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Whenever you pick out an outfit or when you develop a specific fashion sense there has to be a FOCAL POINT. Your aim has to be to create a smooth silhouette under the fabric. With ignorance and negligence you develop the ‘ ill pick whatever looks nice ‘ mentality. But its not about looking nice, its about looking great. And not knowing your personal and normal focal points can severely cripple your fashion sense and the amount of money you spend on fashion. The Focal point is the focus. Basically these are the main elements that stand out more on an outfit ,it can be a simple piece but very detailed piece of an outfit. You may create your own focal points and overshadow the norm, its quite difficult to do so hence that’s why you need a stylist to advice you and guide you into discovering your inner stylist. Unlike other stylists, I style people and help them embark on their journey of finding their inner stylist. The ‘seventh’ sense as I’d like to call it. FEEDING THE FOCUS The focus can be any part of the outfit. SPEND MORE MONEY ON THE ATTENTION GRABBING OR STATEMENT PIECES. This is post more applicable to people who may not have money growing on trees hence have a limited amount to spend on fashion,it may be a large or small amount.And ill only discuss one or two focal points.Hit up my IG or Email for further info. One most common focal point is shoes (we all know that,but its deeper than you think). Rather spend 50% of your allocated shopping budget on your feet than anything else! Shoes are the pulse of an outfit. A terrible shoe choice can send your whole look into ‘ Fashion Emergency Room on ICU ‘. Dont ever think that your shoe colour matching your outfit automatically makes it ‘ dope ‘. You can create an optical illusion using just shoes . How?? You ask. By choosing a great shoe (not just any shoe) with a colour thats totally off outfit tone (not colour blocking) and after creating an off tone they become main focus and the rest of the outfit becomes secondary, like a shadow. Adding a detailed statement/trendy piece to the outfit can hence bring the outfit back into juxtaposition. How will i afford the rest of the outfit if 50% of my cash has gone to shoes? By cutting down on unnecessary accessories like fake jewelery , substituting that VIRGIL ABLOH $450 Tee by a simple non collaboration CHAMPION logo $45 tee etc…why? Because the shoe and the second statement/trendy piece have been made primary focal point hence that whatever brand expensive tee becomes a luxury to that outfit. Unless you can afford it and you a Hypebeast like me and would like to go all out high fashion. ONLY spend more money on other items after your focus has been acquired. By getting the best piece of clothing for your focus ,you have fed it. By creating an outfit in juxtaposition, you have natured it. Most people who buy bootleg/fake clothes or brands do it in the name of ‘it looks the same anyway’ . GUYS, REPLICA CLOTHES OR RIP-OFFS do not fit the same way as the original, as much as that fake ripped BALMAIN skinny jean looks like the original $1800 original one but costs just $50 it doesn’t mean its a bargain. It will fit terribly each time you wear it next because of different fabric and stitching made in order to imitate the original. You cant expect to put a Toyota engine in a Mercedes Benz engine and expect to go 0-180 kmh in 3 seconds, because that engine was not made for such speeds. Buy a brand you can afford instead, and take the next trip to the tailor. Go there and let your imagination run wild, add new stitches, embroidery , dyeing basically turn the tailors into PIMP MY CLOTHES. Change the buttons of your jacket,distress it…do the most.Personally my mom is a tailor so i literally customize all my cheap jeans and i get people asking which designer made them. Turn cheap jeans into something better than that Rip-Off BALMAIN replica or whatever. That is how you create a perfect silhouette and instantly your clothes will look more Luxe. Resort to online shopping, there are millions of websites selling high quality clothing and designs people arent even aware of, great for looking unique and standing out in the world of of wave riders.If something doesn’t fit you right and you dont want to go to the tailor, dont buy it. Ever seen those rich kids who can not dress even whilst wearing Gucci on Gucci? You can become just like that if your body is not complementing the fit. Learn to let some trends go….not everything is for everyone. Always remember that. And your focal points should be supported by the foundation of your body. Creased clothing is cringe-worthy. If you hate ironing buy a steamer, make sure your clothes are crisp in order for them to actually look good. Also stop washing your favorite tee or whatever a 1000 times in one month cause you want it to be ‘clean’. Washing too much wears out fabric terribly. Rather remove that piece of clothing or shoe when you get home and wear something that you wear in ‘ chill mode ‘ and whenever you out avoid getting unnecessary dirt on your fabric. Like ASAP Rocky say , ‘ PLEASE DONT TOUCH MY RAF’. Personally i resorted to dry cleaning and hand washing my clothes. Yes believe it or not, i started this after the washing machine wore out my favorite ERD (enfants riches deprimes) tshirt lol. Always remember in fashion there are NO RULES. You make your own rules Thank YOU Contact me on Twitter : @dripsetofficial or IG @dripset_inc email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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