still get the same euphoria,confidence and happiness.


Minimalist designers have their focal point being the shape, silhouettes and creative process of the clothing they make. Most minimalist designers have introduced 3D shaped clothing, asymmetrical and symmetrical designs and more. Quality and Shape are some of the things that are never sub-par in a minimalist design hence why the clothing is timeless. A historic example of this is Cristóbal Balenciaga's 1967 single-seam wedding dress design (see pictures below)

This dress portrays minimalism at its best, as simple as it looks, you would be shocked with how complicated the creative process was for Cristóbal. With zero accessories, no color contrast and a significant silhouette and the classic Darth-Vader looking hat,this dress remains a significant part in fashion history as you can see it is not the average and usual wedding dress women would choose. I've mentioned about how minimalist clothing is timeless, and this is proven by how in 2008, Nicolas Ghesquière, the designer of Balenciaga at that time, revisited the house’s archives and reintroduced the famous and traditional headpiece for the brand’s Spring 2008 collection. Four years later, at the label's Spring 2012 show, the once seen before hat was once again brought back to life by Ghesquière.

Look at the picture below, ( Jennifer Connolly for Balenciaga, Spring 2008 )

Another popular designer who had a minimalist approach with expertly-cut seperates is the retired legend and arguably king of the 90s fashion, one of my personal favorites, Helmut Lang. After he left the house, Designers Nicole and Michael Colvos drifted away from the minimalist approach in seasons to follow, but once again minimalism will and cannot die. In 2014 the minimalist heritage hit the Helmut Lang runway stronger than ever! Black and White being their color palette creating room for the collections pared down shapes and clean lines to stand out. They , the Colovos, amplified the effect by adding color to some pieces , such as hot pink and also subtle colors such as peach. Breaking the " boring " stereotype maximalists use to refer to minimalist clothing.



Take a moment and empty out your closet, every single thing in it. Divide these clothes into three main categories, yes, no and maybe . The yes category should be the clothes you’d wear with no doubt or hesitation no matter the occasion or day. The no pile should be those clothes which are close to brand new or even brand new but you look at them and ignore them , saving them for “ one day “ when in fact that day is not going to come because you’re actually not fond of the clothing item but you don’t want to be honest with yourself because of the guilt. The maybe category should be the clothes you will only consider wearing when they portray similarities to that of the yes category or if worn together with those in the yes category they suit your taste. The reason for this “ wardrobe overhaul “ is to discover what type of clothing you truly want, to discover your sense of style influenced by you and you only and not because it’s in the “ new arrivals “ section or because it was worn by your favorite celebrities.


After the long process of wardrobe overhaul, examine and note down what you love most on the clothes that made it to the yes pile, take note of why those clothes made it to that pile. For example maybe all the pants in that pile are baggy and mostly made out of cargo material, the main color scheme of most of the clothes, the fitting and so forth. This information should be the foundation of your rules. Examine the no and maybe pile and take note of why those clothes landed in your closet in the first place, that way you know your weaknesses that result in impulsive buying and buying clothes you do not truly love. These rules should become stuck in your head by all means possible. Whenever you go shopping you will know exactly what you are looking for and leaving out loads of attractive clothes you come across will be easier because you will know that those clothes look really nice but do not qualify to be purchased according to your set of rules. Whenever you go shopping, write down what exactly you are going to buy, do not go and look for something to buy.


If you coming from a huge wardrobe and being a maximalist and you are someone who shops all the time, there is a high chance you will feel like your closet has now become a uniform lol because the number of clothing items in your closet will reduce significantly, you will have to stay loyal to very few colors and mostly zero prints. That is why minimalism isn't for everyone because done the wrong way it will bring your fits to laziness and become 'meh' and it is easy to fall into that trap. A few tips to avoid falling into that trap are

  • Mix materials, experiment with unusual silhouettes -  for example adding new features to enhance a silhouette such as t-shirt, using different material, hence it will look different from the norm, for example changing sleeves to the popular oversize street-wear look or going for a polo-neck silhouette but with shirt material 
  • Break the rules a little, just a little - apply some hints of '' dont's '' such as prints, you can add an accessory with catchy print once in a while
  • Use major contrast - no, this does NOT mean color blocking, due to having to stick to specific color schemes, use it to your advantage by creating well-placed contrast.
  • Play with proportions - this makes things very interesting by mixing baggy with slim fitting clothing and sleek clothing infused with oversized garments and so forth
  • Stray away from the monochromatic trait - stick to a more neutral color palette, this makes you feel less bored due to the ability to venture into new color schemes than sticking to black and white your whole life.
  • Finally, Mix classic with modern

For those who would like to experiment and venture into minimalism, i would advise you to become best friends with applications and platforms such as Pinterest, to get a rough idea and examples of minimalist outfits. If you are really serious, purchase the book ' Less is More '' by Harriet Walker, it will help you understand minimalism more and in depth. The best place to start with if you wanna become minimalist with your fashion is PROJECT 333. Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.

Personally i do not think i will experiment with minimalism just yet due to my fashion sense and preferred designers when it come to high-end street-wear which is what i wear mostly. Let the choice to explore minimalism come from your own desire, do not do it to fit in because it will bore you and you will hate your wardrobe.

Thank you for reading 

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I feel like there is one thing that sucks for everyone who is a hell bent fashion lover and a sucker for dressing in the best clothes, basically for anyone trying to dress their best. I am sure we all know that the main problem is AFFORDABILITY.

