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 Most of the times, whether I’m busy or not , mid creating or not, I find myself self-reflecting on my actions and on my way of life as a whole which includes several other aspects. Trying to be a better version of myself each and every day. Yes I’m a fashion blogger but the reason I share and write such posts is in the hope to impact and change a strangers life for the positive through sharing my line of thoughts alongside the clothing/fashion [DRIPSET] provides. Also to engage in an interaction of different mindsets which may be along the same line of thought as me at that particular time.

As I reflected over the past days, weeks and months when the year just begun, I began to understood more about happiness. It’s importance lies in its definition which may differ from one person to the other. In my opinion happiness is the most important aspect in our lives and affects everything else long and short term, directly and indirectly. It is the nucleus and the powerhouse that determines a large portion of the way you deal with consequences from past actions, actions in current situations and future actions/plans. For me a lot of things are centered around that one thing, happiness. 




Happiness is the overall state of well-being of an individual which influences the degree of their peace of mind. It has no value, it is priceless and I would personally not trade any amount of money or currency for it. For me happiness and energy are slightly different things which SHOULD be protected at all costs. How do they differ ? You determine your own happiness no one will, your mentality, actions and choices determine your happiness, unlike energy which is greatly influenced by who you’re constantly around and associated with. Energy therefore determines your actions and choices and furthermore some of the events that may take place in your life in the future. Your happiness will influence the type of energy you portray and put out as an individual: hate, jealousy, love, fake, genuine, half-hearted or whatever.

 One of the biggest problems in my eyes is how we let social media and someone else define happiness for us. As cliche as it sounds, take time to define what happiness is to you by engaging with reality more than social media for a certain period of time. It’s not abnormal to just stare in space and think. It’s not wrong to imagine, the less you’re connected/addicted to social media, the more explosive your imagination is. Because it’s being purely driven from mostly you, and whatever’s on your mind. It’s not driven by imagining the Lamborghini you saw on the timeline and were told to RT for “good luck” or the bag of cash you saw on the timeline and were told to RT for “financial freedom” lol. Have you ever thought about it like this, what if we actually like things we don’t truly like ? What if we like certain things just because it’s what we’re being exposed to or because that’s what everyone else has decided to like ? Do you genuinely like the things you long for so much. Think about it 

 I often see people on social media talk about how it’s better to be sad and rich than be poor and happy. Most people’s argument in regard to this is that with money, you can buy the things that make you happy because the reason in the first place you are sad is because you don’t have the money to buy that particular thing. But in actual fact your desire for that item might actually have arose from your urge and craving to be happy hence blinding you from your true source of sadness. Like a drug, when you get the money and get what you want, it’s only a matter of time before the love for it fades away and you desire something else. Now does that mean you’ll be sad each time you cannot get what you want ? Be it related to money or not. 

 I agreed with that statement (regardless of what situation I am in) until recently when I failed to place a value on happiness, even after thinking about it for several hours, I kid you not. The problem is for you to truly value your happiness, you’ll have to lose it first, only then will you truly appreciate it and guard it at ALL COSTS. But before that, even what I am saying right now in this post might have you rolling your eyes, which I totally understand......because sometimes experience is really the best teacher. Happiness is like a portal to the perfect peace of mind. Like I once  tweeted ( @dripsetofficial ) “ Peace of mind is the foundation of true happiness.

Take care and protect yourself, mentally, before anything else.''And you’ll see the rest fall into shape like a puzzle. Do not over work yourself and do not let anyone dictate or force you to rush your creative process. Your progress is not directly proportional to the amount of work you put out there. A 100 meaningless and rushed pieces of work can not compared to 10 pieces that are a result of an individuals natural creative process, because those 10 pieces carry so much depth, weight and meaning. Yes friends and mentors opinions can come a long way, but trust your 6th sense too, don’t dwell too much on others opinions. Use those opinions to better your work BUT better it without changing it to suit someone else’s preferences. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Do not stress yourself over stuff you cannot change but instead figure out how to avoid such in the future. I think most people tend to dwell too much on what could go wrong and on what went wrong instead of focusing on what can be done to prevent what went wrong in the future and focusing on what could go well, the positive.

