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Energy is transferable from one human being to another , energy can represented in any desired way, the energy you keep around you is a major factor to the energy you’ll put out as an individual. CONTROL THE SYNERGY ? Synergy is the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together. The type of people around you determine the type of energy you’re exposed to and the type of energy you absorb . This can either make or break you, totally. In most of my blogs I encourage people to follow their dreams and not care what anyone has to say about it . Make sure the people you keep around you understand and support your vision. Not just because their close to you or anything but make sure it’s because they are really in agreement and in support of your goals. Get rid of people who constantly tell you that you can never achieve your goals because of problems a,b,c,d …because every problem has a solution and no barrier is impossible to overcome with determination and dedication. Having negative people around you will increase the rate at which you question yourself. You start questioning yourself regularly whether what you’re trying to pursue is actually worth it or not . Negative people will have you thinking that you’re too delusional to think you’d succeed doing what you love most. No matter how strong a character you are , at some point you may fail during your dream chasing journey and all the negative energy that’s been around you will take advantage of your emotions due to failure . It will pounce on you and devour your determination and hope , it will kill your dream. Control your synergy by keeping the highest level of positivity around you , you need people who will tell you that you’ve done a great job because it really is one and will tell you what you have to improve in in order to become a better person , positive criticism is the foundation of a flawless product . Learn to also accept correction. As long as you have people who are willing to grow and build to the top together , the synergy is incredible and best believe ….it will never go to waste. Embrace those that encourage you to work harder , keep positive energy around you. They’ll tell you that you’re wasting your time whilst you’re moving forward , sometimes moving at turtle pace is demotivating , but for the sun to set it has to rise . DICTATE YOUR ENERGY Fashion culture and material products have become increasingly important in helping create identities and energy .They say that clothes say a lot about your character , true . But it is an understatement, clothes represent your whole being as a human , they represent your vibe , culture and your energy. Why do you think something called ” dress code ” exists I believe it is not about wanting people to look a certain way or have a certain degree of uniformity …instead it is to set an energy level for that particular occasion. I never adhere to dress codes , you know why ? Dressing goes beyond what we see on our bodies . Dressing influences behavior and mentality. And I am not willing to behave or think and represent what someone else wants , i am who I am and I shall be who i am. My dressing should represent me as a person and nothing else and no one else.Have you ever realized that most guys who wear suits/formal aim to want look successful but aren’t actually successful. Note I said “most” not all. And most people are okay with this because in the society we live in , if I was to go to an event with someone wearing a suit and me drapped up in streetwear and high end fashion , people would think im unemployed or the person in the suit is my employer. This is a very huge problem . Because certain dress codes have made some people limit themselves in terms of productivity because they have become content with being viewed as successful by society by being judge merely from their dressing ,so in the end due to such a mentality , a type of success and level of success is created in ones brain , the sad part is most of the times this success is non-existent . Would you rather look like you’re intelligent by being that student who always visits the library and studies during designated study times but whilst you’re actually just average. Or would you rather be that intelligent student who studies at a venue of their choice at their own desired time that suits them more? Don’t ever find your self dressing to try put out a certain impression that you as a person doesn’t stand for or represent . Because in the end you just become one big fraud. The fact that you had to hide your true identity behind a certain dress code is already a warning sign that you aren’t really who you pretend to be. When you wake up and decide to pick an outfit , never consider ” dress code ” , unless you are going to a meeting or job interview whereby you are kinda forced to adhere to dress code . When picking an outfit ask yourself one major question . WHAT TYPE OF ENERGY DO I WANT TO PORTRAY,ATTRACT AND DEFLECT. That means when you step out , you look the way YOU want and that by itself puts your level of confidence at the highest point. Use it as an advantage on your saddest and worst days, dressing up can bring satisfaction and can be a great mood changer . All because as long as you dress according to your own energy , mentally you already feel in charge , in control and indeed the energy you put out when you feel that way is powerful because in that case it is very hard for someone to derail you from pursuing your dreams and goals if you’re confident in yourself . A simple thing such as dressing up is capable of alternating your energy levels and your vibe . Without confidence negative energy can consume you in a matter of seconds of being exposed to it .

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