One of the most heartbreaking incidents is heading to the website/store of your dream clothing item/shoe so enthusiastic about purchasing it and getting your hands on one of these items, only to find out the price tag is definitely not for your tax bracket. Sometimes it happens to me too, logging on to the ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS website only to find out the tshirt I want is USD1500 and I’m definitely not one of the kids that have the privilege of just getting their parents credit card and ball out. Which I personally think has helped mould and shape me into working hard towards getting anything I want and it has even affected all aspects of my life. Through fashion and the love of fashion, when I put my eyes on anything in life I’m willing to work hard to get it. Anyways back to the issue at hand lol, as much as you may want something and it has a hefty price tag…ask yourself three vital questions, 1. Am I buying this because I truly love it.

2. Am I buying this because wearing “ Prada “ (or whatever brand) will boost my social status and I can finally mingle with certain people,

3. if there’ was 0% hype around this item would I buy it. It helps, a lot ! Because when you buy that USD1000 Prada dress, tracksuit or whatever and then you wear it for the first time. Only to notice that no one gives a damn about you and your Prada whilst Question 2 was the MAIN reason you bought it, you will feel like throwing away that USD1000 item ! It is very unnecessary to succumb to the pressure and hype around clothing you cannot afford, your reason for buying something cheap or expensive should be because you love it, simple. Why pressure yourself to going as far as buying fake merchandise and fake designer clothing to fit in when you there’s millions of unbranded clothes that look amazing and compliment your bank account.

The worst is suffering from debt or stressing your parents over something you solely want because of the brand name and hype. Asking my self these questions has helped me in the greatest ways, in the longest time never have I bought something I’ve regretted getting. I can buy a clothing piece with a hefty price tag even if it’s a designer that’s not famous or hyped up, why ? Because I like the item. I am not going to just buy it because Its by Alexander Wang. And I have also never sacrificed my money on any clothing item that I love half heartedly because what’s the point ? And if I can’t afford it I cannot , I will not die and neither will you. The best I will do is work towards getting that item. Just try adhere to those 3 questions and their power will manifest effortlessly in your life.

Do You Truly Want It in 2018 ? Isn’t it funny how the simplest things can change your entire life ? Which is what [ DRIPSET ] ‘s first upcoming collection is all about , the Chaos Theory popularly known as the Butterfly Effect. If you truly want anything you’ll get it, because you will put your all into working into obtaining it. A pen and a note book can get you that’ designer piece of clothing you’ve been dreaming of day and night and seeing your favorite celebrities constantly flaunt it. The biggest question at this point is how ? If there’s one thing that people neglect but is one of the greatest tools is the Wishlist on any website. Which is totally normal because theoretically it’s quite senseless to put a USD1500 item on the wishlist when your 3 month bank statement doesn’t even amount to that much money. But this is Fashion it’s not Newton’s law, it’s lawless.

Take a pen and paper, literally, forget about your digital notepad. Write down every single item you want regardless of the price tag and regardless of the amount of items and also go to the websites their sold on and put them on your wishlist, unless some of these items are available from authentic and authorized distributors in the country/city you stay. Whenever you go shopping or want to spend in general, especially if you’re an impulsive buyer; write down the things you want to buy at that particular moment against the things you’ve wrote as your wishlist. Trust me, you’ll notice that sometimes you do not even need some of the things you were about to buy and even if you did, dropping it and saving that money for what you truly want rather than just going shopping for the sake of just buying new stuff or clothes, is way better. Will you enjoy a closet with 100 t-shirts but with 0 of your favorite ones ? I wouldn’t.

Learn how to feed your desires the right way which is partly by earning the money than waiting for a handout for example working but due to several circumstances you might not be able to get a job on the side for extra cash. This is where your DRIP-set comes in. Brainstorm and activate innovation within yourself, earn money legally by doing something you love and are talented at, develop patience and accept whatever allowance your parents give you and practice financial discipline with that allowance, most importantly believe in yourself ! It’ll come a long way. Without doing at-least what I mentioned, you might as well just window shop your whole life. You have a whole 11 and a half months ahead to obtain items on your list, even if it’s 3 items you manage to get out of the 20 you wrote down, there’s nothing such as backward progress or slow progress, progress is progress period. And I guarantee you once you get the hang of it you’ll be surprised how your life will change completely from “ I wish I had “ to “ I managed to get “. Because you have taught yourself self discipline and you’ve taught yourself to be goal driven. I will always stress how Fashion is more than just the cloth, if you’re able to obtain clothing items off a list of things you’ve never imagined you’d wear till you get your first pay check , how will you fail to complete your life goals ? How will you fail to become what you really want to be in life ?

All aspects of your life will flourish because of the discipline and goal driven character you developed from your love of fashion. Personally my love for fashion has taught me to be financially strategic, not succumb to trend/peer/hype pressure and much more but most importantly it taught me that never tell yourself that you don’t belong in a certain position because you’re not good enough and this came from me entering the Gucci store before I could even afford their socks, I told myself I belong in there before i even had the money to purchase a single thing by them because I love their clothing. At first I never understood how the A$AP MOB including the ever so stylish Asap Rocky would be dressed in designer head to toe but were nothing close to rich. It wasn’t loans, credit cards or finance…it was their passion for fashion that made them work and hustle hard enough to feed their passion and it went further on to driving them out of Harlem and moulding them into who they are today because they became hard workers overally.