 A typical situation whereby pessimism > optimism is a toxic situation. Yes it’s always good to perform “ Risk Analysis “ in order to prepare for the bad but it should only be to a certain extent, in everything you do and in everything you create make sure your mindset is in a positive place, it’s very crucial to your end product and whatever you yield. You cannot change anything that has already happened so why stress over it, focusing on the negatives will just make you drown in your sadness therefore compromising your peace of mind. When you have peace of mind, everything else seems to take shape by itself because you’ll be taking each day as it comes, doing everything passionately, pure-heartedly with absolutely no self doubt. You’re basically living the right way, naturally. Don’t ever let anyone black mail you emotionally or tell you that you’re stuck up when you put your happiness first  to protect yourself, mentally and emotionally. If something does not sit well with you say it and if the other party/parties are not willing to accommodate how you feel, simply dissociate yourself from such. As a creative I’ve noticed how whenever I have the absolute best peace of mind, all my work is driven purely from what I like with zero external pressure or influence unless if there’s something that inspired that work specifically. When you don’t have peace of mind, there is a danger of creating work based on emotions or poor mental and personal well being, as much as it is expressing emotions through your work, which is what we all strive for, negative emotions tend to overshadow your creativity unlike how positive emotion tends to make your creativity stand out. Like I said, its clearer experienced than being told or read. Another danger of compromising your happiness, the portal to your peace of mind, is ending up acting in hope/seeking approval which is the highest level of compromise when it comes to an individuals art. When you acquire the approval from society or whoever, can you be considered happy? Which brings me to this question, how many people are TRULY happy ? Food for thought.

 On the same line of thought, I mentioned energy earlier on. Energy is real guys. When you support someone, support them genuinely, pure heartedly with no expectations of getting something in return. If whether someone can benefit you in any way before you support them Is a “ requirement “ for you to support them, don’t bother.

 Like Kanye West said In a tweet:



Why it’s important to make sure you’re genuine is that just like karma what goes around comes around. Life is very funny you know. You’d be surprised the people you’ll attract are highly likely to have the same energy as you. Would you want a bunch of fake love and some “ just Incase he/she pops off “ typa energy around you ? People who feel their entitled to a medal for your achievements because they were “around” and your “number 1” fan. You know why having the right energy within yourself and around you can make or break you? It’s because energy clearly leads to synergy. Synergy is defined as   the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. What type of synergy does toxic,negative or directionless energy yield ?

Learn to have constructive competition with your competitors, you don’t have to hate someone because they are a challenge, learn from each other, inspire each other and most importantly work with each other. There will always be someone to challenge you and there may be better than you in their own way but that’s not what you should be focusing on in the first place. You should be focusing on being the best at what YOU do. What so and so is doing should not bother you, creativity is not a competition and neither is life itself.

As a creative, artist or etc, working with someone or a “rival” is not taboo, a collective of creative ideas from two totally different sides is EXTREMELY POWERFUL..... Synergy.  Collectively you’ll create an impact that’ll be too hard to ignore. Also BE CAREFUL, of people who will act like they are willing to work together whilst deep down they want to use you, like I said energy is real, if you’re intentions are PURE, you’ll attract PURE hearted people too, don’t take energy and karma for granted. You’re not forced to like anyone’s work or grind, but that doesn’t mean you should hate on it for no reason either.

 The cake is tooo big for us all......greed to have it all to one self is not necessary and in most cases doesn’t pay off , share that cake, and make bigger cakes to share with more people. Empowering each other as creatives is a bigger accomplishment in the long run. 


Guard your happiness and energy, sit back and watch everything else fall into place 

 Thank You for taking your time to read this post. Feel free to comment your opinions on Happiness and Energy.

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