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Mindset , pronounced /ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt/ , according to the dictionary means ” the established set of attitudes held by someone”. Okay let me break this down real quick. The set of attitudes you develop as an individual have to have a root of origin and they also have to have an influence fueling their development but as we can see , the word mindset or should I say definition ; leaves the two most important aspects open to correlation with several surrounding issues and pressures . The two most important aspects i am talking about are ” influence ” and ” origin ” .Why lose a mindset ? Why lose something that you’ve been told several times by people and motivational speakers to ” change ” or ” mold ” ? The reason is what if the mindset you’ve had all along is built on the foundation of the wrong ” origin ” and ” influence ” .

What I mean by this is that we’re surrounded by so many people everyday of our lives , we’re surrounded by people who think they know everything and have advice for everything. For some people , they have parents who constantly tell them to develop a certain mentality or drop certain aspects of their ” mindsets ” for the better , but the thing is for the better of WHO ? For the better of you or all these people thinking they know what’s good for you. Don’t take me wrong , don’t go disrespect your parents , listen to them , learn to listen to people’s advice ….IF you choose a [ DRIPSET ] and lose a mindset , you’ll be able to pick the advice that is in correlation with what you as an individual values and considers important. What you personally want for your life , for your future , for yourself . Most importantly for your legacy. So to define [ DRIPSET ] in this context and comparison , no I’m not going to give some complex definition or some fancy english words . A [ DRIPSET] is a mindset that has the influence being yourself and the root of origin being your heart and your ” DRIP “ like I explained in my previous blog , your [ Dreams Innovations Realizations and Productions ]. You are your own [ DRIPSET ] .


One of my favorite quotes comes from Michael Kors ” 70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluff—that’s color, pattern, shine, accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way round, then can’t figure out why they can’t get dressed.”

This simply means people get stuck with clothes they can’t wear everyday , or items that don’t go with the rest of their clothes , hence wear it once and chuck it at the back of the closet forever , all because you forgot to focus on the meat and potatoes , the basics.

Most teens , excluding those that come from well off families , usually have a limited amount of money to spend on shopping. Not everyone has a part time job or money earning ventures on the side . Most teenagers rely solely on their parents , which I feel is kind of sad in an era of ‘DRIPing’ , but anyways let me not divert , that’s a story for another day. Avoid buying things you don’t need ,as much as this sounds cliche, this is some of the best advice I will ever give you. There are several individuals stuck with 70% of clothes they don’t wear no more in their wardrobe, or clothes they only wear once in a while. I’ve been in this position before , before I found myself. Like I said , due to having a certain mindset, you can be pressurized to buy clothes you don’t even need and you won’t even realize it . Friends can pop up a conversation in the group chat about a certain clothing item and praise it so much your mindset tells you that , ” Damn , I really need this stuff “. ” Cool kids ” on Instagram can buy clothes that look good for them and clothes that go with their [ DRIP ] , but because you don’t have your own [ DRIP ] and you stuck with a messed up programmed mindset , you’ll use the little money you have to buy an outfit that won’t even look good on you .At that time you’ll think that you REALLY need them and that they are very cool. For those who follow trends , not every trend will be for you , let some of these trends pass ( look at PYREX & BEEN TRILL, those brands are dead in the streetwear world now , it only took a year. Imagine if you stacked 90% of your closet with those items ) ; you really won’t lose anything by letting trends pass or better yet like I always say …BE THE TREND.

The worst part is due to limited money , you won’t have enough money to buy the thing you really want for yourself after buying something that makes other people happy, the clothes that make you happy , the clothes you can wear everyday and be happy and look good in them. When you get money for shopping, don’t just go to the mall to search for clothes that you wanna buy immediately , start your planning at home. Days or even weeks before shopping ….believe it or not , I plan next months shopping before I even have the money yet. Even when you see something , ask yourself a million questions before purchasing it. Unless of cause its high end fashion cause it sells out in seconds. Write down the things you really want , the things that you can wear every day and feel comfortable in and look good in , these should be first priority before the things that have just been on your mind because of the hype built around them .HYPE will ruin your life. If it’s one t-shirt that will cost USD300 and finish all your money , go for it cause you love it and need it , not because of the hype, unless you’ve got the money , then it’s not a problem. Being a true Hypebeast requires a lot of money, I can testify . If you have a limited budget , before you go shopping , pick and figure out the items that will serve a universal purpose . For example a pair of shoes that will go with 75% of the clothes you already own. That way you can buy one pair of shoes , and use the rest of the money on other items, instead of getting a pair of shoes that will only go with 20% of your clothes but will take 75% of your shopping money, now you’ll either have to wear them with the clothes that don’t even compliment them and feel uncomfortable all day , or buy more shoes for the rest of the clothes , and this will cost you way more. Take the word priority really serious , it will take you a long way , I promise . Choose a [ DRIPSET ] , and carry your ” DRIP ” with you when you go shopping .

Thank you for reading , much love .

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