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One of my favorite quotes, especially at this point in life. You’re not the center of the universe, it hurts but it’s true.

In this post I’ll tell you why that particular quote hit home and totally changed my [ DRIP ] completely. At the very very beginning of [ DRIPSET ] I’d sometimes zone out on a regular day, asking myself why some of the work I produced wasn’t as appreciated (compared to now). But at the same time I reflected on the disappointing incidents I had encountered with some of the people I’d asked the simplest of favors from, for example a certain Namibian female blogger. The very first thing that happened during this reflection , is me hearing a voice in my head telling me NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING. I was puzzled, not because of the voices restriction and blunt statement but I was puzzled because of the statement being very correct. Ever since that day, trust me I’ve rarely encountered disappointments and I’ve cut out expectations. Someone willing to help you will do it out of good will, if you feel like you’re sucking up to someone and letting go of your principles and going against your DRIP, leave it’s not worth it at all. If you’re not comfortable thinking about doing something, imagine how you’ll feel when you actually do it.

Yes, NO ONE CARES and understanding this is very important because if you don’t acknowledge this you will end up playing pity party and it will affect your art, be it Music, Design or whatever. And these are two major cons

Playing pity party represents and is a sign of lacking confidence in your own self. How do you expect the people to take you seriously if you’re continuously moaning and complaining and begging to be heard. The fact that you actually playing pity party about it means that the degree of value for your work is determined by the public, which is not supposed to be the case. You’re the owner of what you create, you know your potential and all people can do is help you through positive criticism but can never tell you the value of your work. Ladies and Gentlemen patience is a major key. When you create your body of work/art it should speak for itself ,not you. If you see yourself trying to play advocate for some work to actually get it noticed rather than normal promo ,then revisit it, let all your frustration and energy (cause it’s only human to feel that way sometimes) be channeled to your creativity and improving your work , let your work be your voice....hard work will NEVER go unnoticed. Keep a steady pace life is not a race. What hurts us the most is comparison and focusing on not only your work but on others. To some extent it’s only natural to judge where you stand in comparison to those around you but natural isn’t necessarily normal. You can only be big COMPARED to something smaller than you, but it’s not the same with greatness. In simple terms this just implies greatness is recognized everywhere, BUT being big isn’t recognized when you cross paths with someone bigger. You will always suck to someone but it’s okay it’s their problem.

No one cares if you spent 72 hours putting In work and making your art. No one cares if you cried mid process or how much you invested in it. No one cares if you did it on top of the roof whilst there was a storm. People just care about what your [ DRIP ] ( Dreams Realizations Innovations Productions ) has birthed. Never mistake hard work to being entitled because you’re not entitled to anything from anyone. Waiting on being recognized and popular ruins careers and cripples them, because you’re not perfecting your work and becoming better in the process. Rather work in hope and prayer that your talent will be spotted by someone. Dedicate 100% of yourself into whatever you’re working on no matter the circumstances , if it’s gonna reach out to even 1 person. It’s awesome. Because 1 can turn to 1000 but what can 0 turn to ? The amount of work you put into something and whatever you invest in it and it’s value to you does not mean you’re entitled to anyone caring about what you’re doing, nonetheless don’t ever let being ignored discourage you. When you put out something you have told yourself Is the best work you’ve ever done , and it doesn’t move anyone AT ALL. Smile and work harder, trust me , it’s easier said than done but that’s the sad truth. Never trade your satisfaction and love for your own work for people to relate. It’s more about how honest you are with yourself than how many people like your work. It's about whether YOU love it or not.

Here are some of “ My DRIPciples “ Principles that I’ve crafted with my [ DRIP ]

• STAY AWAY from every type of negativity, even if it’s your best friend , girlfriend or whoever. The energy you surround yourself with is greatly influential on the energy you put out.

• Whenever you see yourself seeking recognition, acknowledgement and “ clout “. Stop , work harder , it will find you.

• Never compare your progress to someone else’s., we don’t all have the same fate.

• All your failures define your success, they are a learning curb.

• Stop trying to explain yourself to people, on why you failed. No one cares neither should you.

• Slow progress is better than no progress, when you feel like everything is going left, think of the very first time you started

• After you produce some work, if you feel it’s not good enough, don’t get rid of it. Instead work harder on it till you’re satisfied it’s up to par.

• Don’t pressurize yourself, if you don’t have a solid idea, work on it and develop it instead of putting out rushed work in order to increase your followers and etc. Rather have quality work reaching a small audience than poor work reaching the whole world. First impression is IMPORTANT

“ It takes seconds for fertilization but it takes 9 months to birth a baby, success is your baby, don’t abort it when you’re almost there “ - Brian ET Benza


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