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I feel like there is one thing that sucks for everyone who is a hell bent fashion lover and a sucker for dressing in the best clothes, basically for anyone trying to dress their best. I am sure we all know that the main problem is AFFORDABILITY.

One of the most heartbreaking incidents is heading to the website/store of your dream clothing item/shoe so enthusiastic about purchasing it and getting your hands on one of these items, only to find out the price tag is definitely not for your tax bracket. Sometimes it happens to me too, logging on to the ENFANTS RICHES DÉPRIMÉS website only to find out the tshirt I want is USD1500 and I’m definitely not one of the kids that have the privilege of just getting their parents credit card and ball out. Which I personally think has helped mould and shape me into working hard towards getting anything I want and it has even affected all aspects of my life. Through fashion and the love of fashion, when I put my eyes on anything in life I’m willing to work hard to get it. Anyways back to the issue at hand lol, as much as you may want something and it has a hefty price tag…ask yourself three vital questions, 1. Am I buying this because I truly love it.

2. Am I buying this because wearing “ Prada “ (or whatever brand) will boost my social status and I can finally mingle with certain people,

3. if there’ was 0% hype around this item would I buy it. It helps, a lot ! Because when you buy that USD1000 Prada dress, tracksuit or whatever and then you wear it for the first time. Only to notice that no one gives a damn about you and your Prada whilst Question 2 was the MAIN reason you bought it, you will feel like throwing away that USD1000 item ! It is very unnecessary to succumb to the pressure and hype around clothing you cannot afford, your reason for buying something cheap or expensive should be because you love it, simple. Why pressure yourself to going as far as buying fake merchandise and fake designer clothing to fit in when you there’s millions of unbranded clothes that look amazing and compliment your bank account.

The worst is suffering from debt or stressing your parents over something you solely want because of the brand name and hype. Asking my self these questions has helped me in the greatest ways, in the longest time never have I bought something I’ve regretted getting. I can buy a clothing piece with a hefty price tag even if it’s a designer that’s not famous or hyped up, why ? Because I like the item. I am not going to just buy it because Its by Alexander Wang. And I have also never sacrificed my money on any clothing item that I love half heartedly because what’s the point ? And if I can’t afford it I cannot , I will not die and neither will you. The best I will do is work towards getting that item. Just try adhere to those 3 questions and their power will manifest effortlessly in your life.

Do You Truly Want It in 2018 ? Isn’t it funny how the simplest things can change your entire life ? Which is what [ DRIPSET ] ‘s first upcoming collection is all about , the Chaos Theory popularly known as the Butterfly Effect. If you truly want anything you’ll get it, because you will put your all into working into obtaining it. A pen and a note book can get you that’ designer piece of clothing you’ve been dreaming of day and night and seeing your favorite celebrities constantly flaunt it. The biggest question at this point is how ? If there’s one thing that people neglect but is one of the greatest tools is the Wishlist on any website. Which is totally normal because theoretically it’s quite senseless to put a USD1500 item on the wishlist when your 3 month bank statement doesn’t even amount to that much money. But this is Fashion it’s not Newton’s law, it’s lawless.

Take a pen and paper, literally, forget about your digital notepad. Write down every single item you want regardless of the price tag and regardless of the amount of items and also go to the websites their sold on and put them on your wishlist, unless some of these items are available from authentic and authorized distributors in the country/city you stay. Whenever you go shopping or want to spend in general, especially if you’re an impulsive buyer; write down the things you want to buy at that particular moment against the things you’ve wrote as your wishlist. Trust me, you’ll notice that sometimes you do not even need some of the things you were about to buy and even if you did, dropping it and saving that money for what you truly want rather than just going shopping for the sake of just buying new stuff or clothes, is way better. Will you enjoy a closet with 100 t-shirts but with 0 of your favorite ones ? I wouldn’t.

Learn how to feed your desires the right way which is partly by earning the money than waiting for a handout for example working but due to several circumstances you might not be able to get a job on the side for extra cash. This is where your DRIP-set comes in. Brainstorm and activate innovation within yourself, earn money legally by doing something you love and are talented at, develop patience and accept whatever allowance your parents give you and practice financial discipline with that allowance, most importantly believe in yourself ! It’ll come a long way. Without doing at-least what I mentioned, you might as well just window shop your whole life. You have a whole 11 and a half months ahead to obtain items on your list, even if it’s 3 items you manage to get out of the 20 you wrote down, there’s nothing such as backward progress or slow progress, progress is progress period. And I guarantee you once you get the hang of it you’ll be surprised how your life will change completely from “ I wish I had “ to “ I managed to get “. Because you have taught yourself self discipline and you’ve taught yourself to be goal driven. I will always stress how Fashion is more than just the cloth, if you’re able to obtain clothing items off a list of things you’ve never imagined you’d wear till you get your first pay check , how will you fail to complete your life goals ? How will you fail to become what you really want to be in life ?

All aspects of your life will flourish because of the discipline and goal driven character you developed from your love of fashion. Personally my love for fashion has taught me to be financially strategic, not succumb to trend/peer/hype pressure and much more but most importantly it taught me that never tell yourself that you don’t belong in a certain position because you’re not good enough and this came from me entering the Gucci store before I could even afford their socks, I told myself I belong in there before i even had the money to purchase a single thing by them because I love their clothing. At first I never understood how the A$AP MOB including the ever so stylish Asap Rocky would be dressed in designer head to toe but were nothing close to rich. It wasn’t loans, credit cards or finance…it was their passion for fashion that made them work and hustle hard enough to feed their passion and it went further on to driving them out of Harlem and moulding them into who they are today because they became hard workers overally.

Basically in life as a whole, if you put your mind to something you can get it, anything ! Don’t let anyone make you believe that “ some goals are too big “

Happy New Year to everybody, stay woke. [ DRIPSET ] has a lot in the pipeline. Thanks for all the support throughout 2k17.


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