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WOAH !!! That's the word to perfectly describe how I felt right now. Its been LONG since I have written any articles, I apologize to all dedicated readers. I have been busy with engineering, designing and collaborations. 2019 [ DRIPSET ] is breaking boundaries, stay tuned. One of my favourite collabs, was with Fenni ( IG: @nandjaya_ ) , we talked on several topics when it comes to fashion. We both decided to share part of the questions from our conversation, we both answered them. It was great to get a females perspective and a perspective from someone who dresses up very well.


The following is part of our [ FASHION CONVERSATIONS ].




Q1: Do you aim to stand out from others and how

A: Depends where I’m going. If I’m doing every day, mundane activities like running errands or going to class, I literally wear anything, just as long as I’m comfortable and cute. If I’m going out or to an event then I like to stand out, not really in an obvious “look at me, my outfit is the loudest” way but in a kind of way that you can understand my ye is different from your ye. I love simplicity in clothing but I also like extravagance so I tend to fit somewhere in the middle and throw in my own sauce. I love the details like zippers, buttons, rings, bracelets, watches, chains etc. and my absolute favourite is gold jewellery and accents. Those are the things that stand out to me. I love dressing up and being a bit extra, the whole lot. Fashion is a form of self-expression for me so even if I do look simple or basic I’ll also do so as Fenni and that’s how I stand out.


Q2 : Looking at Namibia,  in my opinion the average person is content with looking “okay” , shopping is based more on price than on choice as people are very reluctant to spending money on authentic designer or on pricy items in general , it’s a thing of price than quality. Consumption of authentic  luxury fashion is significantly minimum , what do you think is holding back the progression of fashion culture in the country ?

A: Honestly I think it’s a mixture of availability and affordability. People live within their means. We’ve seen a lot of luxury brands/stores open up in Namibia over the years however they seldom last long. This is probably due to a few reasons but ultimately one can assume there wasn’t enough sales to sustain the stores. Perhaps Namibians are prone to liking certain brands over others. Nonetheless, It’s nice how there are many Namibian designers coming up and showcasing their work and making it accessible for people to purchase. A lot of people have taken the ball back into their court in that regard and have started producing the clothes they/we want to see. I think one of the things holding back the progression of fashion culture in the country is the culture of fast fashion which an be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into garments in high street stores at breakneck speed. Fast fashion makes people believe they need to shop more and more to stay on top of trends which ultimately creates a constant sense of  need and ultimate dissatisfaction. As quoted by Vivienne Westwood, when it comes tofashion I think its important to “buy less, choose well, make it last.”

 Q3 : Where do you source your inspiration from?


A: A lot of the time my fashion inspiration derives from how I feel or how I want to feel. I feel like when my outfit matches how I feel/want to feel I’m in harmony. Sometimes I might wake up feeling not so great so I will dress in a way to counteract that, I might throw on some makeup, spend extra time on my hair, wear statement/ power pieces like a blazer or a pair of heels etc. fashion is powerful like that. I also get a lot of inspiration from other people, be it in everyday life, Instagram, movies, music videos and tv shows. Certain people just have that certain "je ne sais quoi" that you can’t help but be inspired by. The economy is also something to take into consideration. I used to be the  the kind of person that buys a new outfit for an event, I don’t know whether to call it excitement or stress lol but I love the process. With that being said, my budget doesn’t always match my taste. This taught me how to be savey, creative and frugal. Another big inspiration of mine is my beautiful African mother. You already know how African woman dress, always presentable and always vibrant. Big big mood.

Q4 : How has your style changed over the years?


A: This girl has always loved clothes and serving a look. I remember being really young and telling my mom I wanted to wear jeans and tracksuits instead of skirts and dresses cause they we’re way cooler. The day I watched Teyana Taylor’s “My Super Sweet 16” my fashion world was rocked forever. From that point on all I wanted was to be swagged dafuq out. Bright colours, sneakers (Nike Dunks where huge at the time), caps, hoodies, hoops, you name it, I had it. Honestly I think part of my style has always been influenced by hip hop culture in a sense. My style has definitely matured, as I’ve gotten older and learnt more about what fashion actually is. I’ve become less of a hoarder of clothing, which really only leads you to end up distraught when putting an outfit together and have focused more on quality and investing in forever pieces that I really really like and bring a lot of cohesion to my overall style. I’ve also diversified where I shopped and taken more time while shopping, picking up different pieces here and there as oppose to doing a big shop during intervals of the year. Understanding that fashion is timeless and essentially there’s “nothing new under the sun” just different variations of it has also helped me become more experimental and comfortable in how I create a look. There are a lot more ponds in fashion that I’m eager to splash around in.









Q1 : Do you aim to stand out from others and how? 


A: I can’t really put it as “standing out from the crowd really. Like I’m totally fine with pulling up and not getting a lot of attention or recognition within the setting, if you see me looking fly you see me if you don’t you don’t it’s whatever. BUT i aim to look different, it annoys me so much to look/dress the same as someone else. I mean it’s understandable you might wear the same outfit or similar to someone else around that setting but if it’s 3 or 4 of us wearing the same shoe or T-shirt (at an event). It’s a problem. That’s the very reason I customized my black and white vans and stopped wearing them as much cause , not to brag, the vans wave came in strong but i had been on it for a while cause they are quite comfortable for every occasion. So I can say I just aim to look different/unique. There’s too much clothes, styles, trends for people to be looking the same. But I make sure I’m fly 24/7 whether I’m running errands or going to an event.