Basically in life as a whole, if you put your mind to something you can get it, anything ! Don’t let anyone make you believe that “ some goals are too big “

Happy New Year to everybody, stay woke. [ DRIPSET ] has a lot in the pipeline. Thanks for all the support throughout 2k17.


Sunday, 01 April 2018 11:35


Principals . We all have those right ? Okay all those who really care about the direction their lives takes have them lol.

Assuming that readers to this post have gone through the previous posts. I’m sure we are all learning to control the synergy , be the wave , establishing out “ DRIP “ and choosing a [ DRIPSET ] hence I’ve decided that I can concentrate more on the purpose of this blog ; Fashion and Creativity. I have a motto that I always remind myself of every single day , “ Be grateful but never be content “ . Why ? Aren’t I contradicting myself ? No I’m not. By this I mean always be grateful and give thanks for the things you have acquired in life , and the progress you’ve made with whatever project or business you’re working on . But NEVER BE CONTENT, because being content results in yourself setting a limit for yourself. Imagine setting a limit for yourself plus society already giving you their own limit , their placement . People will tell you “ Nah you can not send this proposal to so and so because he will not look at it since you’re not a b c” Really ? You’re gonna let someone give you a category and rating of what you can do and not do , are they God ? This is why principals are powerful. It’s the same as a student who neglects taking care of themselves , dressing wise, because they have listened to fellow peers who told them that dressing good isn’t going to improve their grades and their wasting their time cause no one cares. So they’ve become content with looking basic 90% of the time as it has been normalized. But that’s the thing. If making sure I am dressed well at all times is one of my principals , then if I’m going to rock up dressed really good for a random lecture on a normal day , it really isn’t for attention , it’s for me, my principal . If I want a new clothing item I’m gonna work hard for it even if I have tons of clothes , not because I’m not grateful, but because I’m not content with being at the same level and same wardrobe forever mate. Once your principles are established you can’t be easily derailed from your journey because you run your own show . When you’re content you’ll tell yourself that going out there pitching ideas and putting out work isn’t necessary because of the little accomplishments or money you’ve made already. Always be hungry for more , enough isn’t ever enough. That’s the sad reality.

With the nature of our lives and generation at the moment , sleeping early is a luxury and a blessing at the same time. Personally sleep doesn’t come easy , especially due to the fact that I’m always brainstorming, proof reading my own notes , critiquing myself etc and also studying ( I’m currently doing my 2nd year in mining engineering ). So sometimes after the little time you get for sleep , it’s very normal to wake up and grab the closest clean set of clothes and leave the house, as long as your body is covered . Like I said it’s very normal , but it is also very wrong. Looking good should be a principal engraved within you. Hence you should establish a TOP 5, these are your CHEAT CODES . These will be the clothing items that will save you and make sure your outfit still goes with your principal (looking good at all times ) on these lazy days that you just wanna dress in anything and go . You know yourself better than anyone else hence should know what key items would stand out on you. So I’m going to break down my personal CHEAT CODES to give you something to work with . I call them my DRIP CODES.

The Flannel & Jacket I prefer my flannels and jackets a size or two bigger , depending on the cut . This is as to create a refined silhouette to the look , automatically canceling your name in the “ basic look “ category . This goes well with a simple statement tee due to the perfect silhouette created. Take it as giving your car which has a perfect interior a pimped out body. The flannel and jacket represent the pimped out body . Jackets are a major cheat code, but only great looking jackets of course. My favorite are denim jackets from GSTAR – RAW. With a crisp white tee or any plain bright color. Jackets are perfect in terms of recreating the “ Dad look “ by having your t-shirt smartly tucked in and to complete it you could throw in a cool dad hat. Graphic tees too, they bring the trendy aspect in . This is an advantage for those who aren’t really into dressing up in streetwear but still wanna look trendy at that dinner you’ve been invited to. It’s like those people who use all sorts of confusing and complicated English words to make their boring presentation seem well done whilst in fact its trash but they actually succeed. How ? The focus was shifted from the presentation to the English . Same thing with the jacket and flannel. The universal dope pair of shoes

For me ,these are my custom made [ DRIPSET ] old skool black and white vans. Why ? They go with literally ANYTHING. And they made it to the drip code list due to the attention and volume they posses . The customization gave them a bold statement and they bring the rare aspect to the fit. The fact that you won’t find them in the shop is already a plus. Adding them to that quickly grabbed outfit gives the fit the coziness and rare element…. the focus becomes them and everything else you have on will be seen as complimenting them. They are the celebrity , the rest of the outfit is the entourage . The blue jeans I won’t even even say much about these. These are the gods of jeans . And if you don’t know that by now , you should be worried

I’ll use a quote to explain why this is a drip code :

“ I often say I wish I had invented blue jeans : the most spectacular, the most practical , the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression , modesty , sex appeal and simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes “ – YVES SAINT LAURENT.

They are a classic , and I decided to take mine up a notch. So i customized them and gave them a new look and added more detail to them , this was mainly to amplify their expression and nonchalance , they are my go to pair when I’m late and I remember my principals I have to abide by .

