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Damn. Fashion is a really crazy world  right now from my perspective, well in general luxury fashion has always been controversial especially due to their pricing. When i am talking about luxury fashion i am referring to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Dior, YSL, Balenciaga and so forth. Also the unsung heroes which happen to be the least popular but most luxurious brands one can get their hands on, i will elaborate on that further in this blog.

This post will focus mainly on luxury fashion right now, recent drops and collections, the aesthetics and the highly controversial Balenciaga. WELL personally i am not a major fan of the main stream luxury fashion brands because 1. They are accompanied by the most counterfeits its crazy! , i will elaborate a bit on that too 2. They become an eye-sore because everybody who can afford it or get their hands on a counterfeit already see themselves as a stylist or A$AP Rocky or something, no offence, and personally that is what i think of Gucci right now. I do not even feel the same when i wear any of my Gucci clothing anymore. That also reminds me of a question i was asked on curious cat the other day. Someone asked if i honestly think i am 'stylish', my response was NO. Why ? Cause i do not think i am stylish, i just wear dope and rare sh*t and dress well lol. ANYWAYS. When it comes to luxury fashion my favorites are the unsung heroes, the ultimate level of luxury when it comes to fashion. My favorite is GOYARD. If you listen to a lot of rap or trap i am sure you have heard it being referenced often. But because of its nature, you will hear more about it than you can see it.

GOYARD is the upper echelon of luxury. Its luxury within luxury. Goyard silently emerged a year after one of luxury fashions go to brand, Louis Vuitton. It all started in 1792 when Pierre-Francois Martin founded the House of Martin. from there on a rich history exists behind the arguably most prestigious brand (GOYARD), until it was bought by Jean-Michel Signoles in 1998 making it private owned and internationally renowned. Goyard focuses on trunk making and bags mostly but they also have a range of products now, but its RARE. Their clientele includes most of our favorite designers, celebrities and also royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The reason i am so in love with Goyard is because of how the brand is mysterious and prestigious. It thrives on maintaining highest levels of quality, limited quantities and highly influential and prestigious clientele, known and unknown. Sometimes some collections and products from Goyard are super limited and only purchased via appointment. It wont be all up in your face and on your every day TV Ad. Goyard does not come to you, you go to Goyard. Now from the little i have mentioned about it do you see the difference between Goyard and the most popular luxury brands these days? Honestly speaking, how often have you seen Goyard in person whether authentic or as a counterfeit.  Goyard also has very few stockists, in 2014 its official stockists were Barneys and Bergorf Goodman in New York and two stores in California.

I love how it manages to build mad hype behind the brand whilst preventing its legacy getting ruined by the clout chasing generation. Everything it does is in silence, shutting everyone out, whilst most luxury brands are seemingly merging with street-wear and capitalizing on digital marketing, Goyard does not get too involved. When reached out for an interview, according to them, Goyard made it clear that their official policy is not to speak directly to the press, instead referred them to another well know designer for comment, Karl Lagerfield. We all know how privacy and mystery is attractive. Another key element to their level of success and luxury is being independently owned. Most of our favorite luxury brands are under LVMH (A french multinational luxury goods conglomerate that also owns LV, Dior, Celine, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Bulgari) and Kering (An international luxury group based in Paris, it also owns Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Saint Laurent).

 Meaning the brand has stakeholders to answer to. Leading to compromising luxury by increasing product and putting out mediocre work to supply demand and stay in competition in order to dominate the market. That also brings up a new question, what exactly is LUXURY FASHION. Is it the product or the brand name. Because a in some cases a Goyard tote is cheaper than a Louis Vuitton tote, but in terms of luxury, Goyard is way ahead. Do not be fooled though, Goyard is not cheap. Goyard cares nothing for market domination. In summary it is like that kid who never attends class, when they do they sit at the back, talks little, does more and comes for exams and does better than everyone.


Before i go any further i would like to make it clear that i have nothing against MOST collections that have been surfacing recently from luxury brands. I actually love a number of them even though my style lays more to high-end streetwear. I just feel the definition of luxury fashion is becoming abused in some ways. I would mention all the collections i like and those im not fond of but this post is not a review or reaction post. How is luxury fashion changing ? I feel like the change has been brought upon by an increase in demand and the undeniable relationship between streetwear and luxury fashion that i once wrote about and also hypebeasts. Hence luxury brands are maximizing on the opportunity and are moving towards a more hype centered approach, the same approach that has caused a whole paradigm shift in the world of counterfeits which continue increasing and becoming insanely similar to the real deal. ''Who is popping more'' type of approach. Also because most of these brands dominate the market and are pioneers, having been found decades and decades ago.

