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Don’t just follow the hype ,be the hype . Stop surfing another persons wave ,make your own in the low tide . To start this post off,I’ll tell you about my experience. So Mid 2015 me and my brother Towanda ,who now lives in Leeds UK were having our regular conversations and we were discussing shoes which we do ALOT. The main focus was vans,old school vans,he even showed me some pairs he had picked up and I told him that I’ve been looking for the black and white ones ,which I eventually got that year ,and my favourite pair of vans ,The Checkerboard Slip-ons . The first time I wore them I can swear I was one of the very few people on campus and in my social circle who was rocking them .Some people asked me why I bought shoes so simple because they are used to me wearing not so basic shoes like my Adidas EQT ADVs. So I just laughed it off and told them that they are basic but very stylish if worn right ,which is true ,if you can’t rock it well . Come 2016 mid year ,after celebrities started posting more pics in these vans ,the likes of Travis Scott and them …..The hype began to build up .The demand for the vans increased due to medias influence. I won’t lie I’m a HYPEBEAST(my definition of HYPEBEAST is someone who buys exclusive gear and fears being basic because looking great is priority ),,And we know Hypebeasts mostly focus on exclusive drops but this wasn’t an exclusive drop ,it was hype that was influenced by media and celebrities. Currently on my campus every 3/5 person owns a pair ,and it’s Mid 2017,2 whole years since I’ve been rocking these same kicks ?. Which makes it amusing and funny thus being evidence that most people do not actually buy kicks for the love of them but instead they do it to look trendy.People start wearing a certain way because everyone’s wearing a certain way,the effects of allowing society to style you(see last post). Which is a major flaw if you wanna be a sneaker head and if you wanna create your own wave . Lemme mention Some helpful points on insight on improving your kick game ,the way you dress and becoming a HYPEBEAST .By HYPEBEAST I mean one that has created their OWN wave and is their own HYPE. Did you know ?? that the best shoes that are being dropped throughout the years are very old designs that are reproduced and slightly improved ,e.g. Reebok Instapump Furys,AIR JORDAN 1 BANNED BRED.(which I both own) Take your time to go online and search through the history of various brands ,look at the designs you like the most .Find out of their still available (which is highly unlikely because they sell out like hot cakes the day they drop because sneaker heads and hypebeasts mean business ). And resale price is insane or 5 times the original . So to avoid that ,start researching on upcoming releases of the shoe you want and be alert ? AT ALL TIMES as to buy it the moment it drops ,that is the ultimate quality needed to be a sneaker head . As a matter of fact you’ll realize that when a new trend pops up and when people are on the same wave,you’d have been done surfing long ago .By that I mean you’d have been wearing the same kicks that are making a buzz currently ,way before there was even a buzz . In this sense you ARE the buzz, not everyone is jumping on your bandwagon, which means you’ve been doing it right whilst everyone else was left ?PUN INTENDED It doesn’t have to only be exclusives only .SAVE UP YOUR MONEY,don’t put pressure on yourself because you’ve had the same pair of shoes in rotation for a while ,it’s better to save up and pick up a rare ,good looking and not so basic pair of shoes than going for a basic pair because EVERYONE IS WEARING them ,or their very affordable or just to have that feeling of ” I have a new shoe “. Whilst everyone is going for that pair of Nike that’s popping everywhere,go for the rare pair that just dropped or that’s stocked in your local store .Also take note that RARE doesn’t mean ugly AT ALL. Buying an ugly pair of shoes will not mean their a rare pick up . I guarantee you ,if you pick up a very good rare pair ….you’ve already created a wave in the low tide .Why ? Because you’ve managed to look good without jumping on society’s bandwagon .People might be jealous and not tell you but secretly they’ll be envying and longing to know where to pick up the same pair.Theres nothing as frustrating as wearing the same kicks as every Jack and Jill ,it takes away your pride ,your own style , your originality and moreover you lose identity . ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR TASTE ,your taste is your best friend ,if you like them like I said in the last post BUY THEM . And you’ll find yourself having built up your own hype ,whilst others are stuck with mass hype. Don’t succumb to being basic . You can be the trend ,you don’t have to follow any other Don’t deprive yourself of looking good according to your own style and ideas ,don’t miss out on a great pair of shoes just because they not yet popping . Learn ‘to save money ,and buy something nice and exclusive ,because 1 exclusive pair is better than five basic pairs . The same way people buy random Jordans because of the jump man sign instead of buying one of the signature Jordan’s which are a drop from decades ago,those are the Real Jordan’s . Thank You I hope this was helpful ,I’d appreciate comments and reviews .

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