Q2 : Looking at Namibia,  in my opinion the average person is content with looking “okay” , shopping is based more on price than on choice as people are very reluctant to spending money on authentic designer or on pricy items in general , it’s a thing of price than quality. Consumption of authentic luxury fashion is significantly minimum , what do you think is holding back the progressives on of fashion culture in the country ?


A: As for availability, there’s almost no luxury fashion brands or exclusive sneakers etc. available in Namibia. Even Sport-scene in Namibia doesn’t  stock the same shoes as it stocks in SA. Maybe it’s cause of the reluctance of the consumers to spend too much on clothing that’s creating a void in availability. We live in a digital world. There’s apps like StockX, Grailed, there’s a Sneakerheads in Namibia group on Facebook (where I met my plug) and online shopping so availability really shouldn’t be an issue. Also yes, people live within their means. But personally the people I know , love spending on clothing. Wearing a Gucci T-shirt doesn’t mean the  bank account is fit like that. SA fashion culture has grown significantly, when I wanted to buy the Yeezy Calabasas pants for retail price, I had to go camp at Shelflife cause that’s usually the ONLY store which sells such exclusives at retail price ....we were over 500 people waiting to get a chance to buy less than 50 pairs and people were DRIPPING. Authentic Supreme, Offwhite, Gucci, Vetements, A COLD WALL, Palm Angels, you name it. People legit save up and work to get money to buy the clothes. I interviewed a guy who said to have just finished grade 12, and he was a reseller. He told me he buys the sneakers and resells and keeps a pair for himself, his last sale was the Air Jordan 1 x Offwhite sneaker for R12500 (originally less than aprox R3500)to LaFamilia (a South African online reseller and boutique for luxury brands). On YouTube the resellers making crazy money are 6 years younger than me. Where there’s a will there’s a way, as long as the will is strong. My parents last bought me a shoe in 9th grade, but if I know a shoe I want is dropping in 3 months, I’ll make sure the money is ready by then. What I personally think is holding back the progression of fashion culture in Namibia is MOST  people aren’t into fashion, they just want to look good for that particular moment so obviously if it’s for the moment , they would rather get something similar to a Hermès birkin for an event than actually buy a Hermès  birkin. But it’s bigger than the price cause a Hermès Birkin is pure crocodile cured skin, hand-made and etc. That has resulted in lots of people I’ve seen and people I know become people who are heavily inspired fashion wise by mainly the trend at that particular time and whatever their favs are wearing, which is poisonous. Why I say where there’s a will there’s a way, is because here in Namibia , on my quest to actually find sneakers I like and exclusive drops that people camp for in other countries , I’ve met like real sneaker heads, people with collections of dead-stock exclusive  shoes I’d never actually seen in person. I was shocked cause I had been ignorant. That kind of made me come to the conclusion that it’s a matter of how serious people in the country take fashion culture. A larger percentage just take fashion as clothing, and not as a culture. But hopefully people wake up. 


Q3 : Where do you source inspiration and ideas from when it comes to your style? 


A: Different  sources to be honest but the main source is me myself and I , my mood to be specific . I dress according to the specific aura I want to radiate.  Music is also a major influence on my ideas and style......I described this in my last post music is fashion and fashion is music. And I don’t mean I dress how my favorite musician dresses , no. The music sets my mood and my aura. I also love looking at back at the root of trends , that way I manage to create looks not solely based on trend but on trend and other aspects I identify that the trend left along the way. When it comes to events I never actually buy a totally new outfit for it. I make use of whatever I have to suit the style I’m aiming for, i already know my closet so I rarely develop an idea that requires an item I don’t have , because I might not have the money at that time to buy that item so it saves me the stress lol. I also usually try to combine like for example  3 of my fav style icons fits and fuse them into one. Celebrities have stylists , if I love a celebrities style, I  identify their stylists on IG, and I learn from them. Also in everyday life , you’d be shocked that a random thing, environment or person can be highly influential. Instagram can also be great as a mood board to source inspiration, but also if you’re not careful you’ll end up just duplicating someone else’s style and I try avoid that at all means. Side note : I hate formal clothing lol.


Q4 : How has your style changed over  the years?


A: Tremendously. Growing up I couldn’t really afford branded items so when I eventually could afford, as long as it’s a Nike shoe or etc , I’d be excited. So I used to collect sneakers but just the basic pairs. I still loved to dress up well don’t get it twisted, but there wasn’t anything significant about my style. Until I realized if I want certain clothes and brands, I have to work for it and save up. The sneaker head in me manifested and up-to today that’s my strongest point. 90% of my sneakers are exclusives and they stand out because it’s usually sneakers people’s fav celebs are seen wearing , or a shoe that’s you’ll see a lot on the net but never in person. Also I began to understand fashion is more than just material, it’s not just portrayal of character, fashion is a culture. So mainly I developed my personal sense of taste, fashion. Ive become more diverse too , I ventured into avenues I felt intimidated to, like different colors and clothing items and it has helped build my confidence. I went from worrying bout what people will think of my outfit to as long as I’m happy with it I don’t care what you think however I do accept new ideas and positive criticism. What you have to know is not everyone can like your style and they don’t need to. The brand doesn’t really matter but it’s also coincidental  that the best quality comes from the expensive brands.


I hope this conversation has sparked further debate and intrigued our readers, feel free to DM on IG ( @dripset_inc ) to spark a debate. Who knows, you might be on our next article.





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