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The worst thing that could ever happen to you is developing FEAR,the terrible thing is going on to OBEY your FEAR.

As long as "society" comes into mind when you go shopping or generally anything,you shall never find your own sense of style or "swag" as some may call it. Refuse to be styled by society ." I like these jeans but they too tight ,what will they say when they see me wearing em". " I think this long length tshirt looks really good ,but people won't understand it and they'll think it's weird " So what !!??? No one has to understand it ,no one has to have the right to approve your sense of style ,you're your own company and you have 100% shares in it! 

It really isn't that hard to look good (despite the high cost of high-end fashion) . Take just 5 minutes to think about what you like ,what influences your taste . Embrace your influence and develop it till you're your own influence till you're someone else's influence. I remember the first time I wore my NIKE AIRMAX 90 HYPERFUSE. A bright blood red colourway that captures any bypassers attention . Someone walked up to me and told me they had the exact same pair but couldn't wear it because it's too bright and people would think it's weird. To him he needed a matching red or whatever outfit to match his kicks . It's not even that deep, create your own color combination and rock it ,remember you've got sole ownership of YOU. Trust me ,confidence is key could wear the weirdest clothes and make it look unbelievably good because of confidence. If you don't believe in yourself how do you expect the next person to ? If you can afford it Get a stylist ,not necessarily full time ...but just to help you develop your own sense and make it a reality as many people think their sense of fashion is too expensive or impossible to lay out beyond the dreams ,that's where us stylists come in.

Don't ever believe in your fear ,don't ever believe that your dreams or thoughts are too weird ,DONT EVER GET STYLED BY SOCIETY. You are the society !

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