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$0 SHOPPING ??? YES, literally. What if i told you that you stressing over new clothes or getting that jiggy outfit for the party that is gonna be attended by the people who dress so good that they are literally fire in human form( the likes of me haha, sorry not sorry) is totally a waste of time because you probably have the jiggiest/coziest (i hate saying lit) clothes in your house. Especially if you have wavy parents/older siblings who love fashion, this is because of two reasons that i am yet to mention. Before i carry on i would like to clarify a common misconception. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between vintage clothing and simply worn out garments.Vintage is something special that has proved and passed the test of time and has remained of relevance for its timelessness of style. It may also have historical or cultural significance. Did you know Apple has t shirts and shoes? Yes ,that is some rare vintage. In the fashion world we call them GRAILS(story for another day). For true and serious fashion fans,vintage clothing is something vital and crucial. Here are some tips for buying/identifying vintage clothes. Feel the fabric, sizing has changed over decades so it does not matter, as long as it fits perfect with the outfit. Make sure it can be tailored to adjust it to your personal demands and start by doing your research as to identify classics. BEING AN OLD PIECE OF CLOTHING does not necessarily mean its vintage. Most importantly, know your era. The eras closest to the current one are the easier to identify vintage clothes from. For people who are not into vintage clothes you are lost, why? Because there is way more handwork and less machine tailoring hence better fits. And most have excellent fabric. A vintage Chanel or Hermes jacket will cost you ALOT , but that is why i made you an article. Shopping these items for no cost at all. There is nothing like a ‘new’ trend in fashion. Fashion is just greatly evolving and old fashion is usually made a trend. Why? Because when that fashion was popping most people in the present era would have not been born yet or would still be babies. And this alone is actually mind blowing , in the sense that (for trend followers) you probably wasting money buying clothes you already have but just do not know it. Yeah right now i am not making sense but i am about to haha. What i mean is : Your parents and older siblings are highly likely to have the jiggiest and trendiest clothes that they used to wear whilst you were still crawling or before you cared about looking good. Take a moment to go through their wardrobe or that big suitcase that’s been closed for years with clothes that are no longer being worn .The vintage store that you long for so bad but cannot find because vintage clothing has sold out and is being sold for very high prices on the internet is highly likely to be in your house already! Feel dumb yet? Well that was me months ago. After spending several hours searching for online AUTHENTIC vintage clothing, all i found was highly priced vintage clothing on eBay. Prices that i could not afford (at that time). Then one day my mom was spring cleaning…and me being curious opened some big old bag that had so much dust on it i swear it looked like it was found in a haunted house. To my surprise , i could not believe what i saw. The jiggiest clothes and clothes that had been made trendy recently. From Prada track-pants from the 2002 FALL COLLECTION , to vintage Louis Vuitton accessories, Adidas tracksuits, Fila sneakers and a bunch of stuff that i wont say cause i don’t want to seem like i’m stunting. This Blog ain’t to stunt, I stunt in real life, naturally. I felt dumb because this was stuff i had been looking for ever since i forecast the wave. Go shopping in your parents and older siblings or cousins wardrobe, you will thank me later. I thank my parents for loving good clothing. I have a sister so no luck in her wardrobe haha If you are one of those kids that never had massive body changes in terms of size, you are lucky,unlike me. Remember those t shirts you nagged your parents to buy you, of your favorite wrestler ? The Nike pants you got for Christmas from grandma? The same ones you packed away because they are not cool anymore because we now all know WWE is fake and t shirts full of print aren’t cool(according to society dumb-ass trends) GO LOOK FOR THEM….check amongst your old clothes or wherever. You would be surprised by the killer the outfits that are laying dead in your room, pun intended. TIP : WWE t shirts are the coziest and a massive wave waiting to hit the shores. For fashion lovers, you know that vintage print tees are the new order. Just like how rock band t shirts beeeen popping . But only NOW are most people are jumping on em because they now see their favorite celebs wearing them,just like the old skool vans. Why do you think Kylie and Kendall Jenner created t shirts with their pics layered over BIG Notorious and 2 Pac ? They are trying to make money off a high tide wave. Anyways enough of that…. that’s info i usually only give customers who want to be styled or advised. SEE,i love y’all. Hence free advice for my beloved readers ? FORECAST THE WAVE. Don’t be late for the party. To be honest i think it is really corny to hop onto a new style or fashion just because its now popular. Because you gonna be looking like EVERYBODY ELSE AROUND YOU. Ewww. Discover trends that are not yet familiar with the people around you. How do i do it ? I am inspired by culture. I read on fashion sites from different parts of the world. Hong Kong , India , the US , Sweden and basically globally. I also have fashion icons i look up-to , one of them is myself haha. By icons, these are stylists that i know are not as known and mainstream but are behind many celebrity outfits…..i follow their journeys and learn, but i never copy. That way i can already for-see trends that are yet to be mainstream because eventually popular celebs go to these icons to be styled. I also get new ideas for AWESOME FITS. Guys you may have the most expensive clothes but if you cannot put together a good fit, it is no use !!! You can buy clothes but money cannot buy you style or a good fashion sense.Get someone who inspires you , ask for advice and be inspired instead of being jealous. DO NOT COPY. DEVELOP YOUR IDEAS FROM THE INSPIRATION.

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