The Accessory

Before we go any further , people , if you can not afford real jewelry . Just leave it . Rather buy an original silver necklace than a fake diamond one . An Original Gshock than a fake Rolex . There’s nothing more bruising to a persons ego than being embarrassed in public. Imagine you meet a jeweler at what ever event you attended and he publicly points out all the fake aspects of your “ FOLEX “ Fake Rolex . Accessorize your simple outfit before heading out , don’t over do it ! Even one is enough. Also include an accessory cause it fits to be there and not cause you love it. Your love for it doesn’t mean it looks good on everything.

My favorite accessory this year is the OFF-WHITE industrial belt by Virgil Abloh , it’s amazing ! I swear I feel like wearing it to sleep too ! The Confidence This is the master of cheat codes everyone should put first on their list. Dress yourself with confidence , look like you’ve overdosed on it, wear it ! Don’t pay attention to anyone who will call you cocky just because they feel threatened by how your confidence makes you a strong character. Be it a $1 t-shirt , be it a Gucci t-shirt or a Balenciaga jacket….. rock it with confidence, embrace whatever you have on cause that’s what you could afford at that time, don’t feel intimidated because you’re going to the rich kids 21st birthday party. With confidence endorsed on your whole outfit , you’ll look like a Star ! Without this cheat code , you might as well have none at all !

I hope this was helpful and will get rid of “ bad outfit days “ we don’t do those over here cuz’ .

Saturday, 17 March 2018 19:16


Mindset , pronounced /ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt/ , according to the dictionary means ” the established set of attitudes held by someone”. Okay let me break this down real quick. The set of attitudes you develop as an individual have to have a root of origin and they also have to have an influence fueling their development but as we can see , the word mindset or should I say definition ; leaves the two most important aspects open to correlation with several surrounding issues and pressures . The two most important aspects i am talking about are ” influence ” and ” origin ” .Why lose a mindset ? Why lose something that you’ve been told several times by people and motivational speakers to ” change ” or ” mold ” ? The reason is what if the mindset you’ve had all along is built on the foundation of the wrong ” origin ” and ” influence ” .

What I mean by this is that we’re surrounded by so many people everyday of our lives , we’re surrounded by people who think they know everything and have advice for everything. For some people , they have parents who constantly tell them to develop a certain mentality or drop certain aspects of their ” mindsets ” for the better , but the thing is for the better of WHO ? For the better of you or all these people thinking they know what’s good for you. Don’t take me wrong , don’t go disrespect your parents , listen to them , learn to listen to people’s advice ….IF you choose a [ DRIPSET ] and lose a mindset , you’ll be able to pick the advice that is in correlation with what you as an individual values and considers important. What you personally want for your life , for your future , for yourself . Most importantly for your legacy. So to define [ DRIPSET ] in this context and comparison , no I’m not going to give some complex definition or some fancy english words . A [ DRIPSET] is a mindset that has the influence being yourself and the root of origin being your heart and your ” DRIP “ like I explained in my previous blog , your [ Dreams Innovations Realizations and Productions ]. You are your own [ DRIPSET ] .


One of my favorite quotes comes from Michael Kors ” 70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluff—that’s color, pattern, shine, accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way round, then can’t figure out why they can’t get dressed.”

This simply means people get stuck with clothes they can’t wear everyday , or items that don’t go with the rest of their clothes , hence wear it once and chuck it at the back of the closet forever , all because you forgot to focus on the meat and potatoes , the basics.

Most teens , excluding those that come from well off families , usually have a limited amount of money to spend on shopping. Not everyone has a part time job or money earning ventures on the side . Most teenagers rely solely on their parents , which I feel is kind of sad in an era of ‘DRIPing’ , but anyways let me not divert , that’s a story for another day. Avoid buying things you don’t need ,as much as this sounds cliche, this is some of the best advice I will ever give you. There are several individuals stuck with 70% of clothes they don’t wear no more in their wardrobe, or clothes they only wear once in a while. I’ve been in this position before , before I found myself. Like I said , due to having a certain mindset, you can be pressurized to buy clothes you don’t even need and you won’t even realize it . Friends can pop up a conversation in the group chat about a certain clothing item and praise it so much your mindset tells you that , ” Damn , I really need this stuff “. ” Cool kids ” on Instagram can buy clothes that look good for them and clothes that go with their [ DRIP ] , but because you don’t have your own [ DRIP ] and you stuck with a messed up programmed mindset , you’ll use the little money you have to buy an outfit that won’t even look good on you .At that time you’ll think that you REALLY need them and that they are very cool. For those who follow trends , not every trend will be for you , let some of these trends pass ( look at PYREX & BEEN TRILL, those brands are dead in the streetwear world now , it only took a year. Imagine if you stacked 90% of your closet with those items ) ; you really won’t lose anything by letting trends pass or better yet like I always say …BE THE TREND.

