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Damn! It’s actually been a very long time since I’ve made a blog post, 24/02/19. Literally, no drafts, nothing at all and that is because of various reasons. Life, academics had me in a chokehold and it was the final round so I decided to focus mostly on that and get it done with. Why? If you have read my previous blog posts you know that creatively I genuinely give my all and for me to give half-hearted work for the sake of ‘’ content ‘’ was not the move at all. When I write these blogs, I want them to be as raw and unfiltered as possible. Once I start typing, I don’t stop till the post is done. The second I find myself lost for something to actually say whilst typing, that’s the second I know the blog post was not meant to be. These blogs should feel like a conversation between me and you, the reader. Like me pouring out my raw thoughts, opinions and knowledge while you listen. I greatly appreciate readers who DM me to discuss the post, educate me too, correct me and all you know.

Anti-fashion is basically when the main goal is to represent an attitude, personal taste, political views or way of dressing influenced by you and you only therefore actually making that the primary objective and looking fashionable the secondary. It goes back at least as far as the Victorian era and is mainly about putting on anything but the common fashion of the day.  Anti-fashion always ends up becoming fashionable and in most cases when rebellious individuals and brave individuals take on the path of anti-fashion, if they aren’t famous, there’s a big chance big fashion houses hijack the idea and feed it to the masses and that’s how it becomes a trend. This means that before you even consider a trend, you satisfy your personal attitude, style and goal first. Your main goal is to portray a specific something and radiate a certain aura. You don’t even need to consider a trend because by satisfying your personal taste and dressing ideas that are against the norm, you become explicitly contrary to the existing trends, meaning you have created your own trend. Once you are anti-fashion, you will be very versatile because now you have the option to merge that with the existing fashion of the day, your favorite style icon and so forth. According to a piece I read, ‘’ Anti-fashion is considered radical creativity in apparel. It recombines a hodgepodge of details that dramatically alters current fashions. The newly transformed styles are later incorporated into the mainstream through media hype and commercial sales which reduce its stature. ‘’ I 100% agree with this. Best believe me people will at some point definitely look at you weird because you will be dressed in a way they have NEVER seen before or rather in a way very few individuals are actually dressed, so prepare for those stares. Many people have great dressing ideas but are scared about what the general public will say, hence end up just following trends.

You cannot create your own trend when you are already in love with a conventional way of dressing. And this is simply how the most popular fashion houses create timeless collections. I believe a great creative director is anti-fashion and because of this; fashion houses love such creative directors because they manage to deliver a different collection each time and THEY KNOW people will eat it up no matter how ‘’ ridiculous ‘’ it looks. Why? Cause peoples fashion sense has already been established on whatever new clothing drops and because its designer. In this very digital era we live in whereby people are obsessed with certain celebrities/influencers, brands use that as an advantage. They know if you see you favorite artist wear their brands and mention it on every song, you WILL consume it and that’s why fashion as a whole has been in a weird space because people consume clothing not because they really want to but because they’ve been influenced to do so and because of the status that comes with wearing certain brands. You look at some collections these days and wonder whether designers are using consumers as a social experiment to prove that as long as its designer, it will sell. That is why you will get someone wearing a certain clothing item that stands for the complete opposite of what they believe in, but they will not even know it. Did you ever think that it would be normal and fashionable to wear chunky, huge and oversize shaped shoes? The same bulky shoes you did not want to wear in high school because you wanted the slick pair of Air Force 1s are the same shoes you now want to buy, just in different shapes and branding. Now it is normal isn’t it, a classic example of how anti-fashion is the foundation of almost every trend in existence. When it comes to fashion, RAF-SIMONS is my idol, alongside Margiela. RAF SIMONS debuted his first menswear collection in 1997 to showcase a type of style that was completely opposite to the traditional way men dressed, today he is the same designer who your favorite brands copy from and get inspiration from by visiting his archives, RAF is a great example of an anti-fashion pioneer alongside the likes of Ann Demeulemeester and Helmut Lang. When Kanye first previewed his collections he was ridiculed just because it was anti-fashion, look at where the YEEZY brand is now.

Just take a look at the most influential fashion icons and stylists right now. They are anti-fashion and because of their boldness they eventually earned the status of being ‘’ fashion gods ‘’. Anything they put on is worshiped. A good example is Bloody Osiris. The photographers at the biggest fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week do not care about you who came dressed in 10 different designer items. Sure, they’ll take a pic of your outfit you will look good and all no doubt. But the real gold and headline they want is the person wearing something they’ve never ever seen before, the bold ones. It’s actually funny to think about it. A classic example is Sasha Trautvein (@sashadidntwakeup on Instagram). A fashion model and influencer. In 2016 he says to have arrived for his first fashion show in Paris, before the fame. He says to have arrived at the venue dirty, with a big tourist backpack with his clothes as he still had not found accommodation. Immediately after the show paparazzi and photographers attacked him and bear in mind no one knew who this guy was at that time. Why were they so interested in him then? He portrayed all traits of anti-fashion. They thought it was a new trend or style. The screenshot from his IG summarizes this story.

Before I started writing this blog post I already had the idea and topic I wanted to write about, I did not know whether the term ‘’ ANTI-FASHION ‘’ really exists or not so I took time to actually find out and read more on that as I find out that it’s actually a thing. You know why we always say money will never be enough? It’s because we lack financial literacy. Look if you can’t manage $1000 I can guarantee you, you can get $100 000 and you will still not be able to manage it. Same with fashion because how do you expect to look good just because you can afford designer and trendy clothing when you could not even look good with the clothing already in your closet ? And that’s where we get lost, forever. The thing is if you believe that you cannot dress well because you just don’t have enough money, then in simple terms just know that you saying you have no fashion sense and style that’s influenced by you and you only. So what happens is when people do actually get the money, they slap on DIOR, Gucci, Amiri and etc. and convince themselves that they can dress well. Designer clothing does not come with the fashion sense, unfortunately you can’t buy a fashion sense, and you have to develop it. However the person who has been dressing well with the little they have will be able to put out a fire outfit together in designer because they will use it as a building block to satisfy their personal fashion sense and they aren’t using designer as the fashion sense itself.  Dressing like Playboi Carti, Ian Connor, Kim Kardshian and the likes does not make you fashionable, it makes you a replica. Your idol is fashionable not you. These public figures should be giving you ideas to develop your own fashion sense, but most people just go on to copy the entire outfit. This is where ANTI-FASHION comes in. At the end of the day, different strokes for different people. However the most important thing is developing your personal and raw dressing style and fashion sense with the little that you have.

I hope you learnt a thing or two, feel free to DM me on Instagram, @dripset_inc, to discuss more on this or about a topic you would like to share. Bless. 

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