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Let me start by saying this, if you’re a Travis Scott fan you obviously know how his popularly known by the name LA FLAME & Cactus Jack. This shoe screams LA FLAME and is unforgiving as a Cactus touched with bare hands, it’s a masterpiece just like Travis Scott’s music.

Retailing at only R2299 approx USD170 with only 48 pairs being available in the whole of South Africa ( 24 pairs in Johannesburg and 24 in Cape Town ) getting a pair of these wasn’t a walk in the park. After waking up early on Friday 8 December morning to go participate in the Shelflife Raffle, see pictures below of the raffle for the shoe, where I spotted several hypebeasts, some in the rare Yeezy Calabasas tracksuit , A COLD WALL apparel , Converse x Comme des garçons Chuck Taylor's, SUPREME and many more house hold streetwear brands. as you know all exclusive sneakers are bought via live or online raffle to enable and grant everyone a fair chance to get a pair. I didn’t manage to win and I caught an L. This meant I couldn’t buy the shoe at R2299 anymore but instead I’d have to get it at resale price which is USD995+ on some sites such as, and after I hit up my connects I managed to get it on Saturday 9 December at almost four times the original price! Which I didn’t mind at all , Why ? Because I realized I can’t shop at the mall anymore, it’s either I already have the best shoe their stocking or there’s only mediocre shoes and the best stock will always be released in large quantities in the mall stores in order to have large sales, meaning the chance of you wearing the same shoe as someone anywhere you go is approximately 3 out of every 5 people. This is because of how people are still stuck up in following trends hence end up looking the same. I personally prefer exclusive clothing and collaborations I know won’t be easy to get at all no matter how people may desire to get their hands on them.

Travis Scott when asked on how he came about with the design he said "I looked at the making of this shoe the same way I will make an album. I wanted it to tell a story about me. I set the tone to go crazy at my shows. Im the acid of rap" .

I kid you not, he was not lying. As all sneaker-heads and fashion enthusiasts know, as Nike celebrate the 35th anniversay of Air Force 1, the Oregon-based retailer has joined forces with creatives globally to showcase the unforgettable AF100 project with sneakerheads around the world. After collaborations with household names such as Supreme & Comme des garçons and magnificent general releases , Nike went on to unveil the new pack titled the “ AF100 “ including collaborative versions with Don C, Roc-a-Fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke, ACRONYM’s Errolson Hugh, and Travis Scott. The Travis Scott x Nike Cactus Jack AF1 low is part of this collection.

Overally i give this shoe 8.8/10.


It’s key features are a reflective canvas upper that is seen to be purplish in the front section and changes to yellow as it approaches the classic swoosh. This creates a silhouette with incredible dimension and depth. Going on to further outline the tongue with the reflective material amplified the Travis Effect. The shoes come with three velcro articulations of the classic Swoosh which allow you to mix and create combinations with them, wear the shoe “ swooshless “ or wear your favorite to create the classic AF1 look all depending on the mood you want to set for your fit.The La Flame swoosh which represents a burning swoosh to signify Travis Scott’s signature name is my favorite. It also looks like it’s literally burning when exposed to light in darkness due to the type of material used.As if it wasn’t enough .... the traditional Nike Air sign and swoosh on the heel were turned upside down ! Plot twist....the sign on top of being upside down SIGNIFICANTLY glows in the dark similarly to the sole of the Nike Air Yeezy II. This segment of the design makes it a very rare airforce shoe as Nike and Travis Scott broke the rules, swaying away from the normal Nike Air heel sign, something Nike will highly unlikely ever do again. Travis Scott is known to break the rules and do it HIS way, something that he also declared with this design, he was once arrested for a few hours after inciting a riot at his Northwest Arkansas concert, encouraging his fans to break the barricades as they were too far from him and he wanted to rage with them, fans followed the artists commands bypassing security and turning up the whole show to a whole other level. Showing his personality and character is something Travis and Nike managed to do with all aspects of the design. Two removable patches were added on top of the laces , the patches are in the form of the Travis Scott Cactus Jack sign/emblemsomething never seen or imagined on the a simple and classic Nike silhouette. Coming with a gum sole blends well with the color of the shoe, which is an ivorish and off whitish color. It also comes with a lace deubré shaped like Travis’s signature grills.

It' most definetly is a MUST COP. The best Air Force 1 ever made in my opinion, check out photos below of what seems to be a soon to come olive colorway which Travis Scott is holding as he wears the currently released pair, a short video of the shoes , pictures of Drake, Travis , Bella Hadid and more wearing them .

[wpvideo PlxcZ23y ]

Picture credit : [ DRIPSET ] shot by Keith Benza, Travis Scott Instagram, Travis Scott TMZ mugshot

Opening video : RSVP Gallery Instagram

Closing Video : [ DRIPSET ]

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