The worst part is due to limited money , you won’t have enough money to buy the thing you really want for yourself after buying something that makes other people happy, the clothes that make you happy , the clothes you can wear everyday and be happy and look good in them. When you get money for shopping, don’t just go to the mall to search for clothes that you wanna buy immediately , start your planning at home. Days or even weeks before shopping ….believe it or not , I plan next months shopping before I even have the money yet. Even when you see something , ask yourself a million questions before purchasing it. Unless of cause its high end fashion cause it sells out in seconds. Write down the things you really want , the things that you can wear every day and feel comfortable in and look good in , these should be first priority before the things that have just been on your mind because of the hype built around them .HYPE will ruin your life. If it’s one t-shirt that will cost USD300 and finish all your money , go for it cause you love it and need it , not because of the hype, unless you’ve got the money , then it’s not a problem. Being a true Hypebeast requires a lot of money, I can testify . If you have a limited budget , before you go shopping , pick and figure out the items that will serve a universal purpose . For example a pair of shoes that will go with 75% of the clothes you already own. That way you can buy one pair of shoes , and use the rest of the money on other items, instead of getting a pair of shoes that will only go with 20% of your clothes but will take 75% of your shopping money, now you’ll either have to wear them with the clothes that don’t even compliment them and feel uncomfortable all day , or buy more shoes for the rest of the clothes , and this will cost you way more. Take the word priority really serious , it will take you a long way , I promise . Choose a [ DRIPSET ] , and carry your ” DRIP ” with you when you go shopping .

Thank you for reading , much love .

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IG : @dripset_inc Twitter : @dripsetofficial

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Energy is transferable from one human being to another , energy can represented in any desired way, the energy you keep around you is a major factor to the energy you’ll put out as an individual. CONTROL THE SYNERGY ? Synergy is the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together. The type of people around you determine the type of energy you’re exposed to and the type of energy you absorb . This can either make or break you, totally. In most of my blogs I encourage people to follow their dreams and not care what anyone has to say about it . Make sure the people you keep around you understand and support your vision. Not just because their close to you or anything but make sure it’s because they are really in agreement and in support of your goals. Get rid of people who constantly tell you that you can never achieve your goals because of problems a,b,c,d …because every problem has a solution and no barrier is impossible to overcome with determination and dedication. Having negative people around you will increase the rate at which you question yourself. You start questioning yourself regularly whether what you’re trying to pursue is actually worth it or not . Negative people will have you thinking that you’re too delusional to think you’d succeed doing what you love most. No matter how strong a character you are , at some point you may fail during your dream chasing journey and all the negative energy that’s been around you will take advantage of your emotions due to failure . It will pounce on you and devour your determination and hope , it will kill your dream. Control your synergy by keeping the highest level of positivity around you , you need people who will tell you that you’ve done a great job because it really is one and will tell you what you have to improve in in order to become a better person , positive criticism is the foundation of a flawless product . Learn to also accept correction. As long as you have people who are willing to grow and build to the top together , the synergy is incredible and best believe ….it will never go to waste. Embrace those that encourage you to work harder , keep positive energy around you. They’ll tell you that you’re wasting your time whilst you’re moving forward , sometimes moving at turtle pace is demotivating , but for the sun to set it has to rise . DICTATE YOUR ENERGY Fashion culture and material products have become increasingly important in helping create identities and energy .They say that clothes say a lot about your character , true . But it is an understatement, clothes represent your whole being as a human , they represent your vibe , culture and your energy. Why do you think something called ” dress code ” exists I believe it is not about wanting people to look a certain way or have a certain degree of uniformity …instead it is to set an energy level for that particular occasion. I never adhere to dress codes , you know why ? Dressing goes beyond what we see on our bodies . Dressing influences behavior and mentality. And I am not willing to behave or think and represent what someone else wants , i am who I am and I shall be who i am. My dressing should represent me as a person and nothing else and no one else.Have you ever realized that most guys who wear suits/formal aim to want look successful but aren’t actually successful. Note I said “most” not all. And most people are okay with this because in the society we live in , if I was to go to an event with someone wearing a suit and me drapped up in streetwear and high end fashion , people would think im unemployed or the person in the suit is my employer. This is a very huge problem . Because certain dress codes have made some people limit themselves in terms of productivity because they have become content with being viewed as successful by society by being judge merely from their dressing ,so in the end due to such a mentality , a type of success and level of success is created in ones brain , the sad part is most of the times this success is non-existent . Would you rather look like you’re intelligent by being that student who always visits the library and studies during designated study times but whilst you’re actually just average. Or would you rather be that intelligent student who studies at a venue of their choice at their own desired time that suits them more? Don’t ever find your self dressing to try put out a certain impression that you as a person doesn’t stand for or represent . Because in the end you just become one big fraud. The fact that you had to hide your true identity behind a certain dress code is already a warning sign that you aren’t really who you pretend to be. When you wake up and decide to pick an outfit , never consider ” dress code ” , unless you are going to a meeting or job interview whereby you are kinda forced to adhere to dress code . When picking an outfit ask yourself one major question . WHAT TYPE OF ENERGY DO I WANT TO PORTRAY,ATTRACT AND DEFLECT. That means when you step out , you look the way YOU want and that by itself puts your level of confidence at the highest point. Use it as an advantage on your saddest and worst days, dressing up can bring satisfaction and can be a great mood changer . All because as long as you dress according to your own energy , mentally you already feel in charge , in control and indeed the energy you put out when you feel that way is powerful because in that case it is very hard for someone to derail you from pursuing your dreams and goals if you’re confident in yourself . A simple thing such as dressing up is capable of alternating your energy levels and your vibe . Without confidence negative energy can consume you in a matter of seconds of being exposed to it .