They basically created a monopoly and hence can justify whatever product and price they put out just using the brand name before anything else. I personally feel like brands, most brands, could not care less about consumer needs right now, instead consumer needs are sort of dictated. Ofcourse they still give us what we feel is trendy, but again who is setting the trends in the first place? Food for thought. My main thought on luxury fashion right now is that some brands are really throwing away their founders blueprint and are beginning to sort of a make a mockery out of their consumers by releasing products that one would clearly NEVER wear if a friend gifted them and never told them its from a certain brand. Would you still wear or love whatever luxury fashion piece you love so much if it was not from that specific brand, if it was from an unknown local designer or local clothing store ? I feel like most brands are actually leading consumers into liking something and buying it whilst they do not really like it, why ?

Because they dictate trends and fashion and abandoning their most popular items might make some feel ''left out'' and not as stylish. Something ugly does not mean its unique neither does it make it fashionable cause its ugly. Most people are usually like ''Real fashion fans will understand'' or this clothing item is ''ahead of its time'' YES in some instances that is for sure the case, people see the price tag and already talk down on the product and what not. But that is not the case always, sometimes these clothing items are flat out UGLY. Another thing about luxury fashion these days is that some designs really lack innovation and base their designs on aesthetics of the poor, and sell them to those who can afford. A good example is the designs that lean towards the ''homeless look''. I liked the whole aesthetic to be honest but that wont change the fact that it was kind of disrespectful if you look at it from another perspective. 

What particularly triggered this line of thought in me was BALENCIAGA. If you follow the runway and are a fashion lover, i am sure you know where i am headed with this. Man, i love Balenciaga i will not deny and Demna Gvasalia has made it really popular and a common site amongst celebrities, fashion lovers and hypebeasts. Its definitely one of the go to brands in luxury fashion right now. But i strongly feel they are going overboard. Like a student whom is a teachers favorite so they hand in mediocre work and will still get an A. Some of the items they have recently been putting out are very questionable but hey that is my opinion. Amazingly, these items still sell out. Here is an example, The Balenciaga Tshirt Shirt, it caused a lot of confusion especially on Twitter, a lot were not amused. SIDENOTE: Balenciaga is the fastest growing brand under Kering and has had growth of over 100% in many sectors of the brand.



I wont dwell much on this, i will just leave you to ask yourself questions and think about what i have said. Ralph Rucci (American fashion designer, owner of the luxury brand CHADO RALPH RUCCI) also had a lot say about Balenciaga in the past months, these were his comments





 What if i told you that counterfeits are allegedly made in the same factories using the same raw materials as the luxury brands ? Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, made some very controversial remarks in 2016 June at the Chinese e-commerce behemoth's investor day. His comments on Chinese counterfeits were that most of the times ''they are better quality and better than the real names'' Of-course he meant high quality knock-offs such as those plaguing the market currently, not the ridiculously low priced ones. However this statement is very controversial as Alibaba has been constantly under legal fire because its one of the largest platforms that easily connects counterfeits to the consumers, naming products differently on their catalogs LOL. However there is more, Yanxuan, a chinese e-commerce giant under NetEase claimed to work directly with brands like Gucci, Burberry, Rimowa, Calvin Klein, Armani and more. Here is an extract from an article from Jing Daily that i found in an article by TFL.


At the end of the day, what you choose to believe is up-to you, personally the way knock offs are getting too similar to the real thing makes me think that it actually might be true. Also the fact that Balenciaga changed the manufacturing of the Triple-S from Italy to China, with no price change on the shoe though. However the Balenciaga customer service stated that the manufacturing moved to China where it was more favorable to make a lighter shoe. IF this is all true, whats your answer to the question, IS IT REALLY LUXURY CAUSE OF THE QUALITY AND MANUFACTURING OR THE NAME? Personally whether it is true or false, i really love fashion and i respect any designers work.

If i want something i will save up for it and buy it no matter how good the counterfeit looks, call me dumb or say that it is wasting money. But that is one of my principles, respecting peoples work. If i do not think it is worth it i will not not buy it neither will i get the counterfeit. That is why i carry out legit checks as much as i can with the information i have on the product. Feel free to do more research on the link between counterfeits and the real deal.

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