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Is it not fascinating how an individual may enter a room and not say a word but automatically communicate with those around them. ? Is it not fascinating how clothing bears weight beyond that of the fabric itself ? In this short article i will give you a tour Beyond The Fabric.


Aura. Independent of the spiritual/paranormal aspect, Aura is defined as a distinctive and good/bad quality or character, a subtle quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing. And no, In this context there’s nothing to do with psychic reading, chakras or anything of that sort lol. 


Now Aura can either be good or bad, welcomed or unwelcome. [ DRIPSET ] ‘s main vision is providing an unseen positive and easily welcomed energy field unique to each and every consumer, and that leads to our core value of exclusivity. Like a fingerprint, it wouldn’t make sense if everyone had the same. Each and every piece of clothing has a different meaning from consumer to consumer, but the positive and vivid  aura is what brings them together making them apart of [ DRIPSET ]. 


From subtle garments of earth tones , to highly eye catching garments of bright colors and unorthodox color combinations, the main aim is to create clothing that establishes a relationship between [ DRIPSET ] and the consumer, how ? By creating clothing that is able to speak for itself through several ways such as high quality finishes that are a result of striving for perfection and quality; a core value, instead of going for quantity. Going for double seams instead of single seams is a good example of the finer details on some of our collections, which may seem simple on the eye but beyond the fabric serve as reassurance, a promise from the brand to the customer that they made the right choice when they purchased clothing from us. Wearing a [ DRIPSET ] item should be able to change an individuals life through the simplest of things by becoming the bridge between an individual and their long lost confidence, belief in themselves, hope and so forth. That can only be done by establishing an intimate relationship with each customer. Intimate meaning catering for the client to the smallest details in order to make them happy and where there is happiness is, a positive aura is radiated.  Such that it is difficult to ignore an individual wearing our clothing.


Our clothing is designed to bring back the  enthusiasm of dressing up for individuals who may have become bored of seeing themselves wearing something similar to someone else when they rock up to a function. The individuals who  lost enthusiasm when it came to dressing up because they can only acquire whatever the local clothing store offers them at that time.


Self-confidence is like a mental muscle: Everyone is born with it, but not everyone flexes it, and we are here to get you flexing right away. How those around you see you is greatly influenced by your self perception and the higher your confidence the more likely you’re going to be welcomed and radiate positive energy from the onset. It doesn’t even have to be for other people but most importantly it’s for yourself, making you feel like you can conquer the world is what will drive everything else you got going and that’s the feeling [ DRIPSET ] aims to provide beyond the fabric, a unique identity coupled by a positive and unbreakable aura. When you are dressed well you’re inevitably going to feel better especially if you understand that that’s why the clothes you’re wearing were created for in the first place, besides to look good of-course.


We value customer feedback over everything else. Feedback on our collections, blogs and content as a whole. No man is an island and customer feedback serves as a good way of involving the consumer in [ DRIPSET ]’s creative process. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletters, for exclusive content, purchasing collections before they sell out and incentives on future drops, please do so using the link below. Thank You.



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