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$0 SHOPPING ??? YES, literally. What if i told you that you stressing over new clothes or getting that jiggy outfit for the party that is gonna be attended by the people who dress so good that they are literally fire in human form( the likes of me haha, sorry not sorry) is totally a waste of time because you probably have the jiggiest/coziest (i hate saying lit) clothes in your house. Especially if you have wavy parents/older siblings who love fashion, this is because of two reasons that i am yet to mention. Before i carry on i would like to clarify a common misconception. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between vintage clothing and simply worn out garments.Vintage is something special that has proved and passed the test of time and has remained of relevance for its timelessness of style. It may also have historical or cultural significance. Did you know Apple has t shirts and shoes? Yes ,that is some rare vintage. In the fashion world we call them GRAILS(story for another day). For true and serious fashion fans,vintage clothing is something vital and crucial. Here are some tips for buying/identifying vintage clothes. Feel the fabric, sizing has changed over decades so it does not matter, as long as it fits perfect with the outfit. Make sure it can be tailored to adjust it to your personal demands and start by doing your research as to identify classics. BEING AN OLD PIECE OF CLOTHING does not necessarily mean its vintage. Most importantly, know your era. The eras closest to the current one are the easier to identify vintage clothes from. For people who are not into vintage clothes you are lost, why? Because there is way more handwork and less machine tailoring hence better fits. And most have excellent fabric. A vintage Chanel or Hermes jacket will cost you ALOT , but that is why i made you an article. Shopping these items for no cost at all. There is nothing like a ‘new’ trend in fashion. Fashion is just greatly evolving and old fashion is usually made a trend. Why? Because when that fashion was popping most people in the present era would have not been born yet or would still be babies. And this alone is actually mind blowing , in the sense that (for trend followers) you probably wasting money buying clothes you already have but just do not know it. Yeah right now i am not making sense but i am about to haha. What i mean is : Your parents and older siblings are highly likely to have the jiggiest and trendiest clothes that they used to wear whilst you were still crawling or before you cared about looking good. Take a moment to go through their wardrobe or that big suitcase that’s been closed for years with clothes that are no longer being worn .The vintage store that you long for so bad but cannot find because vintage clothing has sold out and is being sold for very high prices on the internet is highly likely to be in your house already! Feel dumb yet? Well that was me months ago. After spending several hours searching for online AUTHENTIC vintage clothing, all i found was highly priced vintage clothing on eBay. Prices that i could not afford (at that time). Then one day my mom was spring cleaning…and me being curious opened some big old bag that had so much dust on it i swear it looked like it was found in a haunted house. To my surprise , i could not believe what i saw. The jiggiest clothes and clothes that had been made trendy recently. From Prada track-pants from the 2002 FALL COLLECTION , to vintage Louis Vuitton accessories, Adidas tracksuits, Fila sneakers and a bunch of stuff that i wont say cause i don’t want to seem like i’m stunting. This Blog ain’t to stunt, I stunt in real life, naturally. I felt dumb because this was stuff i had been looking for ever since i forecast the wave. Go shopping in your parents and older siblings or cousins wardrobe, you will thank me later. I thank my parents for loving good clothing. I have a sister so no luck in her wardrobe haha If you are one of those kids that never had massive body changes in terms of size, you are lucky,unlike me. Remember those t shirts you nagged your parents to buy you, of your favorite wrestler ? The Nike pants you got for Christmas from grandma? The same ones you packed away because they are not cool anymore because we now all know WWE is fake and t shirts full of print aren’t cool(according to society dumb-ass trends) GO LOOK FOR THEM….check amongst your old clothes or wherever. You would be surprised by the killer the outfits that are laying dead in your room, pun intended. TIP : WWE t shirts are the coziest and a massive wave waiting to hit the shores. For fashion lovers, you know that vintage print tees are the new order. Just like how rock band t shirts beeeen popping . But only NOW are most people are jumping on em because they now see their favorite celebs wearing them,just like the old skool vans. Why do you think Kylie and Kendall Jenner created t shirts with their pics layered over BIG Notorious and 2 Pac ? They are trying to make money off a high tide wave. Anyways enough of that…. that’s info i usually only give customers who want to be styled or advised. SEE,i love y’all. Hence free advice for my beloved readers ? FORECAST THE WAVE. Don’t be late for the party. To be honest i think it is really corny to hop onto a new style or fashion just because its now popular. Because you gonna be looking like EVERYBODY ELSE AROUND YOU. Ewww. Discover trends that are not yet familiar with the people around you. How do i do it ? I am inspired by culture. I read on fashion sites from different parts of the world. Hong Kong , India , the US , Sweden and basically globally. I also have fashion icons i look up-to , one of them is myself haha. By icons, these are stylists that i know are not as known and mainstream but are behind many celebrity outfits…..i follow their journeys and learn, but i never copy. That way i can already for-see trends that are yet to be mainstream because eventually popular celebs go to these icons to be styled. I also get new ideas for AWESOME FITS. Guys you may have the most expensive clothes but if you cannot put together a good fit, it is no use !!! You can buy clothes but money cannot buy you style or a good fashion sense.Get someone who inspires you , ask for advice and be inspired instead of being jealous. DO NOT COPY. DEVELOP YOUR IDEAS FROM THE INSPIRATION.

Whenever you pick out an outfit or when you develop a specific fashion sense there has to be a FOCAL POINT. Your aim has to be to create a smooth silhouette under the fabric. With ignorance and negligence you develop the ‘ ill pick whatever looks nice ‘ mentality. But its not about looking nice, its about looking great. And not knowing your personal and normal focal points can severely cripple your fashion sense and the amount of money you spend on fashion. The Focal point is the focus. Basically these are the main elements that stand out more on an outfit ,it can be a simple piece but very detailed piece of an outfit. You may create your own focal points and overshadow the norm, its quite difficult to do so hence that’s why you need a stylist to advice you and guide you into discovering your inner stylist. Unlike other stylists, I style people and help them embark on their journey of finding their inner stylist. The ‘seventh’ sense as I’d like to call it. FEEDING THE FOCUS The focus can be any part of the outfit. SPEND MORE MONEY ON THE ATTENTION GRABBING OR STATEMENT PIECES. This is post more applicable to people who may not have money growing on trees hence have a limited amount to spend on fashion,it may be a large or small amount.And ill only discuss one or two focal points.Hit up my IG or Email for further info. One most common focal point is shoes (we all know that,but its deeper than you think). Rather spend 50% of your allocated shopping budget on your feet than anything else! Shoes are the pulse of an outfit. A terrible shoe choice can send your whole look into ‘ Fashion Emergency Room on ICU ‘. Dont ever think that your shoe colour matching your outfit automatically makes it ‘ dope ‘. You can create an optical illusion using just shoes . How?? You ask. By choosing a great shoe (not just any shoe) with a colour thats totally off outfit tone (not colour blocking) and after creating an off tone they become main focus and the rest of the outfit becomes secondary, like a shadow. Adding a detailed statement/trendy piece to the outfit can hence bring the outfit back into juxtaposition. How will i afford the rest of the outfit if 50% of my cash has gone to shoes? By cutting down on unnecessary accessories like fake jewelery , substituting that VIRGIL ABLOH $450 Tee by a simple non collaboration CHAMPION logo $45 tee etc…why? Because the shoe and the second statement/trendy piece have been made primary focal point hence that whatever brand expensive tee becomes a luxury to that outfit. Unless you can afford it and you a Hypebeast like me and would like to go all out high fashion. ONLY spend more money on other items after your focus has been acquired. By getting the best piece of clothing for your focus ,you have fed it. By creating an outfit in juxtaposition, you have natured it. Most people who buy bootleg/fake clothes or brands do it in the name of ‘it looks the same anyway’ . GUYS, REPLICA CLOTHES OR RIP-OFFS do not fit the same way as the original, as much as that fake ripped BALMAIN skinny jean looks like the original $1800 original one but costs just $50 it doesn’t mean its a bargain. It will fit terribly each time you wear it next because of different fabric and stitching made in order to imitate the original. You cant expect to put a Toyota engine in a Mercedes Benz engine and expect to go 0-180 kmh in 3 seconds, because that engine was not made for such speeds. Buy a brand you can afford instead, and take the next trip to the tailor. Go there and let your imagination run wild, add new stitches, embroidery , dyeing basically turn the tailors into PIMP MY CLOTHES. Change the buttons of your jacket,distress it…do the most.Personally my mom is a tailor so i literally customize all my cheap jeans and i get people asking which designer made them. Turn cheap jeans into something better than that Rip-Off BALMAIN replica or whatever. That is how you create a perfect silhouette and instantly your clothes will look more Luxe. Resort to online shopping, there are millions of websites selling high quality clothing and designs people arent even aware of, great for looking unique and standing out in the world of of wave riders.If something doesn’t fit you right and you dont want to go to the tailor, dont buy it. Ever seen those rich kids who can not dress even whilst wearing Gucci on Gucci? You can become just like that if your body is not complementing the fit. Learn to let some trends go….not everything is for everyone. Always remember that. And your focal points should be supported by the foundation of your body. Creased clothing is cringe-worthy. If you hate ironing buy a steamer, make sure your clothes are crisp in order for them to actually look good. Also stop washing your favorite tee or whatever a 1000 times in one month cause you want it to be ‘clean’. Washing too much wears out fabric terribly. Rather remove that piece of clothing or shoe when you get home and wear something that you wear in ‘ chill mode ‘ and whenever you out avoid getting unnecessary dirt on your fabric. Like ASAP Rocky say , ‘ PLEASE DONT TOUCH MY RAF’. Personally i resorted to dry cleaning and hand washing my clothes. Yes believe it or not, i started this after the washing machine wore out my favorite ERD (enfants riches deprimes) tshirt lol. Always remember in fashion there are NO RULES. You make your own rules Thank YOU Contact me on Twitter : @dripsetofficial or IG @dripset_inc email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Don’t just follow the hype ,be the hype . Stop surfing another persons wave ,make your own in the low tide . To start this post off,I’ll tell you about my experience. So Mid 2015 me and my brother Towanda ,who now lives in Leeds UK were having our regular conversations and we were discussing shoes which we do ALOT. The main focus was vans,old school vans,he even showed me some pairs he had picked up and I told him that I’ve been looking for the black and white ones ,which I eventually got that year ,and my favourite pair of vans ,The Checkerboard Slip-ons . The first time I wore them I can swear I was one of the very few people on campus and in my social circle who was rocking them .Some people asked me why I bought shoes so simple because they are used to me wearing not so basic shoes like my Adidas EQT ADVs. So I just laughed it off and told them that they are basic but very stylish if worn right ,which is true ,if you can’t rock it well . Come 2016 mid year ,after celebrities started posting more pics in these vans ,the likes of Travis Scott and them …..The hype began to build up .The demand for the vans increased due to medias influence. I won’t lie I’m a HYPEBEAST(my definition of HYPEBEAST is someone who buys exclusive gear and fears being basic because looking great is priority ),,And we know Hypebeasts mostly focus on exclusive drops but this wasn’t an exclusive drop ,it was hype that was influenced by media and celebrities. Currently on my campus every 3/5 person owns a pair ,and it’s Mid 2017,2 whole years since I’ve been rocking these same kicks ?. Which makes it amusing and funny thus being evidence that most people do not actually buy kicks for the love of them but instead they do it to look trendy.People start wearing a certain way because everyone’s wearing a certain way,the effects of allowing society to style you(see last post). Which is a major flaw if you wanna be a sneaker head and if you wanna create your own wave . Lemme mention Some helpful points on insight on improving your kick game ,the way you dress and becoming a HYPEBEAST .By HYPEBEAST I mean one that has created their OWN wave and is their own HYPE. Did you know ?? that the best shoes that are being dropped throughout the years are very old designs that are reproduced and slightly improved ,e.g. Reebok Instapump Furys,AIR JORDAN 1 BANNED BRED.(which I both own) Take your time to go online and search through the history of various brands ,look at the designs you like the most .Find out of their still available (which is highly unlikely because they sell out like hot cakes the day they drop because sneaker heads and hypebeasts mean business ). And resale price is insane or 5 times the original . So to avoid that ,start researching on upcoming releases of the shoe you want and be alert ? AT ALL TIMES as to buy it the moment it drops ,that is the ultimate quality needed to be a sneaker head . As a matter of fact you’ll realize that when a new trend pops up and when people are on the same wave,you’d have been done surfing long ago .By that I mean you’d have been wearing the same kicks that are making a buzz currently ,way before there was even a buzz . In this sense you ARE the buzz, not everyone is jumping on your bandwagon, which means you’ve been doing it right whilst everyone else was left ?PUN INTENDED It doesn’t have to only be exclusives only .SAVE UP YOUR MONEY,don’t put pressure on yourself because you’ve had the same pair of shoes in rotation for a while ,it’s better to save up and pick up a rare ,good looking and not so basic pair of shoes than going for a basic pair because EVERYONE IS WEARING them ,or their very affordable or just to have that feeling of ” I have a new shoe “. Whilst everyone is going for that pair of Nike that’s popping everywhere,go for the rare pair that just dropped or that’s stocked in your local store .Also take note that RARE doesn’t mean ugly AT ALL. Buying an ugly pair of shoes will not mean their a rare pick up . I guarantee you ,if you pick up a very good rare pair ….you’ve already created a wave in the low tide .Why ? Because you’ve managed to look good without jumping on society’s bandwagon .People might be jealous and not tell you but secretly they’ll be envying and longing to know where to pick up the same pair.Theres nothing as frustrating as wearing the same kicks as every Jack and Jill ,it takes away your pride ,your own style , your originality and moreover you lose identity . ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR TASTE ,your taste is your best friend ,if you like them like I said in the last post BUY THEM . And you’ll find yourself having built up your own hype ,whilst others are stuck with mass hype. Don’t succumb to being basic . You can be the trend ,you don’t have to follow any other Don’t deprive yourself of looking good according to your own style and ideas ,don’t miss out on a great pair of shoes just because they not yet popping . Learn ‘to save money ,and buy something nice and exclusive ,because 1 exclusive pair is better than five basic pairs . The same way people buy random Jordans because of the jump man sign instead of buying one of the signature Jordan’s which are a drop from decades ago,those are the Real Jordan’s . Thank You I hope this was helpful ,I’d appreciate comments and reviews .

Saturday, 17 March 2018 18:55


The worst thing that could ever happen to you is developing FEAR,the terrible thing is going on to OBEY your FEAR.

As long as "society" comes into mind when you go shopping or generally anything,you shall never find your own sense of style or "swag" as some may call it. Refuse to be styled by society ." I like these jeans but they too tight ,what will they say when they see me wearing em". " I think this long length tshirt looks really good ,but people won't understand it and they'll think it's weird " So what !!??? No one has to understand it ,no one has to have the right to approve your sense of style ,you're your own company and you have 100% shares in it! 

It really isn't that hard to look good (despite the high cost of high-end fashion) . Take just 5 minutes to think about what you like ,what influences your taste . Embrace your influence and develop it till you're your own influence till you're someone else's influence. I remember the first time I wore my NIKE AIRMAX 90 HYPERFUSE. A bright blood red colourway that captures any bypassers attention . Someone walked up to me and told me they had the exact same pair but couldn't wear it because it's too bright and people would think it's weird. To him he needed a matching red or whatever outfit to match his kicks . It's not even that deep, create your own color combination and rock it ,remember you've got sole ownership of YOU. Trust me ,confidence is key ....you could wear the weirdest clothes and make it look unbelievably good because of confidence. If you don't believe in yourself how do you expect the next person to ? If you can afford it Get a stylist ,not necessarily full time ...but just to help you develop your own sense and make it a reality as many people think their sense of fashion is too expensive or impossible to lay out beyond the dreams ,that's where us stylists come in.

Don't ever believe in your fear ,don't ever believe that your dreams or thoughts are too weird ,DONT EVER GET STYLED BY SOCIETY. You are the society !

Bless Up ?